Friday, December 8, 2017

At LEAST John Waters Sent Me His Christmas Card (after DISRESPECTING me when we met in 2015)!!! / My Banker at Wells Fargo Was SHOCKED by All the CRAP Gold Walker and Jon Deputy Have Given Me OVER MY MOVE!!!

For what it's WORTH, this is Waters' card -- LOL!!!

John Waters REFUSED TO EVEN ACKNOWLEDGE I was Tennessee Williams's last assistant at the 2015 -- where I ALSO met with Lt. Gen. Russel Honore', and the top STAFF of the Festival KNEW that Sewanee/Episcopal Church MURDERED Tennessee, but the Episcopal Church keeps Thomas Elliot Keith on staff to keep it CORRUPTED and away from the TRUTH about Tenn's Death.

Me, Thomas Elliot Keith, and his shorter Colombian boyfriend, Arturo, at the 2009 Installation of Tennessee's Poet's Stone in Episcopal Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine in NYC.

Arturo's family all live in Stone Mountain, GA and are at the HEART of the HARD-DRUG Trafficking that Gen. Honore' knows all about and that it is LED by my Kenan Family -- and Frank Hawkins Kenan worked with Sewanee, the Republican Party, and the CIA to murder Tennessee and steal his estate, now worth well over $ Half Billion, from Harvard University.

This was WHAT Jackie Kennedy Onassis told Tennessee would happen at the January 11, 1982 party thrown by George Plimpton and Jean Babette Stein (Jean was FORCED to jump to her death in Manhattan late this past spring -- because of what she knows):

Jean Stein about 1982 when I knew her.

ANOTHER person forced to jump to his death was my friend Evan Fish -- by Wilmington Police (and verified to me by New Hanover County Sheriff's Deputies also on the scene) -- BECAUSE Evan knew all about my former employer, Patrick Lee Stansbury of Pentagon Publishing, Inc, Snellville, GA, supplying the Politicians of BOTH Parties and the Christian Churches and Clergy of Wilmington with HARD DRUGS!!!

Patrick was also closely associated with my Kenan Family and Nixon Aide John Ehrlichman, Newt Gingrich, and other TOP REPUBLICANS TODAY -- and Arturo/Thomas Keith/Episcopal Church):

Evan Fish

But at least John Lahr -- at that same 2015 TW Fest in New Orleans -- PUBLICLY recognized me as THE AUTHORITY on the last two years of Tennessee Williams's life.

But what I find ODD, is that John Lahr's Facebook page has largely gone DEAD the last year -- and only I have posted to it, but not now recently

>>> WHAT I LEARNED FROM MY BANKER and several other professionals I have discussed Gold Walker's and John Deputy's words and actions with (and THANK GOD I documented all of it in REAL TIME on this blog for Court -- if necessary): 

It was ABSURD for Gold and John to claim I had any responsibility in getting Andre Tyler Breton out of the apartment, as ANYONE halfway familiar with North Carolina Law knows. YES, he lied to me and them about when he would leave, and he lied to them claiming he had paid LOTS OF MONEY IN ADVANCE to me to live there. The ONLY money he paid me was $100.00 for the first two weeks of November, and then I gave him a $150.00 credit toward rent for his labor repairing my brakes.

At $50.00/week for November (but it was to be HIGHER in December and forward), at that STEADY RATE, his credit ran out on Dec. 6, regardless.

I HOPE Gold was able to contact Tyler's Probation Officer, Amy Cleary, and that she has gotten him out -- but I've heard NOTHING, although Gold was glad to hear I was prepared to go in and remove anything left and clean up, as soon as she told me he is OUT.

There being no damage, I should have no charges -- BUT he might damage things since I left, and we'll just have to see about that.

After I got so much encouragement from so many actual professionals in the know about these things, I will NO LONGER WORRY about it, and hope to get the news Tyler is OUT, soon.

And AGAIN, I wish to THANK so many at many levels of SPECTRUM, who told me they are AWARE of Christians having CORRUPTED their Wilmington work force, and HARASSING and messing with the connections of those who OPPOSE the Christian Drug Mafia here -- run by Mayor Bill Saffo, etc.

Mayor Bill Saffo (Democrat)

"Hot Greek Man" from, who wanted to date me and told me he had worked for 30 years in NYC for Bill Saffo's UNCLE, who RUNS the Saffo Mafia and gives Bill Saffo ALL HIS ORDERS!!!

It's BEGINNING to look a lot like CHRISTMAS, no???


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