Wednesday, August 9, 2017

What I Wanted to Blog About Last Night (but I was too emotionally exhausted):

Lawrence Oliver plays the Nazi Dentist who tortures Dustin Hoffman in the 1976 film Marathon Man.

Funny that my oral surgeon Shawn Conrad had told me that the FIRST THING he and his classmates had to do in Dental School at UNC Chapel Hill was to watch the dental tortures in Marathon Man, yet yesterday, I completed the process of ALL my teeth being replaced by dentures -- a process that took 35 years, and was ENTIRELY CAUSED by my Catholic Mother's insistence that I had to take Lithium Carbonate as a soft lobotomy because she was so ANGRY that I kept telling the TRUTH of her high position in turning the USA NAZI by order of quite a long line of Catholic Popes (Pius XII - Francis I).

I'd NEVER had a cavity before Lithium -- having grown up with fluoridated water (for hardness) -- and although NEVER tortured by dentists or oral surgeons in the USA or Mexico, it was a VERY TORTUROUS and VERY long-term experience, now concluded.

Me with Mom (Ruth Anne Meyer Kenan), a year ago.

IF the bible is CORRECT, Mom will spend ETERNITY IN HELL, for her HATRED and her part in putting Trump/Pence into the White House!!!

And here in Wilmington, North Carolina, Mom's Deputies, Mayor Bill Saffo, District Attorney Ben David, Police Chief Ralph Evangelous, disgraced former NC State Senator Republican Thom Goolsby, former disgraced Democratic Party Third Vice Chair Ryan Lee Burris, and the local heads of the DEA and FBI will join Mom "in the Eternal Fires" -- but THIS is not why I am so civil to my mother now (because GOD will bring them all to Justice)!!!

I don't believe ANY of that hateful Christian Clap-Trappery. My mother brought me into Life, and by her HATREDS and attempts to have me jailed, nut-house committed, and murdered, she constructed the Spiritual Gymnasium in which I got my STRENGTH!!!

But to show how EVIL un-evolved women are (the REASON Old Fashioned Religious Texts EMPHASIZE that women MUST be kept in their place by men -- which does NOT APPLY to evolved Women or Men), this Facebook exchange yesterday with Kimy Kennedy Stewart is MOST illustrative.


63,668 signatures are still needed! Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Community service and jail for the men who laughed as they tortured a shark in Florida
Kimy Kennedy Stewart Please sign the petition!!!!

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ReplyYesterday at 8:22am
Ellen Free Signed!

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ReplyYesterday at 8:51am
Salvador Sierra I signed

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ReplyYesterday at 9:09am
Kimy Kennedy Stewart thanks everyone!

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ReplyYesterday at 9:15am

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ReplyYesterday at 9:19am
Patrick Puckett  Signed!

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Reply22 hrs
Scott Kenan I would NEVER sign a petition like this. The Law is the Law and if torturing sharks is illegal then arrest them. Their laughter is a symptom of sickness, but not illegal

This whole idea reminds me of Christianity -- LOL!!!

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12 hrs
Kimy Kennedy Stewart Sweetie. The petition is to get them in trouble because what they did was horrible.

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Reply10 hrs
Scott Kenan I don't disagree that it was horrible, but you must be a CHRISTIAN to be so hateful to try to "get them in trouble" because if they broke the LAW, they should deal with that penalty even if NO ONE signed a petition -- and it has NOTHING TO DO WITH how many ugly souls you can get riled up into a RIGHTEOUS MOB to punish them. 

Ugly people like you used to cat-call me a child-molester in front of crowds because of my Politics. I broke no law (including that one), but I was not CHRISTIAN

In my city of Wilmington, NC, a mob in 1898 led by my sick relative William R. Kenan, Sr. led white Christian Church Leaders and others and killed many blacks, stole their property, their political offices, etc., the ONLY coup d'etat in US History that succeeded

I'm SICK of Vigilante mentality of those on the right and the left. They are the SAME THING

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And SPEAKING of Old Movies, THIS popped up on Facebook this morning:
Funny. Der Arnold never denied that he had a lot of homo-sex getting his start in bodybuilding -- and I LOVED that PREDATOR was made right up the road from the house I tried to buy in Mismaloya, Mexico in 2010, that overlooked where Tennessee Williams's The Night of the Iguana was filmed, in what is now a nature park called "El Eden" -- that has some movie stuff still there:

Sandra Beckham
2 hrs
“Compassion dissolves ignorance.”

― Alaric Hutchinson, Living Peace

So there is ALWAYS a TON going on in the larger or smaller world, but after getting my lower denture back yesterday afternoon from my primary care dentist, Harrison Keith III, I found it so COMFORTABLE, NATURAL FEELING -- and the lower no longer FLOPPING AROUND, that it was AS IF I had NEVER been tortured by my mother and her hateful band of Christians, my mouth at PEACE after these 35 LONG YEARS!!!

