Thursday, August 24, 2017

TOO FUNNY!!! The Mistaken Attorney / Water Emergency Repairs to My Apartment / New Hanover Court House Getting Foundation Repairs -- but the Workmen Are SWORN TO SECRECY about What ANY CITIZEN Should Be Allowed to Know. WHAT's Up with THAT???

James L. "Buddy" Allard is now HEALED OF FACE. I just ran into him in the Court House and he LOVES my blog postings I emailed to him (and other material), but he is NOT David Alan Young's attorney -- they went to HIGH SCHOOL together, why so friendly in Court!!!

Of the water emergency, it is so ridiculously complicated because my roommate does NOT have the mental capacity to understand it, but the water pipe in the wall of his bathroom broke the night before I had Court Monday, and the landlady got it fixed while I was in Court -- except for the damage to walls and ceiling in the apartment under it, which is still drying out, first.

Today, ANOTHER flood on the floor in the bathroom, which could ONLY be caused by my roommate accidentally spraying out of the tub that he sits in without shower surround, but HE said it is the THROW RUG'S FAULT, because every time he steps on it it gets wetter and wetter -- but that CAN'T explain the at least quart of water pooled on the uneven floor under the claw-footed tub, and he is ANGRY that he must use my shower until the landlady can get installed a shower-curtain surround so it don't matter if he's careless with the hand-held sprayer.

He INSISTS that the water is coming from the rug -- and it is NOT HIS FAULT!!!

So then, after blogging, emailing, then printing three copies of the letter in my last posting, I delivered one to First Presbyterian and had a great time talking with the receptionist, although Pastor Dan Lewis was not around. I would have like to meet him. I DO THINK that Presbyterian THEORY is the BEST of all the Christian Sects -- but the DEVIL is in First Prez's hypocritical congregation (and Elders and Deacons).

Then I passed the Third Street side of the Court House, and asked the guys in the van parked slightly lower than street level and advertising Foundation Repair, how BAD the foundation of the Court House is. They swore they are NOT ALLOWED to say a thing about that to ANYONE, but only confirm it is for the Court House, and then I saw all the new conduit pipe coming out of the slab at the base of the steps to the Sheriff's Office that is not used as an entrance.

But WHY the SECRECY???

And Buddy Allard -- after I got off the elevator from delivering Ben David's and Alexandria Palombo's letters to the D.A.'s office on the 5th floor -- was a RIOT to talk with and thinks my proposal about the prosecution has definite "potential" of working.

But he then said he is NOT Dave's lawyer, but that Alex Hall is, so next I'll need to get up to speed with Mr. Hall.

>>> And here is Alexandria Palombo's reply to my earlier email, just now arrived, and my response:

To:Alexandria.J.Palombo + 1 more Details 
Thank you for your prompt reply, and I'll see you in Court where you will ALSO be prosecuting me on a "ghost charge" -- HA!!!


-----Original Message-----

From: Palombo, Alexandria J. <>
To: Scott Kenan <>
Sent: Thu, Aug 24, 2017 4:05 pm
Subject: RE: Mr. David and Ms. Palombo, here is my request:

Mr. Kenan,

Thank you for your email. Based on our office policy, I cannot dismiss the charges outside of court. I would be happy to discuss the charges with you on September 12th.


>>> And the ADDITIONAL NOTES I had sent Ben and Alexandria BEFORE I got this response:

Hi Ben:

I DID drop off a copy of my earlier letter today for Pastor Dan Lewis with the recept at First Prez, and had a WONDERFUL, short discussion with her.

One missing link on these local street criminals is the HUGE amount of money that the guy who supported me $700.00 - $1,000.00/ month from late 2012 until two months ago, STOPPING because I kicked the criminal Haston Lavern Caulder II out of my house (and THANK YOU for successfully prosecuting him many times -- if not for his REAL CRIMES, much larger than those he was charged with).

Anyway, Joseph kept insisting I give shelter to not just Haston, but Dustin Goldsmith, and Darrell Neil Brutout -- and before that, Dewain Joseph Hall -- ALL of whom you have successfully prosecuted, but Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr. of 14 West 95th Street, Apt. 5, New York, NY, 10025, Cell: (212) 866-XXXX, sent Haston lots of money, over $7,000.00 one month, although Haston was paid $16.00/hr. no taxes out at the time. He fell in "love" with Haston, and previously Dewain as well. When Dewain got out of jail here the last time (shipped to Brunswick to serve it), he soon was re-addicted to Heroin, and I kicked HIM out when I learned that, but Joseph kept supporting him and Dewain eventually got on a Joseph-paid-bus and went to live with his mother in Kansas, so at least he is GONE FROM TOWN.

I can't believe how gullible and stupid I was for these guys to keep fooling me, but Mr. Faulk was VERY MUCH on their side, and I have been to his apartment in a building that has NOT passed NYC apartment occupancy inspection since 2013, and is now empty of residents except Mr. Faulk and the Landlord, Bruce A. Kapner in Apt. 1. Joseph is a recluse, and has lived there since over 50 years ago (he's 84), under rent controls. He has NO working refrigerator or air conditioning in the top floor, and it looks like a Bag Lady's place, including with mice, etc.

Eventually, I called NYC Adult Protective Services and they said they would interview him to find out if he is incapable of handling his considerable money now -- since he gave so much to criminals here in Wilmington, presumably by being tricked into it. But they only talked to his charming self and pronounced him SANE, and admitted to me they did NOT ask about his money sent to these people (one of the reasons on their website that they can act to protect a person).

He always told me he would NEVER be bothered by THEM, and he also had conversations with my sister Jane and my brother Mike about how to handle me, so I think he might be involved with my mother -- LOVER of Swastikas who set up the Christian Drug Mafia here in Wilmington with Fr. Bob Kus now of St. Mary's, Nixon Aide John Ehrlichman, and PPD in the 1980s and 90s -- and Mom also spoke with Judge Chad Hogston about how to handle me in Court in 2011 during that TRAVESTY of Justice -- and maybe even you.

I just wanted to give you a "Heads Up".

All best,



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