Saturday, November 11, 2017

Mafia Hit Man "Joey Spaghetti"??? He's Only a Wee Shadow of His Fearsome Self!!! / Former NC Equality Lawyer Replies / BIG FUN with Short Little Straight People!!!

Something of beauty to start off with.

Because NEXT, is an image not for the faint of heart -- nor for the Christian-Prudery inclined.

It is the image that "Ed in Hickory" sent me first, and not knowing what might transpire, I'd only shown his PROFESSIONAL image here:

Could you see what I've seen, it's a case for serious BRAGGING RIGHTS for a White Boy -- and I KNOW, as I've traveled the world of "frisky men".

But, I did hear back from him, and he clearly knows (or knows of), Ryan Lee Burris, so knew he was in DANGEROUS TERRITORY, and like the smart lawyer he is, said he'd be in touch when he comes to Wilmington again, but nothing about the Politics -- LOL!!!

So this afternoon, I walked down Orange Street to Riverwalk, and turning north, was soon at the covered tables behind the Visitors Information Booth. Besides Conrad and Theresa, and their friend whose T-shirt I had autographed -- like about a dozen others also had. The perpetually drunk crowd.

I saw Joseph Christopher Spagnolo sitting on something -- or his haunches -- leaning against the far wall. His eyes were fixed on me. Theresa warned me that Joey was in a state, and someone standing nearby said the same, but I continued walking, after saying some "hi"s, and as I was about to pass where he sat just inside, he got up and said, "My best contacts tell me you published my phone number."

I did -- remember Readers, LAST Saturday he stripped NAKED in my house!!! Here

Joey was all ready to rough me up -- I'd seen him do it to me a little in 2012, and others bad enough to go into intensive care. In the worst incidents, he'd be arrested, but within 24 - 48 hours was back on the street -- and there no record of his arrest. Three of the homeless crowd I knew in 2011 - 12, have told me it's still going on, but Joey was wearing a radio collar from Probation last Saturday, that was to come off this past Tuesday. I forgot to ask or notice if it is now off.

He claims he is going to an Evangelical Christian-Refurbishing Center in Asheville in another week.

But I replied asking if he had read any such thing, himself, and explained that I DOUBTED that HE could prove it in Court. Then I chastised him for listening to rumors just meant to excite him, and by then I was past him, and he would not rough me up -- or even follow me, knowing I wouldn't hesitate one moment in causing a BIG SCENE if he gave me reason to be afraid of what he might do. 

I've dealt with him with his switchblade out and meant for me -- he essentially terrorizing me all night the night before I fled back to Mexico -- and I seriously doubt I would have made it through the night, but for a homeless guy (and one of the very hottest of them -- ever!!!), mostly-trained as a psychologist and his girlfriend stayed with us in the cheap Travelodge on Market Street that Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr., of NYC ("Testosteroni"), was paying for, and that guy and I kept things so that Joey had to behave -- but he was on razor's edge and I got no sleep that night.

Two steps more past Joey's possible range, today, and there was the same guy I described this way, last Saturday:

Then, I walked to the covered tables behind the City Information Booth at Market Street and the river, and ran into SEVERAL people I knew when I was homeless, including Conrad and Theresa, and some other perpetual drunks, they introducing me to a FINE mid-thirties guy who has a construction job but lives in a tent in a friends' back yard -- who wants to come over soon for the "best manly benefits I can give him" -- and a beer or two, soon!!!

He is BUILT and a short little CUTIE, who doesn't do even pot!!! And quite a nice guy, and says he's "juicy".

Well Josh (I think I failed to name him before), said he wanted to come over for a beer and some carnal release, but couldn't break away from this 15 year old guy playing guitar and singing in the island at Front and Market, and the guy's Dad came and relieved the son of playing/singing, and Josh STILL couldn't break away -- then would -- then wouldn't . . . and then I was gone.

But all I could think of was that the kid looked SO like every Jewish kid his age I've ever known, and I had asked him, and he said everyone thinks so, but he's Greek. "Lord!!!" I said. "Don't anyone tell Mayor Bill Saffo!!!"

And I REALLY THINK that Josh has a CRUSH on the kid -- HA!!!

I had barely crossed Front Street traveling east on Market, when I met the MOST FUN straight couple, and we talked and kidded around for twenty minutes (and are now Facebook Friends as well) -- while I glanced furtively toward the river -- in case Joey Spaghetti got some newfound energy.

And energy is what I'm lacking now, so MORE on this (the interesting parts), tomorrow.


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