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Taking a REST, after the MAYHEM . . .

Gustav Klimt is one of my FAVORITE painters!!!

Early round-tube Color TVs were BEST

I dreamed in B&W until I dreamed we got one, and only IT was in color in my B&W dreams. SOON, I dreamed in FULL COLOR!!!

This appears to be a Zenith (Admiral???). 

STRONGLY preferred RCA (and ANYTHING other than Muntz -- I can't BELIEVE how long they survived)!!!
Sandra Beckham
18 hrs
“I was walking among the fires of Hell, delighted with the enjoyments of Genius; which to Angels look like torment and insanity.”

― William Blake

Before getting going, TWO GOOD NEWS ITEMS from Wilmington:


Scott Kenan shared a link.
4 hrs

WPD is seeking $42,000 in riot batons, canister grenades and other equipment.


Scott Kenan commented on a link.
18 hrs
FANTASTIC -- but we must RID Wilmington of Political Corruption that leads people to DRUG and ALCOHOL ABUSE!!!

WILMINGTON — A cooperative task force of law enforcement agencies have announced the indictment of six individuals on narcotics and firearms charges.…

I woke up early this morning -- 4:45 -- greatly conflicted and not knowing what to think of Lawyer Brian M. Williams's (of, and my negotiation, so far. I was PARTICULARLY DISTURBED by how I have handled things.

How could I have had such a WONDERFUL discussion with the woman at Liberty Hall in Kenansville, NC -- my closing words to her were, "Give everyone there my love and encouragement!!!" -- and have gotten to fighting like a SEWER RAT with Mr. Williams???

I will paste in my last offer to Brian at bottom, which includes a promise not to publish continuing negotiations if he replied with an honest attempt to move forward. Getting NO REPLY of any kind from him, I am not bound by my word to that. Here is how it went with Liberty Hall -- and getting right with the Liberty Hall staff is NOT THE SAME as reconciling with my Kenan Family who put Donald Trump into power to DESTROY DEMOCRACY and get access to profit from Russia's Oil:

And then I turned on the News and heard a lot of discussion of how Donald Trump and his Republicans (and Fox News), keep causing DRAMAS to distract from the lies, Lies, LIES, flip-flops on support of the bipartisan "Obamacare" fix, etc., which Joe Scarborough made the point that Trump and the Republicans have been PLAYING THE PRESS and the Press FELL FOR IT, and they have got to STOP falling for it and stick to the REAL ISSUES.

Indeed, that is what has happened with Mr. Williams REFUSING to look at the whole picture of what happened, his DENIAL of the fact that my doctor -- on my regularly-scheduled semi-annual checkup, which CONFUSES THINGS, but it was about two weeks after Spectrum's truck hit me, and I was SEEING no new OBVIOUS signs of difficulties, so just waited for that -- had had me see SEVERAL more medical professionals.

My regular physician found that I had significant swelling in my left leg, considerable purple discoloration, RAISED LUMPS where the truck had hit near my knees. His concern was that I had damaged valves in my arteries or veins, and so ordered scans of them. The valves might have been permanently damaged, or just temporarily damaged and could heal from the latter.

The valves all proved to be alright (the tech showed me on the graph -- and let me hear the sound that was not right -- but they were malfunctioning in a way that he said nearly always healed, but if it continued long, to see my doctor for follow-up), and I was told they had likely been SHOCKED by the impact and just not working properly, but should heal.

And that is only PART of what seems missing from what Lawyer Williams claims from my doctors. I have to conclude that he either never sought and got them, or he is withholding that. He has the bills from my visits to these professionals, so should have the reports, but only sent me two reports from doctors, I having gone to someone filling in for my doctor who was on vacation at the time of my first visit.

I have just looked at the records Brian sent -- for the FIRST time -- I having written the above from memory of the events -- they being CONDENSED into one report, going back to a year before the accident, so I GET what Brian is claiming, but it is FALSE.

My previous heart and lung conditions -- while they were untreated -- could have caused SOME of the symptoms, like edema, discoloration, but the reason my doctor was SO CONCERNED is that I'd been well-controlled for most of a year on medications, and it MADE NO SENSE TO HIM that I showed those symptoms, since they were ones that had been BEST CONTROLLED (completely controlled), by those meds.

