Thursday, November 2, 2017

Taking a MUCH DESERVED (and giant), Thursday Night DUMP -- Mercy ME (and 'tis a PITY, too)!!! !!! !!!

The F.B.I. kept a 600-page file on Reinhold Niebuhr, who seems to be the inspiration for Comey’s Twitter identity.

The F.B.I. chief has an F.B.I. target as his hero; the head of U.S. domestic intelligence can’t keep his Twitter account secret.
MORE trouble in the Church of Scientology, whose adherent John Travolta's GAY LOVER who lived in Wilmington, NC (formerly Hollywood East -- until Republicans KILLED the NC film subsidies), I was introduced to in 2011 while I was homeless here -- LOL!!!

Four women have accused the "That '70s Show" star of raping them in the early 2000s. At least three of them were fellow Scientologists.
#FoxNews -- THEY SHOULD KNOW, no???

It turns out Apple has been categorizing your pictures for around a year now — and yep, this means all of those sexy photos you’ve either taken or received on your iPhone.
Spoken like a "TRUE CHRISTIAN"/NAZI-Republican, no???

Electricity to power streetlights would likely deter some abusers -- but you don't need harmful fossil fuels for that.

And BOTH Bill and Hillary Clinton -- with the Bush and Cheney families -- have been Narco-Trafficking with my Kenan Family who put Trump onto power for DECADES!!! 

See link in comments below:

The former interim DNC chair writes that she "followed the money" to find a "shocking truth."

Stanley Winborne published an article on WordPress.
7 hrs

This is an appropriate day to return to this blog. I have been sick for way too long. 

No more. 

This morning I wandered through the Panteón, the nearby cemetery packed with graves, small mausoleums and statuary. Today friends and relatives of the dead fill the grounds. They are there to remember, honor and care for their loved ones. 

One group of old men gathered around a monument to a recently departed friend and passed around a bottle of… [ 82 more words ]

My comment left on Stanley's blog for ANOTHER member of our Puerto Vallarta Writers Group who REALLY HATED ME (due to being Roman Catholic and married to a BLACK-MAILED HOMO) -- LOL!!!

Stanley Winborne, a native of Wilmington, North Carolina (and his family controlled the Atlantic Coast Line railroad, HQ'ed in Wilmington for most of its history), is the grandson of a US Ambassador to China, and Stanley's SON was second in charge of the Hillary Clinton State Department in Afghanistan, and charged with shipping all the HEROIN on Air Force planes to Maxwell AFB, where my former employer Patrick Lee Stansbury:

 . . . distributed it and OTHER hard drugs from Maine to Florida, but MOSTLY in Atlanta/Stone Mountain and Wilmington, NC, which led to Wilmington POLICE murdering my friend Evan Fish:

Evan Fish's HOT PIT SHOT

David Nash, high at First Presbyterian, was COMPLICIT!!!



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