Sunday, October 22, 2017

And a NEW DAY Hath DAWNED!!!

It is IMPORTANT to take stock of where you are and what resources you have -- but THEN to put your sights and base your thoughts and actions on WHERE YOU WANT TO GO!!!

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Integrity, for those who are not familiar, is quite important. It is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. People who have a strong sense of integrity are sadly a rare breed. However, there are still some people left in this world with…
Deborah Evans
"Everyone drives somebody crazy. I just have a bigger car.”

~ Carrie Fisher, American actress, writer & humorist, b. October 21, 1956,

THANKS to all who made my last posting go VIRAL -- although since International Hits were down, I ASSUME it is being found by people in WILMINGTON, NC, especially!!!

Having NO photo of Gold Walker, I use this illustration from a Lay's potato chip ad, because Gold is 68, tall and overweight, and wears her hair long like looks good on YOUNG girls, she not being particularly EMOTIONALLY mature (ditto for Denise Wood).

This morning, as I returned from the store and parked, I saw Gold Walker in front of her MAIN residence -- speaking with my friend Psychologist Ben who lives behind me. After I parked, I walked back to have a clear view of them, and called out "Good Morning" greetings, first to Gold, then to Ben. ONLY Ben returned them.

Knowing Gold Walker, she and Denise Wood, and similar Wilmington "Christians" thrive on gossip and secrets and lies -- and BLACKMAIL, like Gold telling me she would STOP selling and giving me pot if I blog about her doing that. I did NOT do that until after she listened to Denise's CRAP, then decided that after LOVING ME as a tenant, she would EVICT ME -- without asking me for my side of story -- or even reading what she claims is so offensive, just on Denise's word.

NEITHER Gold nor Denise has EVER attended ANY KIND of church service -- or Bible study, etc. -- while I have known them -- and while I have had five college level courses on the Bible and Comparative Religion, so I can run CIRCLES around them both on Christian Theology and Tradition.

Ben is NOT a fan of Christianity AT ALL (the way it manifests in Wilmington), and he and his wife moved here from California about eight years ago, his wife staying much to herself, as she is SHOCKED at the small-mindedness and HATRED of so many White Wilmingtonians. Gold claimed to me several times that she is just "not a very nice woman".

And ONE fun possible complication, is that last night, I learned how COMPLICATED my new roommate, "Blondie's", life has recently become -- and discussed on the back porch while Denise Wood downstairs was smoking a tobacco cigarette beneath us, and could clearly hear our discussion (but the explaining parts happened BEFORE Denise stepped outside).

When his parked SUV was hit by the hit-and-run driver, and totaled (Blondie not hurt enough to need a doctor), but they cited him since he did NOT have his insurance card, they ALSO confiscated his prescribed Adderall, not citing him for it, but TAKING HIS MEDS, regardless.

Well, he has had a number of health issues -- was previously on heart meds, has Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and some sort of nervous disorder (that the Adderall effectively controls), akin to Bipolar Illness.

So, last night earlier, he used my phone to call the Police Evidence Lock-Up people -- he running out of some more he had had -- and they FOUND IT early yesterday, but told him he had to call the shift last night to be able to come get it.

Last night, it had DISAPPEARED, and of course Blondie was having a FIT -- since they promised to be able to return it to him last night.

REMEMBER, when Dustin Goldsmith had stashed several compressors, two bikes, and some bags of other things -- all stolen -- on the side of my house next to Oliver Carter III's house, Haston Lavern Caulder II ALERTED ME to it, and said he'd examined one of the bikes and it was worth over $5,000.00.

One of several photos I took of the stash before Police arrived and spent half an hour cataloging it before taking it to Evidence Impound.

Later, I called Impound -- Haston also telling me the cops would sell at least that one bike back to Criminals -- and Impound had the compressors and other goods -- but NEITHER BIKE had arrived there.

Evan Fish

Wilmington Police MURDERED Evan Fish in September 2011 (to protect my former employer Patrick Lee Stansbury of Pentagon Publishing, Inc., Snellville, GA, and the Christian Politicians and Ministers and Churches who PROFIT from the hard-drug trade), and that was VERIFIED by Sheriff's Deputies also on the scene.

>>> BOTTOM LINE: Wilmington Police SOLD Blondie's prescribed ADDERALL, and HE is suffering for it, they NOTHING but God-Hating Christians, and the GOOD WILMINTONIANS are too afraid of their TERRORIST ACTIVITIES to DARE publicly call Wilmington Officials and Christian Ministers TO ACCOUNT!!!


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