And in fact, he reduced my meds about six weeks ago since I'm in GREAT SHAPE, now!!!

And the REASON I'd not really noticed these other problems, is that when I was SEVERELY BEATEN in Mexico by Drug Mafia at least three times, I knew enough to know I was not injured in any real way that needed more than time to heal, at least TWICE it took about five weeks for the pain to go away. I had just TOUGHED IT OUT.

In Mexico, after a near ping-pong-ball-sized carcinoma was removed from the ball of my right foot (it LOOKED that size in the vial of formaldehyde), I was supposed to REST WITH MY FEET UP for several days, but was FORCED to flee my first Puerto Vallarta apartment -- to escape harassment of Drug Mafia -- and moved to Chacala in the next state, moving myself with NO HELP, taking six trips in my car and carrying everything up and down 1.5 flights of stairs at both ends. 

I mentally put the PAIN to the side, and while my foot BLED through it all, not enough to soak more than the front of my sock -- so I knew it would not cause me to BLEED TO DEATH.

That was also the reason I did not leave in the ambulance. I KNEW I was in shock and the pain would come as that wore off, but I did NOT sense I was harmed FUNDAMENTALLY, or in a way that would not heal or be complicated.

I was CORRECT that everything would heal in time, but INCORRECT because it DID prove to be more complicated.

And then Mr. Williams LIED to me and had NOT even CONTACTED my doctor's records people until very recently -- he having had the case for MONTHS -- and also REFUSED to return my phone calls and emails for two weeks at least twice, and his story kept changing on what needed to be gotten, he once actually asking ME to get the records he HAD NOT ASKED FOR, which he knew would cost ME money to get, but not HIM -- if he only had asked them for them.

FINALLY, he got in touch this past Monday about noon, offering $400.00 above my out of pocket costs, and he KNEW (from my emails to him, and my blog which I encouraged him to read), that I had just won a COURT VICTORY, after District Attorney Ben David had tried to prosecute me for a bogus old accusation by a TOP Wilmington criminal, which was brought out AFTER LUNCH on the day I REFUSED to arbitrate and insisted on prosecuting a HATE CRIME by David Alan Young

And THEN the D.A.'s office and Prosecutor Alexandria Palombo REFUSED to subpoena my witness or even DISCUSS THE CASE -- at all -- before an ACTUAL PROSECUTION.

Ben David and his legal intern Jeffrey Duncan when Ben had me in JAIL five times on eight false charges (that Ben was FORCED to scour from my record, later), later COLLUDED with then Wells Fargo Advisors exec Jamie Lee Sutherland and his attorney Daliah Saper of Saper Law LLC of Chicago (and also a talking head on Fox News), in a bogus charge of LIBEL. Jeff Duncan WORKED for Lawyer Saper at that time.

I was NEVER LEGALLY SERVED (and near homeless in Puerto Vallarta at that time), then TRIED AND CONVICTED in Absentia -- both illegal and unconstitutional. Jamie had ONLY asked for $50,000.00 -- but LOOK WHAT THEY GOT -- WITHOUT my being allowed a defense at all!!!:

And NEITHER nor Google Blogger honored this, they asking for MORE from Jamie -- which he never sent them.

ONLY Kenan-Family-controlled Bank of America honored it by sending them about $800.00, Disability money that is PROTECTED from such judgments by US Law!!!

Then, shortly after I returned to Wilmington in June 2015, I ran into Ben David in Cousin's Italian Deli, BEN asked me if we could "bury the hatchet", which I AGREED TO, and he AGREED to get VOIDED the Chicago conviction, and later, on one of the other of FIVE times I've chance-met Mr. David, agreed to that AGAIN, but I soon realized that Ben David HAD NO POWER to do that in Chicago Courts.

