Monday, November 6, 2017

After a SURPRISE Proposal from My Landlady, Gold Walker, Today -- I Emailed Her the Following Letter, and Sent It Facebook Message to Her Son, Allen Walker (only posted because she's AGAIN acting somewhat confused about legal and other realities):

NOT this kind -- LOL!!!

November 6, 2017

Hi Gold,

I just wanted to confirm our conversation of 3:50 PM today for nearly five minutes, in which you offered that I move to your Swafford Circle property where you have a one- and a two-bedroom apartment available. As you might recall, after seeing the one larger apartment that you had me measure rooms and photograph, then compose ads more than once on Craig’s List for you, and you compensated me by paying my “second” electric bill (still in your name), and with other “non-cash remuneration” as well.

After seeing that property, I had asked you about my possibly moving there and you told me then, as well as at another later time, that the one thing you never, ever do is let a tenant move from one of your apartments to another, but you have changed your mind about that, and although I have not seen what you have available, I am open-minded about the possibility. I will call Jon Deputy in the morning to set up an appointment.

Now I did tell you, like I’ve been telling you in my several written letters/emails dating back to October 20, that Tyler and I prefer staying here – he more than I since he has no car, currently, and I am glad that you confirmed that my rent is paid through the end of November, which in the legal sense invalidates your original hand-written notice to vacate by November 20. My proposal had been to have a “cooling off” period and then about November 20, we discuss what would really be best. BUT, if this sooner proposal of yours works for me, that would be better, although I prefer this area, as does my roommate.

You might like to know that Tyler found two live bed bugs in his bed three days ago, and has already stripped everything out of his room and treated it – even finding a double-bed box spring that Oliver Carter had set out at the curb with a sign that it is “clean” (and NO bed bug or other stains), and free for the taking. It is serving him well, the queen mattress sitting atop it well enough for now, until he gets his own queen bed out of storage AFTER the four mattress sleeves I ordered this morning arrive on Friday.

I DID find them online for as low as $15.95, but bought some with excellent reviews for $23.95 each – not needing to spend the $200.00 per pair you said Bed, Bath, & Beyond sells them for – WHAT A JOKE that they bilk people so much!!!

And I ran into Oliver on the street yesterday, we exchanging a friendly greeting and CRACKED UP a bit. You see Oliver gets EVERY blog posting by email at his Law Office ever since you stuck that notice up my chest after pulling my T-shirt out of my pants as if we are that physically familiar, so he KNOWS I realized he just didn’t have all the info when he pressured you and that with no one harmed by that, it is all very funny, now. I trust you have also been in touch with him and know this.

I think he also appreciates all I’ve reported to the FBI and local Sheriff about Denise Wood’s activities, associates, etc., and she is likely under total electronic surveillance now. Sa’ant Samuel Celia, Jr, probably is as well, since he admits to his own HUGE LSD production in the past, and as Denise said, there is NO STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS for that level of Drug Crime to the FBI, Sheriff’s Detectives, and all 230+ of my email recipients (Press, Law Enforcement, Politicians from Congressman Joe Kennedy III to Mitt Romney and several at President Trump’s – your hero’s – Mar-a-Lago crib in Palm Beach, the town sometimes called “Kenan” or “Standard Oil” Beach, since my family dominates it like they do North Carolina, Georgia, and Texas (Kenan-controlled Bank of America, Coca-Cola, and Exxon-Mobil are the largest employers in those three states).

Now, today, you DID claim that you HAVE TO have me out of this property – but would rent to me on Spofford Circle – and the reason you have to have me out is because I “stabbed (you) in the back”, but if that is so, there has to be a wound that can be understood in Court of Law.

Remember, it was your handyman Thomas who told me first the things you do and act as if they are not public knowledge. Neal Duffy first told me about your funny meeting with cops when anyone without political pull would have been cited with a legal violation (or back then, arrested), but I don’t want to get into all of that tonight – it would be for Court, should it get to that, which I sincerely doubt it will.

And I KNOW you do NOT discriminate against gays like me, but since you recently said that anyone who criticizes Christians or Christianity should be LOCKED UP, that is my greatest concern for you – landlords are legally enjoined against such talk or action. But then, I guess you can handle a non-Christian (who loves what Jesus taught) – but only if 1.5 miles away. 


The other thing you should know, is that your son Allen Walker – even though he read my first two letters to you and said he GOT the gravity of the situation (in the legal sense) -- he still has NOT picked up the two later messages I sent him privately via Facebook on October 29 and November 2, so he hasn’t bothered either responding to me in any way or even to pick up those messages. His published email address does not exist (the one published on Walker World’s Facebook page) – how unusual!!!

Well, I imagine you have consulted Oliver Carter, your lawyer of record, and perhaps Allen’s lawyer girlfriend, who handled your rental on Front Street without charge, about all of these things. And as I said, Spofford Circle might work well for me, but have you any other apartments for rent that are available, if not???

I’ll speak to you after I’ve checked out those two -- and gotten with Mr. Deputy.




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