Wednesday, August 16, 2017

NEWS FLASH: Erin Brockovich to Speak TONIGHT at UNCW Regarding GenX!!! / Jeff Mills of Cape Fear Equality and I Have WORDS!!!

Erin Brockovich, 2017 (from Facebook)

Consumer advocate Erin Brockovich coming to Wilmington to talk GenX

Friday, August 11th 2017, 9:28 pm EDT

"Our first event is Wednesday, August 16, a GenX Forum at the University of North Carolina - Wilmington Campus, Lumina Theater, 6:00 PM -- get there EARLY as you must get a free ticket (there) to get in!!!"

The Wilmington Star News ran a SIMILAR article -- and NO COMMENTS SO FAR -- but this Port City Daily article ALREADY has SIX COMMENTS (and these stories were emailed out to everyone at the SAME TIME)!!!

RALEIGH — Republican state senators announced today their intention to hold hearings on Governor Roy Cooper’s handling of GenX levels in the Cape Fear River.…

Susan Alborell to Jeff Mills
23 hrs
You probly (sic), know all this?

In less than two weeks, millions of Americans will witness day turn to night as the moon blocks out the light from the sun, but there is more to the celestial spectacle…
Jeff Mills The 'shadow bands' are totally (get it) new to me!

22 hrs
Roz Mills does he ever.

Reply21 hrs
Nancy Davis I'll see it on tv!🙃😢😴

Reply9 hrs
Jeff Mills 😍🌔🌗🌘🌚

1 hr
Scott Kenan I just replied extensively to Jeff Mills via private Facebook Message.

1 hr
Scott Kenan Jeff Mills's treatment of me is EXACTLY like Narco-Trafficking Christians treat me, so I will un-friend him, but not block him -- and write a FULL REPORT on my Political Blog that goes direct to 230 Political Contacts including all Politicians and Press in Wilmington, NC, Joe Kennedy III, Sen. Burr and Tillis, etc. 

My father, who always claimed responsibility for putting former Sen. Jesse Helms into power (as well as founding with my mother and Nixon Aide Ehrlichman the Wilmington Christian Drug Mafia), always told me "Religion is just women's way of controlling men and their Power and Money" -- and he was CORRECT!!! 

BTW, my personal friend Randy Jones of The Village People, since I met the whole band in 1981 in Key West and Biker Glenn Hughes: 

Glenn Hughes

 . . . stole my best bartender and they stayed together until Glenn died of lung cancer in 2001

Anyway, half a year ago Randy Jones BLOCKED ME for exposing his very close friend, then 3rd Vice Chair of the New Hanover County Democrats Ryan Lee Burris (also of Cape Fear Equality), for his MAJOR narco-trafficking with Republican disgraced former NC State Senator Thom Goolsby -- AND Mr. Randy Jones then RENEGED and did NOT perform at the Lazy Pirate's (Carolina Beach), annual benefit for Meals on Wheels


The Private Facebook Messaging:

Jeff Mills of Wilmington, North Carolina

Jeff Mills
1 mutual friend: Bubba Dee
Lives in Wilmington, North Carolina

Jeff Mills
Please relax, my friends are just remarking about the eclipse. SATANIC references simply will unsettle my family and friends. Fair enough?
LOL!!! No wonder Trump got elected -- everyone is afraid or everyone else's opinion of them, which I clearly am NOT afraid or -- just ask all the top Politicians in Wilmington. They KNOW me well.

NO, that has NOTHING to do with fairness, but I understand your worry about these things like all humans do, and then decide to summons Courage or not.

WHERE are the Gays in ILM who condemn Gay Leader Ryan Lee Burris who has ADMITTED his narco-trafficking to me??? THAT is where Gay Groups went the last several years -- they were largely taken over by gay Christians Narco-Traffickers, and NON drug-lovers FLED TO SANITY.

Ask TR Nunley.

Closet case D.A. Ben David put me in jail five times for false crimes and I made him ERASE that record. It began when I blogged in 2011 of all the narco-trafficking I saw in Costello's bar, including that by Mr. Burris, who LIBELED me all over Facebook claiming I was not on Psych Meds s prescribed -- which every shrink who's tested me since 2009 says I don't need.

But I did NOT prosecute Ryan Burris and told him it was too MINOR an offense for me to bother with.

Next Monday, I'm prosecuting the man who assaulted me on my birthday outside a restaurant and claimed he is DEMANDED by the bible to kill all Liberals and Faggots like me -- and will do so as soon as he gets his gun.

You didn't wish me luck on that -- you apparently care more about people's opinions of you than you do about crazed Christians promising to shoot down gays in Wilmington, so I don't know what to say in response, but I DO understand (I once had your priorities), and will remember not to upset your Christian Readers on your Facebook threads.

Jeff Mills
Thanks, Scott for explaining. I think we understand each other's frustrations. Best luck.


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