He COULD HAVE BEEN CO-OPERATIVE when I tried to prosecute the HATE CRIME, but instead he harassed me FURTHER, two employees of the Prosecutor's Office telling me they FOUND (during lunch break -- not before appearing in Court, as SEVERAL Law Enforcement Officers have told me SHOULD have happened if it was NOT just SPITE), that old bogus action -- and INSISTED it was a WARRANT FOR MY ARREST, and whatever else happened in Court that day, I was DEFINITELY going to JAIL at the end of it.

It took them until nearly half an hour after the Judge and Prosecutor had completed Court for the day and left, that the paper was found and printed and it was merely a Court SUMMONS, not the DEFINITE ARREST WARRANT.

I still expect to charge D.A. Ben David for his COLLUSION, and all this CONTINUING HARASSMENT makes what I think are called RACKETEERING Charges pretty EASY to prove -- and across state lines, it is a FEDERAL OFFENSE.

I will SOON contact the local FBI office, about all of this -- as well as my recent treatment by Sheriff's Detectives (including their trying to ENTRAP ME in a marijuana charge), as reported here:

Given Spectrum Cable's FREQUENT LIES to me and inability to fix my internet and TV Cable signals -- until THREE techs came out, each doing an INADEQUATE partial job, except the last one who ADMITTED they had problems with Wilmington CHRISTIAN techs sabotaging repairs to some -- as well as Spectrum CONTINUING to hold my payments and not deposing the checks until LATE CHARGES accrued the last five months (once for TWO months at once and I got a CUT-OFF notice), and NOW their lawyer LYING THROUGH HIS TEETH and refusing to consider all the facts of this case, I have decided the following:

I will APOLOGIZE to Lawyer Brian Williams and his associate lawyers whom I copied in this "negotiation" for my UNPROFESSIONAL behaviors of going BALLISTIC (in written word only), and make a NEW OFFER, that I know he can approve, that is NOT enough, but I would accept. And I will discuss this with FBI (although this might be a State crime instead), if we can't agree.

I will copy ONLY the "same recipients", and NOT publish the new one -- except I WILL do that if we are not negotiating, nor have concluded, in GOOD FAITH.

Here is the offer Brian has REFUSED to respond to:

From: Scott Kenan
Sent: Tuesday, October 17, 2017 2:05 PM
To: Brian Williams;;;;;;;;;;; Joseph Faulk;;;;;;;;;;
Cc: Carrie Butler

Subject: Re: settlement offer, 499-176

Good Afternoon Brian -- I trust you slept well (and without Seconal)!!! 

And I REMOVED the Law Enforcement Leaders of Wilmington from those copied here -- as a gesture of GOOD WILL. I just needed a break, and probably you did too, WHY I made that somewhat SHOCKING sexual comment, but truth be told, nothing excites me more than displayed intelligence, and while neither you nor I are prefect, you did a BANG UP job, yesterday, for your client, SPECTRUM!!!

Yesterday, a "red-headed" furry bear, muscular, bearded, and about 22 years old, sitting in my line of sight in Court got me "activated" (horny), and I just transferred that to you. I can get excited over about HALF the male adults (younger than me, anyway), so you aren't in TOO distinguished a group. But we can drop that now.

There, that is my review for your "co-lawyers" and my Kenan Cousin Principals, there. I trust you have as lovely and gracious a home (and perhaps a lovely family), as Google Maps shows they do (at the address for Bonnie and Dan from The Kenan Family -- 1999). I prefer something more eclectic, but LOVE visiting "period-style" homes.

Assuming we have BOTH had about enough of each other, let's try to rap this up quickly, and fairly -- and if you show evidence of being serious and fair, I'll NOT blog this or later correspondence, and drop ALL copying to others, but if you want to continue copying Ms. Butler, I will choose one person to include as well. IN FACT, if this is done correctly, I will NOT blog about my final award (but reserve the right to let my family and closest friends know what it is) -- that by Trust alone, which might not be easy for you, now.

Twice, you made clear that you are working with an upper limit of $10,000.00, but any good lawyer keeps the truth in reserve. So I propose an award of $20,000.00 -- ALL things considered.

Why don't we make that OUR DEAL???


Sandra Beckham updated her cover photo.
20 hrs
“Hell is truth seen too late.”

― Thomas Hobbes, Leviathan

From my living-room fireplace mantel in Georgia.


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