Friday, November 10, 2017

(Former) International Drug Mule Denise Wood Is Definitely OUT (downstairs), and Chris Militant Has Moved in PERMANENTLY!!! / I Am Being WOOED by a Former Top Official of North Carolina Equality (wait until Ryan Lee Burris reads THIS!!!)!!!

"Ed in Hickory", former lawyer with North Carolina Equality, contacted me today, via!!!


Well darn - I stumbled across your profile and wish I had seen it earlier - I was in Wilmington in the middle of October - would have been nice to get coffee or something. 

November 10, 2017

Hi Ed, your note and profile inspire many thoughts!!!

First, you are as prone to writing as I, so I suggest you become a blogger, too. Mine is well on its way to two million hits, it was begun to promote my memoir of working for Tennessee Williams, and is now all about exposing the crimes of my Kenan Family that co-founded UNC, and today controls Exxon-Mobil, Rex Tillerson, Bank of America, the Ku Klux Klan, Episcopal Church, nearly ALL Republicans, and the Clinton Democrats. Kenans put Donald Trump into power to profit from Russia’s Oil – and to replace the Constitution with Klan Robes and Swastikas.

Today, I am well-connected to many in Politics, Law Enforcement, and the Press, but STILL harassed by the Narco-Trafficking Christian Crowd in Wilmington, that includes virtually ALL Politicians here, mostly Democrats, as well as the former Head of Cape Fear Equality, Ryan Lee Burris, who is also the former 3rd Vice Chair of the local Democratic Party, and I’ve known of Ryan’s Narco-Trafficking since I first arrived in Wilmington, about New Year’s Eve -- going into 2011.

When Ryan Lee Burris (blue shirt), headed Cape Fear Equality, THIS is the sort of event that org SPONSORED -- LOL!!!

Perhaps through your work as a lawyer for Equality NC for four years, and as a political and community organizer, you knew or know Ryan. In 2015, Ryan spread lies about me on Facebook and to Gay People by word of mouth, that I was crazy and off my meds because I kept blogging about his REAL source of income, but this was MINOR compared to what others were doing, so I never bothered to prosecute Ryan. Today, as an Arbitrator, you might be able to settle this matter, but I have simply left it in the Past.

Perhaps you know of my 4th Kenan cousin, Allan Gurganus, whose book Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All, is LOOSELY about my Great-Grandmother, Juliana Moore, and Dad remembered her 100th birthday when she killed a rattlesnake in the backyard at her birthday party – with a broomstick!!! I have TOUGH ROOTS.

I co-founded the first Gay Group at Denison University in 1972 with Dean Hansell, who later co-founded GLAAD, and today is a Superior Court Justice in Los Angeles, appointed 1.5 years ago by Gov. Brown. I am recently back in touch with Dean.

And in 2015, at the Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival, John Lahr recognized me as the authority on the last two years of Tennessee Williams’s life because of my book (now can be read here for free:, and it includes professional and Amazon customer reviews), but the copyright was stolen by Wilmington D.A. Benjamin R. David, with his Legal Intern Jeffrey Duncan, while he had falsely convicted me of “Cyber-Stalking” in 2011, after I blogged about all the narco-trafficking in Costello’s (gay) Piano Bar – now closed – then owned by top Republican Gay Narco-Traffickers David Nash and John Stike (Stike having borderline raped me in the mid-1980s).

Anyway, Ben David, Mr. Duncan, Lawyer Daliah Saper of Chicago (also a Fox News Talking Head), and Jamie Lee Sutherland, then a Wells Fargo Advisors Exec, now with Ameriprise Financial, charged me with LIBEL, never legally served me, and then CONVICTED ME in Cook County Courts In Absentia, awarding Jamie half a million dollars, and copyrights to my memoir of Mr. Williams, to EVERY blog posting, email, and letter I write until I DIE – because I blogged about Jamie Sutherland having seen Barack Obama and Rahm Emanuel many times in his Man’s Country Gay Baths when Obama was an Illinois state Senator – and this is NO SECRET to Michelle or anyone much outside the USA!!!

How ELSE could you elect a Gay, Mulatto man President by WIDE MARGINS -- TWICE???

ONE result is that Cape Fear Equality – both while led by Ryan and now by someone else -- continues to TOTALLY SNUB ME, even after I attended a great recent conference on Spirituality/Churches in Wilmington and LGBTQ Rights, co-sponsored by CFE. They NEVER got back to me about the work I had signed up to do – and this also happened this summer at Gay Pride here, when no one contacted me about what they had promised to. I FEAR the leadership of Cape Fear Equality will be arrested as part of the Narco-Trafficking Leaders here, the FBI having a dedicated Task Force in Wilmington to bust them all now.

