Thursday, August 3, 2017

Wilmington's Joe Kennedy III Look-Alike Nearly Made Me SWOON!!! / A Trump in a Dump Gets a BUMP???

My OWN house (back porch, anyway), is a RESPITE from "City Living":

Scott Kenan shared a link.
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Special Counsel Robert Mueller has impaneled a grand jury in Washington to investigate Russia’s interference in the 2016 elections, a sign that his inquiry is…
Possibly the most ARTICULATE of all our Elected Officials, I'm PROUD to be working with Joe Kennedy III today, having known JFK's sisters and their husbands and Jackie Kennedy Onassis back when I worked for Tennessee Williams!!!

And I have to say that after I sent Joe Kennedy the question of WHY there seem to be NO GAY KENNEDYS -- yet my Kenan Family is FULL OF THEM -- I got an email from Joe's college roommate, a 6' 11" (like me), black guy who is gay and WORKS for Rep Kennedy, explaining WHY he does. Then I NEXT got an email THANKING ME for all I do asking questions of powerful people and POSTING TRUTH ON THIS BLOG!!!

And it DIDN'T even have a request for a donation -- fancy THAT!!!

So this morning, right after I watched the above video, I walked into town and met a guy the same age as Joe Kennedy, who looked EXACTLY LIKE HIM down to the orange freckles on the back of his hands (but he was about 15 pounds lighter), and sadly, HE is straight too -- but he had as GOOD a SENSE of HUMOR.

Scott Kenan
3 hrs

Trump has a point here -- but Wilmington, NC where the Kenan Family, Christian Churches, and nearly ALL Politicians of both Parties make TONS OF MONEY in Narco-Trafficking (and whoring), is the NUMBER ONE place in the nation for Heroin/Opioid Addiction/Trafficking, so Trump won't criticize my Kenan Family that put him into power -- it was on DRUG PROFITS!!!

President Donald Trump, in a conversation with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, labeled New Hampshire "a drug-infested den," according to a transcript of…

Scott Kenan shared a link.

It's time to legalize marijuana.

And for what it's worth:

The NAACP says this is the first travel advisory ever issued by the organization, at the state or national level. The Missouri conference initially published the advisory in June, and it was recognized nationally at the NAACP's annual convention last week.
The NAACP is circulating a statewide travel advisory for Missouri, which the organization says is its first.

Just gotten from Paul Ladd, a friend of Maria Saporta, an Atlanta Journalist EMBROILED in a major "TIFT" with corrupt Mayor Kasim Reed (whom I've had my share of trouble with, too)!!!

Maria Saporta

Although this does NOT run on the tracks behind our house on Dunsinane Drive, 1963 - 1968 (that separated Birnam Wood from us -- until the tracks were TAKEN UP and SHAKESPEAREAN PROPHECY CAME TRUE) -- it IS from West Chester, Pennsylvania, where the main intersection in town is:

See 1/4 the way down here:


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