Tuesday, October 17, 2017

As Good (to me), as a FULL RECONCILIATION with the WEALTHIEST Kenans!!!

I just had a 13-minute phone conversation with a charming woman at Liberty Hall in Kenansville, North Carolina. She was SO CHARMING, I accused her of almost turning me STRAIGHT!!!

I called, because I was concerned that their website, http://www.libertyhallnc.org/, has been DOWN for several days, and the online TOUR has been down for a couple of months.

So FIRST I learned that they are losing their hosting company (the owner retiring), and the person in charge of getting a presumably renovated online tour -- and new hosting -- has been sick, and is such a perfectionist (like me -- believe it or not), that she won't allow anyone else to handle this, but she should be back to fix it all soon -- but maybe not this week.

Perhaps it is all BACK UP by the time YOU read this!!!

But you can STILL read about it herehttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liberty_Hall_(Kenansville,_North_Carolina) or herehttps://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g49253-d4101572-Reviews-Liberty_Hall_Plantation_Home-Kenansville_North_Carolina.html.

Longtime Readers will recall that the LAST TIME I visited Liberty Hall, Assistant Curator (I think), Jeff Smith got me HITTING ON HIM, which he was NOT interested in, but a GOOD SPORT about -- and he let me take some Rosemary bush clippings to root and grow here in Wilmington, summer of 2015.

Jeff has some SERIOUS "Bedroom Eyes", no???

In any case, the woman I spoke with (a little older than me), and I had the BEST CONVERSATION ranging from the time a few years ago that someone let me browse 250+ year old books (I'd just washed my hands with soap and water), and I discovered that the Presbyterianism of the "ancient Kenans" nearly perfectly matched the Science of Mind I had studied under Dr. J. Kennedy Schultz in Atlanta in the 1980s and 90s -- and is the REASON (besides Family Tradition), that I joined First Presbyterian here in Wilmington for half a year in 2011. Then Pastor Ernest Trice Thompson having no problem that I could NOT QUITE accept Jesus Christ as the literal Son of God.

Today, we spoke about a lot of things -- including the Political and other differences I have had with my distant relatives, but without needing to get into specifics (my point of view known from my previous contacts with them there), and the BOTTOM LINE is that it doesn't matter now who voted for whom -- or why -- in the last Presidential Election, but that we must ALL, now, find our COMMON GROUND, respect differing opinions, and PRESS ON for:

This includes a return to COMMON DECENCY, which MANNERS and "Chivalry" are a part of -- like this photo of my mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan at the time of winning Best Driver in Indiana from Henry Ford has been used to promote in recent years:

We BOTH AGREED that whatever Donald Trump's flaws and failings, his election has FORCED US ALL to pay more attention to what is REALLY going on in Politics and Society -- this FUNDAMENTAL self-examination of American Culture is the BEST THING (and overdue).

I told her how I have had GREAT HELP from Gen. Colin Powell's people, Republican Chief Pubic Public (I can't believe I made this typo -- it just had to have been PLANNED by the DEMON who rules me), Defender Jennifer Harjo -- and even Mitt Romney!!! But I remain a registered Democrat (which she admitted to, too).

So I also said I have promoted many Kenan Things, like their ENORMOUS support of University Education. The William R. Kenan, Jr. Charitable Trust gave my own Denison University a HUGE ($1,000,000.00+), donation to grow the Endowment in 1974. 

And there is also http://kenan.ethics.duke.edu/ and https://www.facebook.com/KenanInstituteAsia/?brand_redir=501027239970149, and when they get Liberty Hall's website back up, maybe I should dress up in a TOP HAT (to extend my near seven-foot height), and stand out by the highway in sandwich-boards, getting people to leave the new bypass of Kenansville to come see the house. 

It would be preferable to living like THIS!!!

So NOW, I'm looking forward to visiting Liberty Hall again, soon -- and of course that ALSO includes a visit to the Cowan Museum, next door: http://www.cowanmuseum.org/home.html

And the BEST MEALS I've had in Kenansville have been at:

And MY antivirus has a problem with their website -- so just go there and EAT!!!


I sent Lawyer Brian Williams a SERIOUS OFFER early this afternoon, and expect an answer by tomorrow morning, early.

STAY TUNED to see if he responds, moving forward, or if we go to WORLD WAR THREE (a literary war just between us)!!!


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