Thursday, November 9, 2017

Scott and Tyler CLEAR THE AIR / Moving Day Is SET (almost), Etc.:

So picking up from my last posting, roommate Tyler arrived home at 6:20 PM last night, and said nothing to me at all but "Hi." I was in no mood to talk to him either, so after we had both gotten separate things for dinner and eaten, we plunged into it with abandon -- verbally only -- and soon enough, I realized how much I'd hurt his very core of self because he finally disclosed some of his experiences from MORE than ten years ago (he's 29 and I'm 66), and how he'd been DEEPLY HARMED by people ABUSING what I had spoken of, so he automatically had flipped into it feeling like I would commit such an abuse as well (legal falsehoods, not sexual things).

I immediately apologized for hitting HIS "PTSD" like so many (including Tyler), had hit mine without knowing that was happening, and we came to a FAR DEEPER understanding of each other. I think it is safe to say that I now know more about him and his experience than anyone else -- at least in Wilmington. And so I have flipped back to EMPATHY.

And then he FINALLY told me what he had accomplished in ONE AFTERNOON ALONE: He worked several hours for the guy in Hampstead, paid off his debt to Bank of America (they even writing half of it off due his his being "in hardship", so he paid them about $60.00), plus he deposited another $50.00 so he has a balance on his WORKING debit card and account. He paid me the money for this week's rent (out of separate cash), had finally remembered an email password that allowed him to access his last resume, that he used Library computers to amend in Word and print several copies, then got a restaurant job for this weekend that could blossom into a REGULAR job, and at the restaurant where I in October of 2016, had dinner with George HW Bush's exactly eighth cousin (but about 54 years old), Bill Toups:

Bill Toups is also directly descended from Confederate General Toups who defended Fort Fisher and Wilmington as the Yankees took the LAST PORT of the Confederacy, and soon the Civil War ended -- as well as from Confederate President Jefferson Davis's brother!!!

Bill had found me through SilverDaddies or Facebook, and wanted to MATE, and we DID, staying awake half the night in the Lazy Pirate Hotel on Carolina Beach LAUGHING over all the Narco-Trafficking and Traitorous Crimes  our two families had committed together. He had been FORCED to abandon his wife and children and go homeless by the Bush Family -- because HE TOO would not shut up about his family's crimes, but he is actually gay, so that worked OK, but was FORCED to move to a distant state after our tryst, and to grow a long beard to disguise his identity.

Being TOO TALL at 6' 11" to hide, I'd taken the OPPOSITE approach, getting right into everyone's face both in person and on this blog, so that any crime against me would "prove" I was correct, and while I'd had LOTS of unsuccessful attempts on my life dating back to 1974 -- but mostly 2010 - 2015 -- I had one FINAL UNSUCCESSFUL ATTEMPT by the utility truck that tried to kill me in front of the Court House on 2/13/2017 -- when Mayor Bill Saffo KNEW I was walking to his office to try to AGAIN force the FULL POLICE REPORT to be released when Wilmington Police MURDERED my friend Evan Fish (verified by Sheriff's Deputies and covered up by Wilmington Star News in early September 2011).

My HEAT was too HOT for Narco-Christian Mayor Bill Saffo -- LOL!!! 

And then City Councilman Narco-Charlie Rivenbark tried to use that knowledge to FURTHER intimidate me -- as if they can scare ME and that will save him and Bill Saffo (and the D.A.s David, Police Chief Evangelous, and Sheriff McMahon). from the FBI Investigation that is already WELL UNDERWAY.

Evan Fish HATED Christianity, but his Evangelical Church in Ohio (that returned two emails to the Pastor unanswered -- with read-receipts that were invitations to join the National Rifle Association, for which they should LOSE tax-exempt privileges). Anyway, they made Evan into a Christmas ornament -- how CHARMING and truly DEVILISH!!!

Evan had known ALL ABOUT how my employer 1990 - 2010, Patrick Lee Stansbury of Pentagon Publishing, Inc., in Snellville, GA had distributed the HARD DRUGS flown into Maxwell AFB from Maine to Florida, but MOSTLY to Christian Churches and Clergy -- and Politicians of BOTH Parties (with help of my wealthy Kenan relatives), in Wilmington and Atlanta/Stone Mountain, GA.

Patrick Stansbury, recent, and Patrick Stansbury ALSO had false identities on "Second Life" that my co-workers Geraldine Flynn and her husband Joel Miller claimed Patrick used to PICK UP YOUNG MEN FOR SEX -- LOL!!!

Now getting back to Tyler Breton, he ALSO had gotten some other Legal Matters settled, and I was SHOCKED that anyone could get so much done so quickly -- and I would have felt BAD, but he did NOT COMMUNICATE any of it until AFTER our kerfuffle, but NOW, especially after sleeping on it, everything is fine again, and given this record, if necessary, I can extend some flexibility on the timing of his payments to me -- BUT he is fully confident he can pay rent on time, and I actually believe he is RIGHT.

As to his knowing the nature of the house near our new place that is a DEN OF NARCO-TRAFFICKERS, it was because when he had a crew working for him, a carless employee had asked a few times for a ride to that house to pick up various legal things, but by observing, Tyler soon figured it out and REFUSED to give the guy a ride there after that.

And this morning Jon Deputy called and he and I negotiated final details of a rental agreement that seems fair to all -- and AGAIN shows Gold Walker's Kindness and Generosity -- so now I am only waiting on HER final approval, and then we will sign the contact, moving the end of this month. 

I ran into Sa'ant Samuel Celia this morning, and he CONFIRMED that he has friends staying downstairs in the apartment Denise Wood had previously occupied. I had seen both a non-threatening-looking young man and young woman coming and going by the back door -- and a HUGE smell of female perfume that I did NOT recognize as Denise's (she spraying FEBREZE all over creation, like Bette Midler used to go on in the early 1970s: "We FDS'd ourselves into OBLIVION!!!" -- but likely for other specific purposes).

Some residents raised concerns about the force at Wednesday’s meeting. Dawson Gage said police were using “outside agitators” as a scapegoat to create a force that could restrict protesters’ First Amendment rights.

Denny Best, who has organized demonstrations in Wilmington for the past three decades, said he was wary of the force. But he said after a meeting with police officers Tuesday, he and other community organizers walked away reassured that the force would be deployed with restraint. He noted a police pledge to have activists sit in on de-escalation training that will be given to all officers on the force.

“I think this bodes well for a new line of communication that has not existed between activists in the community and the police department,” Best said. “We’re also pleased that they plan on, hopefully, never using this -- that it will only be brought out in a very extreme worst-case scenario.”

Council also Ok'd a plan to sue opioid manufacturers with New Hanover County.

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