Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Stranger Things??? REALLY??? / My Letter to Landlady Gold Walker That Accompanied My Rent Check:

So every time I leave my house I now check out the sky. Cuz. Stranger Things.

Scott Kenan There goes Donald Trump!!!

I'm NOT a fan of Hillary Clinton, but I DID feel forced to vote for her. She and Bill have narco-trafficked with my Kenan Family, that put Donald Trump into power to KILL DEMOCRACY and to PROFIT from Russia's Oil -- Kenans controlling Exxon-Mobil, Rex Tillerson, and Bank of America for decades now -- as well as the Bushes and Cheney. 

But if HILLARY can chase Donald Trump back to Uranus (or wherever he came from), I'm cool with THAT!!!

Scott Kenan shared a link.
8 hrs

This video of Trump’s end of days has gone viral because everything about it is so beautifully done. Thought in light of todays news this would be very fitting. This is…


After my landlady Gold Walker's son, Allen Walker, owner of Walker World (http://www.walkerworldnc.com/ and also https://www.facebook.com/pg/WalkerWorldNC/about/?ref=page_internal), messaged me on Facebook (his email address listed on this Facebook page DOES NOT WORK and for at least SOME MONTHS), that he GETS IT -- the legal jeopardy his mother could be in over trying to evict me without cause (except that she claims I need to be LOCKED UP for criticizing Christians -- "Inverted Christians", actually), Allen REFUSES TO PICK UP MY LATER MESSAGES.

And Gold has REFUSED to tell me how much I owe her far the electric bill for the one half of my apartment, still in her name BY HER REQUEST, or what I still owe her for an exterminator half a year ago.

What I last sent to Allen Walker: 

I have changed subjects in my blog narrative to let things calm down. You might get a KICK out of my latest, though: http://theweathercontinues.blogspot.com/2017/10/and-now-some-nice-things-to-say-about.html

TODAY, October 31, 2017, is the 500th Anniversary of Martin Luther nailing his 95 Theses to the door of the Wittenburg Cathedral!!!

>>> SO I WILL WRITE GOLD A CHECK FOR $400.00 TODAY, and write her a note that she can apply it to these things as she sees fit, but I write it for rent with request for an accounting of other money's I also owe her, so I can pay them ASAP, appropriately. I'll write that "note", now, and then post it here:

ALREADY delivered at 8:02 AM this morning to Gold's hand at her apartment in the property next door, with only a pleasant greeting and no discussion:

October 31, 2017

Gold Walker
Gold Walker Properties

Dear Gold,

Enclosed, please find my check for $400.00 that I intend as the balance of my rent for November, 2017, but you can apply it as you see fit. I know I owe you for your financing the exterminator (which I have twice in writing and three times by voice, asked for an accounting of so that I can pay it off ASAP, but you have NOT provided), as well as the electric bill for the “Apt. 4” side of my Apt. 3.

Sunday, I got hold of your son Allen, after his email address on his Facebook page FAILED to work (“unknown” was the reason), and my email was returned, so I left him a Facebook message October 21, so that he understood what is going on over here, but he did NOT pick it up until Saturday, Oct. 28, when I then sent more info to him, all of which he said he understands, then has NOT picked up a third message there since later Oct. 28 (if I am correctly reading Facebook’s notations).

As I tried to previously make clear, I will fight eviction through a Jury Trial – and indeed until I exhaust the appeals process, should you be able to prevail. Our relationship is long and extremely friendly now for over two years, you often calling me your best tenant for paying rent early, beautifying your property, and taking care of some small maintenance items that normally fall to the landlord. I have even written and posted ads for an apartment in your Spofford Circle property, and commiserated with you over the difficulty in getting Drug Dealers there OUT – and your frustration with Wilmington Police, who having other business there, did NOT arrest anyone for Heroin possession or the needles which were then in plain view.

You have a Property Manager handling that property now, and might do well to have him also manage your properties here on 4th Street. I have never before heard of having difficulties with a landlord that stemmed from back-biting, small-minding tenants emotionally upsetting a landlord to get ANYONE evicted, and it is at least immoral – if not illegal.

You should also know that all but three District Court Judges have violated my Rights at least once, and I can get them to recuse themselves – like I did Sandra Ray, then Sandra Ray Criner, in 2011. I have told you many times that I send a lot of info to not just the FBI, but the local Sheriff’s Detectives, to help with the riddance of the Heroin and other hard-drug trafficking, originally set up by my parents when they lived here 1980 – 1999, with Nixon’s Aide John Ehrlichman and others.

No one cares about marijuana – except for major dealers – and that clearly does not include you. It MIGHT include Denise Wood, as when she was regularly selling me small amounts of pot, she usually had several varieties on hand to sell from, but she NEVER gave an indication she sold anything harder.

You have my two other letters, that I sent via email (which was NOT blocked), and the first, I sent you by snail-mail as well, and both to Allen Walker via Facebook messenger. You can find them on my blog, if you did NOT receive them. I was ENTIRELY serious when I said there is no reason Denise and I cannot both live here, and in fact we have gotten along quite well in recent months. I WILL make certain via written letters to all residents of this block – but especially the Heads of the schools and the Pastors – Denise’s Criminal History, and the story of this recent attempt to evict me without cause, if you persist in attempting to evict me without cause.

The ONLY thing you have said to indicate your reason, is that shortly before you gave me your Notice, you had told me (I having just criticized what I call “Inverted Christians” and their form of FAKE Christianity, which REAL Christians know does not include them), you chased me out of your house yelling that “Anyone who criticizes Christians is crazy and should be LOCKED UP!!!”.

Yes, you did claim that it was because I had many days before that, written Oliver Carter, including a detail about your lifestyle that is NOT A SECRET TO ANYONE, and that had NOT caused you a problem – except as Denise -- and possibly Handyman Ben (also in the meeting with you when Denise was speaking with you and you asked me to leave for your privacy), scared you into believing.

You are certainly allowed that opinion, but landlords are NOT allowed to discriminate based on anyone’s Religion or Religious Philosophy.

I am not aware of your church membership, attendance, or Bible study, but not only have I had five college-level courses on the Bible and Comparative Religion, I was a member of a church most of my adult life in Georgia, and part of it here in Wilmington. I attended an interfaith meeting this past Saturday (most of them Christians), and even met two of our City Council candidates, who BOTH loved what I am doing exposing these fake Christian Criminals. I think I found a church to join, as well.

Anyway, this is a lot to think about, but I see no reason for Denise not to move back in – Sam Celia making CLEAR she has no plan to vacate, but is only living elsewhere until about the first of the year when it could be assumed I would be out -- and if she is only selling pot, I will not complain again of the character and quality of those that come to her back door.

I suspect that it was Denise who got you all upset with info out of context and incomplete, but we can get to that in Court, if necessary, when we are all under Oath.

Best of luck in your deciding how to handle this. I am told that my check from the utility company is now on the way, and when it clears, I can further pay off my debt to you.

All best,

Scott D. Kenan


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