Sunday, October 22, 2017

Don't Look Now . . . BUT . . .

I took this photo an hour ago -- it showing a stretch van logo-ed "The Perfect Painter" with Denise Wood's phone number on this side, but it can't be read due to the window screen I shot it through.

I had actually been in the kitchen for over an hour, organizing storage of food -- new roommate "Blondie" having brought a LOT of food with him, but he developed a low-grade fever late yesterday, and has remained in bed, mostly, today, so to improve both our spirits, I organized and put away his food -- after making space for it all on shelves in the kitchen peninsula that I was storing unimportant junk in.

Then I returned to my office/bedroom and saw this out front -- and Denise and her business partner, the Mexican Tony (Antonio) -- who had refused my "advances" when I met his nice, fun, and HOT self many months ago, now, about to pull away. The pick-up truck in photo belongs to someone else, but Denise carried a large barrel-shaped "ice-cooler" to her old blue Toyota Sienna, before they both pulled away.

It LOOKED LIKE she was moving out, but even with the box spring atop the stretch van, I couldn't be sure, and they took nothing from the back porch.

But just as I got through writing the first paragraph above, they both pulled back up here, and then I watched as they loaded several major furniture pieces and some huge bags of other belongings, and NOW, they have pulled away again, a few things I'm sure Denise will also want remain on her back porch.

So it looks OFFICIAL, that she is moving out. I take NO PLEASURE in this -- but I DO feel relief.

And "Blondie" is THRILLED to hear it -- but he STILL won't drop his towel!!!


Blondie actually does NOT have this "stupid, vacant look" on his face . . . 


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