Thursday, November 23, 2017

I MISS the Wild Turkeys of Mexico -- When They Ran Out from the Jungle in Chacala -- and from Hidden Trails up the Puerto Vallarta Mountain -- They Ran Off All the Humans, Livestock, Chickens, and Any Stray Beast:

"Let us give thanks for humor and for the gentle things in life."

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Lillian C. Smith Happy Thanksgiving

 6 hrs
Scott Kenan ABSOLUTELY give thanks for humor and the gentler things of Life -- but BEWARE the Inverted Christians, who will push humor/gentleness at the expense of exposing the CRIMES of the Christian/Republicans -- especially like the Episcopalians, RULED by the money my Kenan Family gave that God-Hating Church (nearly $100,000,000.00 over the last 90 years that I have documented), that MURDERED Tennessee Williams, my former employer. 

And remember that the Church of England BARRED the American Church from voting with the Anglican Communion for three years, still in effect -- over the CRIMES of the Episcopal Church, USA. ONLY Episcopal Clergy seem to know this, they so EVIL they don't tell their congregants!!! 

Some Episcopal Bishops (the new Witches):

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Chuck Burg Turducken?

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Nancy Wagner Larcade Amen cuz!!

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The first thing this morning, I got the turkey cooking while Tyler took an Uber to the parts store, then changed my drivers-side rear caliper and brake pads.

And when I went to help him by pumping the brakes to nurse the brake fluid along, Gold Walker called from across the street to say she'd left a PRESENT on my front porch. I replied, "You did???", and she said, "Cat food -- HA!!!"

I had already agreed to be her agent at the new apartment, catching feral cats and getting them to the free neutering center for re-release after that, so cat food was a must. But when I got to the porch, there was a sort of mini dish drainer (or for washed veggies, etc.), with adjustable wings to use over a sink, with not only a small bag of gourmet cat food, but a few cans of the wet stuff, too. And a GREAT loaf of artisan bread, and nice sleeve of Andes Mints, a specialty cheese, and some smoked salmon pate'.

After a noontime repast:

And doesn't Tyler look GREAT in front of Bourbon Street restaurant where he COOKS???

He "needs" to find him a GOOD WOMAN -- but will WAIT until then.

And then I took him up to his Aunt and Uncle's house in Hampstead, where his grandmother and a very hugging other woman also were gathered for Thanksgiving Dinner, where not many days ago, he/we had a very different experience, here: 

But TODAY, I went in with him and got the BEST HUG from his Grandmother, and after a brief conversation with all of them, I left -- even stopping by the house my parents built in 1980, on Hughes Road, and seeing how they had EXPANDED IT, building on what was FORBIDDEN encroachment on wetlands back in the early eighties.

Even my MOTHER, when I later called her, knew about that and was quite miffed that the environmental regulations had gotten so lax -- or are just no longer enforced (or they BRIBED someone).

So when I finally picked up Tyler at the Walmart in Porter's Neck, he was waiting with a shopping cart full of loot -- a 39" flat-screen TV and a sound bar -- that his Aunt and Uncle gave him for Christmas, and some other practical things he'd needed on Super-Sale.

So things are much BETTER between Tyler and his recently nearly ENTIRELY estranged local family!!!

So THAT was our Thanksgiving this year (I also had long conversations with my brother Mike and sister Jane -- but missed catching Julie), and am STARTING to work on my WISH LIST for Christmas -- aren't YOU???


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