And I have Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr. of NYC to THANK for PAYING FOR the last SEVEN YEARS of extraordinarily high Dental Bills -- my mother and siblings ALL contributed to these years of DENTAL TORTURE, and feel NO RESPONSIBILITY to MAKE AMENDS -- or even to apologize

They are GOD-HATING CHRISTIANS to their core, which is NOT my nor YOUR problem -- except that they ACTIVELY -- and yes ALL of them, even my "Liberal" brother Mike -- put Donald Trump and Mike Pence into Office (also with Thomas S. Kenan III and Betty Price Kenan, and Rex Tillerson, etc., from the WEALTHY branch of the Kenan Family), and we STILL have to CLEAN OUT OUR GOVERNMENT of these CHRISTIAN NAZIS and KU KLUX KLANSMEN!!! 

Scott Kenan shared a link.
16 hrs

The legalistic, simplistic, and shallow world of fundamentalism breeds some rather odd triggers for what it is we are supposed to get upset about. Here are just a few:

And then this morning, at 7:36 AM, ONCE AGAIN a man (about 48 years old, haggard but decently built in a buff T-Shirt and jeans, with small backpack), crept around the back corner of my house (three apartments), to VERY quietly knock on Sa'ant Samuel Celia, Jr.'s back door. He knocked three times while, unseen by him, I smoked a cigarette above him, then quietly left after no response.

Just a few days ago, I had had a LONG discussion with Steven and Maddy about how they STILL see lots of drug addicts coming through the First Presbyterian parking lot behind Boney Hall across the street, to buy drugs at "Sam" Celia's and Denise Wood's (, adjoining apartments downstairs from me. They believe they come from the house next to Gold Walker's that is owned by First Prez and used to house "destitute families", but that dwelling APPEARS to be empty, now.

WHEREVER they come from, it AMAZES ME that Gold Walker -- whom I can PROVE KNOWS of all this drug selling downstairs -- she even told me I was STUPID to call Denise a "Christian C*nt", because THAT is why Denise now REFUSES to sell me pot like she continues to sell others and even now allows me to smell the pot smoke in the hallway downstairs. Remember, Denise is a CLOSE FRIEND of Mayor Bill Saffo (as well as who told me that Bill Saffo ogles UNDER-AGED GUYS WITH LUST).

And "Sam" Celia freely ADMITS to running an LSD Lab for YEARS, supplying Jerry Garcia, Dr. Timothy Leary, and my old Puerto Vallarta nemesis, Leary's male lover of years ago, Theodore Druch:

And of course Gold Walker does not mind admitting that in her "sex-addict daze" (I too was a sex addict, 1980 - 2002), she banged TWO of the three Saffo brothers -- once even SPLITTING THE HEADBOARD IN TWO, they were so "frisky", but I FORGET if one of Gold's lovers was the Mayor himself, but ONE of Saffo's brothers lived in MY APARTMENT, back then -- LOL!!!

So there is AMPLE PROOF and DOCUMENTATION that Gold KNOWS about all the illegal drug sales in her apartments here -- and PROTECTS THEM!!!

Her maintenance man of many decades now, Tom, who like Gold's son Allen Walker of, which Wilmington COPS have even confirmed is being watched by the FEDS as a likely major Drug Port on the Northeast Cape Fear River, registers his car in Tennessee -- to avoid a higher tax and mandatory mechanical inspection here.

Tom told me that the reason he has been driving the Walker World logoed Mercedes station wagon the last three weeks, is that his own car's brakes FROZE UP, tossing him off the highway and into a ditch (but no harm to people or property) -- the REASON we have mechanical inspections of vehicles, is to AVOID THESE THINGS!!!

That does not sound too expensive to repair, but it has NOT been repaired, and Gold told me that Tom gets a 1099 from her, but NEVER files taxes with it and that is WHY he now in his late 50s or early 60s, has NO Social Security or Disability Benefits coming to him.

HE is a CHRISTIAN who does NOT believe in paying taxes -- but USES THE ROADS, POLICE, FIRE DEPARTMENT, etc., that ALL THE REST OF US pay for!!!

And when Gold's Den of Drug Dealers/Traffickers is BUSTED, all live within two doors of St. Mary's Catholic Grade School and across from First Prez's Pre-School, so I guess PENALTIES ARE AT LEAST DOUBLED -- and with Gold knowing about it and doing NOTHING, the state or FEDS can CONFISCATE HER BUILDINGS where this happens.

SO, I guess I'll have the GOVERNMENT for my landlord soon, no???

Scott Kenan shared a link.

Dear Christians, I’m writing to you today to discuss a very serious matter. Your brand ― and especially the realm of Evangelicalism ― has been hi-j...
The firm is the Maryland-based arm of Shenzhen Salubris Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd., the Chinese drug-maker valued at roughly $5 billion and run by former Shenzhen mayor and billionaire Ye Chenghai, who with his family controls about 66 percent of the company. 

The proposal comes amid growing public backlash to deals that give pharmaceutical companies monopolies on drugs and vaccines developed through taxpayer-funded research without requiring them to sell the drugs back to Americans at a reasonable price.

It’s the second time this year the federal government has proposed giving exclusive rights for taxpayer-funded research to a foreign pharmaceutical giant.


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