Thursday, November 16, 2017

Although the Fourth Street Brothel (downstairs from me), Is NOT Functioning Fully -- It IS OPEN (for freebies for SOME -- cash or Opioid Pills work for others to pay)!!!

“There is something splendid about innocence; but what is bad about it, in turn, is that it cannot protect itself very well and is easily seduced.”

― Immanuel Kant

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Donald Trump has decided that killing endangered species is not only okay, but that Americans should be able to keep their murder “trophies” if they take down one of…

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Biden mishandled the Anita Hill hearing in 1991 and is known for getting too close to women. Is that what Democrats want?
LOOK, my old friend Sean Blackwell whose mother cut his wiener off when he was a toddler (he couldn't stop playing with it, and it was NOT re-attached), is going to "CRAZYWISE" in the Netherlands, next. 

ALL the comments beneath this on You-Tube MAKE FUN OF SEAN as a BIG FRAUD -- LOL!!! Sean was addicted to CRACK back then.

I told you FIRST, and YEARS ago:

Scott Kenan Sean took this photo of me in Paraty, Brazil, fall 2009 (their spring), with Old Original Jesus (an APPROVING guy), and the HOTTEST MAN IN THE WORLD (Jonathan Andreoli, whom I am STILL in contact with, although he's married with a daughter, now!!!

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Scott Kenan Sean Blackwell discusses how and WHY he wallowed in his own URINE in a Hotel Ballroom -- LOL!!!: 


To be CLEAR, this has NOTHING to do with landlady Gold Walker, who leased the two downstairs apartments to Sa'ant Samuel Celia, Jr., who PREVIOUSLY had an LSD Lab that supplied Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead, Dr. Timothy Leary, and my old co-member of the Puerto Vallarta Writers Group -- Theodore Druch, who was ALSO Timothy Leary's male lover for two years at Millbrook. 

As far as I know, Sam Celia is just a pizza baker/clean-up guy at Slice of Life Pizza on Market Street, now, but he PREVIOUSLY let his daughter Loren and her tall, crazy black boyfriend, "Bird", live under me. FIRST, I found bird's hot black buddy rear-ending a fat-bottomed white gal on the steps up to my apartment (inside), when I suddenly opened the front door one night, then SOON ENOUGH, Bird kept coming up to my apartment for VARIOUS "manly benefits" -- proving himself the most hygienic man I've ever been with in 66 years of Life!!!

But Bird knocked up Sam's daughter, Loren, and he kicked the two of them out on the street -- as Sam can't handle babies AT ALL, and didn't give a RAT'S ASS what happened to his daughter.

Next, Sam sublet to Denise Renee Wood (Denise the Perfect Painter), a gun-toting, 6' 3" dame who'd been convicted about 20 years ago of 43 Felonies and 13 Misdemeanors, from her previous career as an International Drug Mule, but now does SMALLER SERVICE for Mayor Bill Saffo's Drug Mafia. SHE had a bad sex addiction, but the guys she dragged home were YOUNG, FIT, AND HOT -- and it made me JEALOUS!!!

And now we have the near-full-blooded Cherokee, and a cute, tempting white boy Jay -- not to be confused with Homeless Jeff -- like I did a few days ago in this blog. Jeff seemed to confirm he'd stayed in the apartment downstairs in his "schizophrenic", looping statement that he had had smells of Catholicism the night before, when I asked him, and St. Mary's Catholic is almost next door -- but he sleeps in their bushes, like I used to do!!!), there. 

AT LEAST the Cherokee is addicted to opioid pills (he is the only one of them that admits it to me) -- and I see his anguish when he's jonesing for a fix -- but he sure tastes GREAT!!! 

Jay, has been working on me for two days to pay him $50.00 to do him, and has only come down to $40.00, but I have no interest paying him anything at ALL, so plan to DUPE him into it. He is HIGHLY suggestible and believes that Hillary Clinton literally is a Lizard from Another Planet, and showed me a video with Hill's eyes bugging out which he claims is FACT and not CGI.

They BOTH HATE Donald TrumpRepublicans, and most of all CHRISTIANS, but clearly the DRUG-ADDLED are all DRUG-ADDLEDno???

So don't expect me to take this too much further -- I just want to have some fun seeing how much I can get away with. I ALREADY met both their girlfriends. Jay's GF is quite attractive and drives a sporty, new imported small SUV, and The Cherokee's GF is a student of Theater and Tennessee Williams, had FIVE YEARS of Latin classes, and loves History (and knows most of what I do about Wilmington Christian Corruption).

GOD HELP US the day The Cherokee -- who really DOES look rough and served 17 years of a 25 year sentence in prison for a murder he committed at age 19, but has been OUT of jail for 17 years now, working for the SAME employer (who gave him an unknown number of opioid pills last night to "settle him down" a little). 

>>> ADDED LATER: God help us the day that Gold Walker Meets the Cherokee.

I ASSUME -- since The Cherokee said he is the MAIN MAN in the "construction operation", getting paid $800.00/week and CANNOT BE FIRED no matter how crazed or high he gets, that that is true.

But WHY do BOTH OF THEM have no money -- and my point that I got distracted from is WHAT WILL GOLD WALKER think of this when she meets them, no doubt soon enough???

Let's hope that the CHRISTIAN DRUG MAFIA here on Fourth Street does NOT get as bad as it is in MEXICO!!!

"Hot Greek Man" from, who worked in New York City for 30 years for Mayor Bill Saffo's UNCLE, who runs the SAFFO MAFIA, and this guy told me comes REGULARLY to Wilmington, North Carolina to give Mayor Saffo his MAFIA ORDERS -- no doubt coordinated with my wealthy Kenan relatives of Chapel Hill, etc., who with the Episcopal Church and other denominations, distribute the drugs in Wilmington and much farther away as well 

-- as ORIGINALLY SET UP by my parents (William Scott Kenan and Ruth Anne Meyer Kenan), Nixon Aide John Ehrlichman, Father Robert J. Kus, and PPD Pharmaceuticals (first owned by the Bush, Cheney, Bin Laden, and Saudi Royal families).

PPD HQ, Wilmington, NC

My name is Bill Saffo, and as mayor of Wilmington, North Carolina, I have worked with my Greek Orthodox Church -- and others -- to ADDICT WILMINGTON'S CHILDREN to HARD DRUGS -- as well as kill, jail, and nut-house commit Scott David Kenan, who does NOT understand that Jesus came to SAVE US through ALL THE STRONGEST DRUGS!!!

My name is Renee Saffo, and I had to DIVORCE Violent Bill -- for chasing both under-aged boys and MAFIA MOLL sluts -- ALL OVER TOWN!!! I even had to get a Secret Restraining Order against Bill several years ago.

THANK GOD that the Wilmington Star News and Port City Daily SUPPORT Christian Drug Trafficking -- AND our TOP ELECTED OFFICIAL, President Donald "Christ" Trump!!!


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