As a “Citizen Informant” (unpaid and un-directed), I send evidence and info frequently to not just the FBI in Washington, DC, but Congressman Joe Kennedy III (I knew all of JFK’s sisters and their husbands, but better Jackie Kennedy Onassis – and the Reagans as well back in the early 1980s), Producer Rob Reiner (whose first cousin Jonathan Reiner made me an “Honorary Jew” when I first blogged that my parents -- good friends with TONS of top Republicans, including Sean Hannity, Newt Gingrich, Coach Lou Holtz, Sen. Jesse Helms, Nixon Aide John Ehrlichman, etc. – were America’s TOP NAZIS, ever since Rose and Joe Kennedy gave that up when their children FLIPPED to support Liberty. My mother (now 94 and living in Raleigh; Dad passed three years ago), got her orders from Popes through Francis, but MOSTLY from John Paul II, whom she met with in person in Rome at least twice. As I understand it, Steve Bannon now has my parents’ responsibilities.

Anyway, it might be fun to get to know each other, and despite a colorful past, I remain HIV and others negative, my last date was with George HW Bush’s eighth cousin (but he only 54), we up all night laughing over all the Traitorous and Narco-Trafficking Crimes of our two families for half the night, October 2016.

I’m also well connected to Mexican Politicians and Military Leaders, who have debriefed me many times, including being connected to Vicente Fox, who worked as an Exec of Coca-Cola for my Kenan Family – before he became President of Mexico. And you likely don’t know it, but TWO “blood Kenans” (of different surnames), were the HEAD of the American Psychiatric Association and the shrink who collated all the studies to make the decision to REMOVE Homosexuality from the DSM in 1973, as it is NOT a Mental Illness!!!

My family having first arrived in Wilmington in the 1730s, so BIG in local history, the local Cape Fear Equality STILL snubs me to support Ryan Burris and his friends’ Narco-Trafficking, and THAT is an UGLY STAIN on North Carolina Equality. I wrote the top people at state HQ about Ryan’s involvement about a year ago, and they ignored me, but at least he’s not their Wilmington Leader now, no???

I will post this on my blog, as there is nothing in it that would embarrass EITHER you or me, but keep private any further communication between us.

Hope to hear from you soon!!!

Scott David Kenan


This afternoon, I heard Handyman Ben discussing his own experience with Morphine injections after surgery -- apparently on his back -- and then Hydrocodone pills after that, with my next-door neighbor Steven, his girlfriend Maddy not there, then.

Ben said he HATED THEM, and found the pills made him want to KILL anyone who was "breathing the same air" as he, and he called his daughter's grandmother to PICK HER UP for a few days, so nothing VIOLENT happened to her -- a SMART MAN, no???

He went on to say that he flushed all the hydrocodone down the toilet, and lived for SIX YEARS just putting up with the pain, when another, non-narcotic, solution was found (and thank God it was, no???).

STRANGE that Handyman Ben was with Denise Wood when they told Gold Walker about my letter to Lawyer Oliver Carter III, next-door on the other side, which told Oliver NOTHING about my landlady that he didn't have to already know -- unless he's unfathomably stupid, which I do NOT believe he is.

And NO ONE cares about the issue that had so upset Gold that she delivered a Letter of Intent to Evict Me, now already superseded by a WIN-WIN action.

And about 5:00 PM, I heard someone knocking at the outside front door downstairs, and went to find a fine, strapping black guy, who asked if Chris was in. I said a new guy lives downstairs, but I hadn't met him, and he said his name is "Chris Militant" (and thinking the last name a bit odd, I paid attention and it was pronounced several times exactly that way).

Chris then came out of Denise Wood's former apartment, I introduced myself, and asked if he is PERMANENTLY living here. He said yes, and that Denise would SOON give him the outside building-door key, and it soon was clear that NEITHER OF THEM actually knew Denise, but the black guy said he had hired Denise to do some painting for him some time ago.

Chris said that he's SINGLE (and living alone), and he looks like a dark Mexican of about 40 - 45, short beard, weathered face and hands, and working tonight as a painter for the black guy. He said he would get to talk with me more tomorrow, out back on the "Smoking Porches".

So that is THAT for Denise Wood's tenancy here!!!

"Live Life to the FULLEST!!!"


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