Saturday, November 18, 2017

I'm Getting CLOSER to ENDING Political Blogging -- and Next to Writing BOOKS about the ABSOLUTE CORRUPTION of the US Constitution by My Kenan Family -- BOTH Distant and Wealthy, and Immediate (parents and sisters, mostly). They ALL HATE GOD!!!

Mercy ME!!!

Chad from SilverDaddies 48 years old, and having NO INTEREST in sex with me, only contacted me to HARASS ME -- LOL!!!

A LONG conversation this morning via with Chad, a hot, homo CHRISTIAN, ended with this exchange:

Obviously you haven't taken five college level courses on the Bible and comparative religion like I have, and you never read the commandment about there being only ONE GOD and worshiping others is HERESY. You take questionable translations of the bible out of context, and I doubt you have read it end to end like I have a few times. 

That is your business, and as you know if you HAVE studied it seriously, Bible Scholars consider Jesus to have actually been born on June 16, and on June 16, 2015, Jesus's ACTUAL birthday, Donald Trump rode the escalator down Trump Tower and announced he was running for President because HE -- and many Christians -- think HE is Jesus returned -- LOL!!! 

Well good luck to you, and it was nice having this conversation!!! 


Trump has nothing to do with Christianity. The bible has been proven over again and again by both christian and secular scholars. It is unfair to assume I'm not versed or that I'm saying random bits I've regurgitated from others concerning the scriptures. People like Trump are using Christianity for political gain, but are not representing Jesus or his message. Jesus said "a good tree can not bare bad fruit and a bad tree can not bare good fruit; This is how you will know them by their fruits". 

The fruit he is talking about is the fruit of the spirit which is kindness, patients, love etc... Trump doesn't display those in his character. As it is written: "Their lips are near me but their hearts are far from me". Jesus also said " know the truth and the truth will set you free". 

The flesh cannot please God only the spirit that's why we have to be born again. We are spiritually dead until we accept the free gift of salvation. Only then will the scales fall from our eyes and we can truly see. 


My (American, NOT Southern), Baptist college's TOP MONUMENT was that quote on the Truth setting you FREE, but as my friend Gloria Allred pointed out famously, "but FIRST it will piss you off!!!" 

Anyway, I have achieved MUCH in the real political world for the Greater Glory of God, and you are just political (three near-naked guys licking each other asses is the best representation of that)

So hot-glue some shards of glass to a Catholic Jesus statue and stick it UP YOUR HATEFUL ASS!!! 

I DON'T mean for you to do that in the physical world, but the metaphysical one. Jesus and his "Big Daddy" will THANK YOU!!!


And I have left a LINK to this publishing of his words for Chad -- and an invitation to SHARE WITH ALL MY READERS a link to HIS BLOGFacebook Page, or just to LEAVE COMMENTS on this blog, if he cares to respond further.


TODAY, I get this message nearly every time I try to access or refresh via Google's Chrome browser, and CNN is the REAL TRAITOR HERE!!!

>>> SO TO FINISH THIS UP QUICKLY -- I'm off to meet my roommate Tyler's Grandmother, Uncle, Aunt, and Nephew (on nephew's 15th birthday), after Tyler replaces my back brake pads -- as well as rotor and calipers on the passenger side in the back. My brakes began to grind LOUDLY, just yesterday afternoon.

I had a nice call with my brother this morning, and even though my mother told me yesterday that SOME of my family in Pennsylvania might be coming to Raleigh for Thanksgiving, neither Mom nor Mike would give me a straight answer about THAT, so I guess they STILL REFUSE to see me in person



And The Cherokee (Chris Millikan), who rents from Sa'ant Samuel Celia (MAJOR producer of LSD for the INTERNATIONAL DRUG MAFIA, in the past), TOLD his new roommate Jay (who has the body of a YOUNG Marlon Brando -- or John Uecker who SMOTHERED Tennessee Williams with a pillow for the Episcopal Church, the Republican Party, and Frank Hawkins Kenan -- just like Jackie Kennedy Onassis had warned Tenn and me would happen at Jean Babette Stein and George Plimpton's party, January 11, 1982):

John Uecker on right, with playwright James Purdy, about 1983. John's NOSE is not as big as Jay's nose, so I'm SURE Jay has the EIGHT THICK INCHES he claims.

 . . . that Jay had offered to have LOTS OF SEX WITH ME for $40.00 - $50.00, but I REFUSED, but Chris/The Cherokee did NOT tell Jay that he and I have been having sex for FREE for nearly a week -- HA!!!

Then, last night, Jay claimed he has EIGHT INCHES and is THICK, which I don't care so much about, but rather the man a dick is CONNECTED TO, and the last time I was with Chris, he LOVED my exploring his WHOLE UPPER BODY with my huge sensual hands, and MOST of that with my TONGUE.

ACTUAL straight guys I've given manly benefits to would have VOMITED if I had pleasured so much of their bodies, so at least I know Chris is actually GAY!!!

BUT I like Chris's girlfriend Michelle TOO MUCH (she KNOWS what crooks my Kenan Family and all the local Politicians and Christian Churches are), so not to OFFEND MICHELLE, I cannot have more sex with Chris -- unless she gives me HER PERMISSION TO DO SO.


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