Monday, August 28, 2017

On a Day When the Police Phone-Called Me POLITELY -- I Was OBSESSED with NAZI-Christian Supporting Christine Moughamian, of Both the North Carolina Writers Network and Meet-Up Wilmington!!!

My fourth Kenan cousin Allan Gurganus's book, Broadway play, and Emmy-Award-winning TV movie (1989), was LOOSELY based on my great-grandmother, Juliana Moore, the oldest living Confederate Widow in North Carolina, and my father remembers her killing a rattlesnake with a broomstick at her 100th Birthday Party -- and I've seen PHOTOS of that party, but NOT of that killing or of the victim.

“She spoke as if the future were a hypothetical problem to be solved.” 

― John Edward Williams, Stoner

Christine Moughamian

As everyone SERIOUS knows, one submits to agents and publishers according to THEIR guidelines, and scented, pastel (or perhaps black), or non-standard size paper -- or eccentric fonts or formatting -- gets one IGNORED!!!

And unless you wear safety pins through your lip and earlobe REGULARLY, affected dress (like Christine's rotating cutesy caps/hats), is TOTALLY FROWNED ON!!!

Nevertheless, Christine is a PROVEN, published and excellent writer, and her specific suggestions in critique group are all RIGHT ON!!!

ONE excellent example of Christine's writing is from the November 2015 issue of Salt magazine, go to page 23:

But rather than give Christine my coveted Christian University of North Texas award:

I'm more concerned about the Christian NAZIS that are protected and ENCOURAGED in these meetings -- which have NEVER included a non-white to my knowledge.

Ron Lipsius, who CLAIMED he is "in Kenan Hall", but does NOT teach, so at 73 years of age perhaps he is a JANITOR or similar, NO Ron Lipsius of this area at all on Facebook OR Linked-In -- but Linked-In has a "Ronnie Lipsius" of Wilmington who is a STUDENT at UNC Wilmington -- but for the years 2012 - 2022!!!

And of course NC Writers Network and NC Christian Party member "Peter", the yachtsman -- and possible drug-runner, like Capt. Doug Danielson, who ran the Puerto Vallarta Writers Group the middle of 2010, after Elizabeth Taylor's closest friend since grade school Don Gallery, and before Colin Stuart Hamilton took over. He shows NO LAST NAME -- even when he posted this FAKE NEWS for the NAZI Party USA (Christian Party in its green logo), during the election:


>>> ADDED LATER: I just now finally found Peter elsewhere on the internet -- but STILL no last name!!!:


Capt. Doug Samuelson specialized in running yachts between Puerto Vallarta and the West Coast of the USA, and did not LIKE that I blogged about his running big drugs in 2010, he did not DENY IT -- or harm me.

Much of this refers to my earlier report filed here:

I met Jim Wilson in that group in 2010, he claimed to me that he had for YEARS been the biggest runner of marijuana bales into Oregon (no longer necessary -- HA-HA!!!), and he and his "boob-jiggly" wife, Kimberly (she'd gotten breast implants), took me in for a while while I was homeless, and then despite all his wealth, he not only forced me into selling him something worth $500.00 USD for $50.00, and had a big GOON threaten to break all my limbs -- but I OUT-SMARTED THEM.

Typical result of Meth use on aging woman with breast implants.

And the Wilmington Meet-Up org -- in 2011 -- hosted a group for "Atheists and Agnostics", which I joined, and the leader of that, Han Hills, ended up STEALING my domain for my book's promotion (not the one below), and SCREWING ME in many more ways -- he being a HACKER in concert with the Christian Drug Mafia -- LOL!!!

So I shall see that ALL THESE IDIOTS (that I can find email address for today), get ADDED to my list of over 220 Email Recipients of ALL BLOG POSTINGS, and see if anyone SUES ME IN COURT -- LOL!!!


1. After studying the Drivers Manuel for North Carolina's ROAD SIGNS for 3.5 weeks, and so nervous last night he barely slept, my roommate, "Warden" -- on the DAY his old license expired, TODAY -- went to renew it and JUST LIKE THEY TOLD HIM, there was no TEST, except to check his eyesight, and he PASSED.

I asked just now if it IS HIS BIRTHDAY, and unlike the 43 years of age he told me he was, he turned 54 -- which EXPLAINS why he looks that old -- LOL!!! It finally came OUT!!!

His only goal in life remains to get a job, meet a "pretty girl", marry her, and have at least one child. ASSUMING he could go from poverty to rich-enough-to-get a DECENT WOMAN (of any age), to marry him within two years, he would be 75 years of age and having to deal with at least ONE teenager -- LUCKY HIM!!!

He has little energy now.

2. Benefits Management said that Spectrum Cable is STILL holding all the checks they send for clients' Cable and Internet Services, long enough to charge all of us $9.00 late fees, and REFUSE to deposit them when received. Spectum Cable is ALSO still dragging their feet compensating me for hitting me with this truck while I was in a crosswalk on February 13, 2017, as well:

3. The GOOD NEWS is that I got a print-out of my electric bills, and with this summer being cooler and wetter than the last two, my electric bills for July and August were $89 and $117 last year, but only $80 and $69 this year.

4. A Tropical Depression is expected to pass over Wilmington tomorrow, dumping 10 - 12 inches of rain (last I checked). I DON'T even remember its name, but we are very high in this part of downtown, but low-lying areas will have significant flooding.

5. I am putting off for another day writing my old friend and Political Ally, who TEACHES at UNC Wilmington, and has offices in Kenan Hall (which Ron Lipsius does NOT have, despite his claim that he does)Melody Moezzi:

I believe that is Melody's husband to the right -- and she often blogs about needing BOTH her husbands, this one and her GAY HUSBAND (not a legal arrangement), as well!!!

6. The Police called to ask if I wanted to be OFFICIALLY SERVED for my TRIAL against David Alan Young on September 12, 2017 -- and I said NO, I know about that and NO SENSE TYING UP IMPORTANT LAW ENFORCEMENT RESOURCES!!!

7. And Bob Jones (aka "B. O. Jones"), responded by email to my re-posting about him yesterday -- and I FORGOT to tell him I later ADDED MUCH (images, mostly, so easy to re-visit), after I emailed it out: 

Bob Jones, his one original wife Diane Catrambone, and his daughter Shannon Jones, this year.

Nice to know you read at least some of my postings!!!

I would give the correct URL, but tonight for the FIRST TIME EVER my anti-virus says it is NOT SAFE!!!


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