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My Letter Just Emailed to Dr. William J. Barber of the North Carolina NAACP -- and Copied to Gov. Roy Cooper of Our Old North State of Carolina:

Dr. William J. Barber
North Carolina NAACP
P.O. Box 335
Durham, NC 27702

August 8, 2017

Dear Dr. Barber,

I hope you don’t mind my dropping the “Reverend” – I mean no disrespect, but people who claim to be Christians support EVERY VIRTUE and EVERY SIN using the Bible – and the New Testament (even), was used by my White Ancestors to enslave Africans, I being a Kenan of North Carolina, so I think dear ol’ GOD should be left OUT of the discussion of Liberty for All, and we concentrate on the Constitution and Body of Laws.

My full name is Scott David Kenan and I now live in Wilmington, NC in the very SHADOW of Kenan Steeple and “The Six-Foot Kenan Cock” atop First Presbyterian Church where William R. Kenan, Sr. (an Elder there), led the Wilmington Insurrection of 1898 – and THAT’S ALL I need to say about that!!!

Inside Kenan Chapel is a bass relief of the suffering face of Jesus Christ (totally AGAINST Presbyterian Teaching which forbids certain images, like Muslims do not display the face of Muhammed) – THAT in honor of Frank Hawkins Kenan, NC’s TOP WHITE SUPREMACIST of the Twentieth Century (and narco-trafficker – complicit also in the murder of my former employer, playwright Tennessee Williams – just like Jackie Kennedy Onassis warned us would happen at Jean Babette Stein’s party on January 11, 1982).

And I had better tell you that if you googled to see what all I have written about you, you will see that I AGREE with you, but have no idea how a minister (or other), can be “Christian” whilest gluttonous – BUT I have been addicted to nicotine since I was 18 in 1969, so I’d better stop throwing stones, no???

The purpose of this letter is to let you know that I am “working my fanny off” to get the Confederate Memorial and Statues of Wilmington REMOVED to a “Our Racist Past” sort of park – possibly funded by Thomas S. Kenan III and Betty (Price) Kenan, both of whom live in YOUR neck of the woods.

Last night I went to a meeting of Erin Brockovich, two of her compatriots (one of whom lives in our Old North State), and over 300 others about the GenX pollution in Wilmington’s drinking water. Since my focus is elsewhere, I did not there try to meet her, although I had that opportunity – and I just found out from one of that program’s organizers that I have at least one more chance. I want to discuss tactics on FORCING the Confederate Statues issue to City Government or Roy Cooper (or the NC Legislature), to decide.

I did not realize the following happened until AFTER I got home last night -- and I have got this issue by the THROAT (like a snapping-turtle who is DEAF TO THUNDER), and I am afraid of NOTHING!!!

District Attorney Benjamin R. David (also an Elder today of First Presbyterian, which I call the “Kenan Cathedral to White Supremacy and Narco-Trafficking -- and Prostitution”), held me in the County Jail in 2011 and 12, FIVE TIMES on eight separate FALSE CHARGES -- when I was homeless and living under a bridge with real armed and drug-addled criminals – as well as a homeless shelter for a couple of months.

A Republican Judge, Chad Hogston, actually convicted me of “Cyber-Stalking” – AFTER first saying he was IGNORING my First and Second Amendment Rights. You see, I had blogged about all the large and small Narco-Trafficking I had seen in Costello’s (gay) Piano Bar (closing for good after this weekend), then owned by lawyer David Nash, a TOP Member at First Presbyterian – his office right next door to the church.

And later, D.A. Ben David with Lawyer Daliah Saper (also a Talking Head on Fox News, Chicago), and Jamie Lee Sutherland, falsely accused me of LIBEL, then convicted me In Absentia, and STOLE all copyrights to my Memoir, my blogs, and EVERY LETTER and EMAIL I write until I DIE (NAZI GAG ORDER, no???).

Jamie was then an exec of Wells Fargo Advisors in Chicago, the bank that got the LARGEST FINE IN US HISTORY for laundering Drug Money through its Chicago Offices, had not only bragged to me of doing $24 Million/month in Drug Trafficking for Wells Fargo in Puerto Vallarta (where I lived most of 2010 – 2015 in Political Exile with Republican Colin Powell’s people’s help), but Mr. Sutherland had also seen then Illinois State Senator Barack Obama and Rahm Emanuel in his Man’s Country gay baths many times – which I also blogged about.

NO SECRET in most of the world – and certainly not in Wilmington – that Barack and Michelle Obama’s marriage was ARRANGED by Rev. Jesse Jackson, Jr. and Rev. Jeremiah Wright (who was NEVER A MUSLIM as the hateful Republican Christians claimed, but also runs a Call-Boy Service for married black men in High Office).

I salute ALL OF THEM!!! How ELSE would you get a gay mulatto elected President TWICE – and by LARGE MARGINS.

And of course in the last two months, my attorney, Bruce Mason, and the two Magistrates I had to deal with when I charged a guy with a HATE CRIME -- that comes to Court this next Monday, during the Solar Eclipse:, and they ALL told me or agreed that my Republican/Klan-and-Silent-Sam-loving Kenan Family CONTROLS all Republicans as well as Democrats in the State (Dems being less racist and xenophobic).
Think about it. Democratic Party 3rd Vice Chair Ryan Lee Burris (now kicked off for his narco-trafficking), is a CLOSE FRIEND of Gov. Cooper – and Cooper was Attorney General of NC for TEN YEARS before that, and PROTECTED all the Kenans/Christian Churches that Trade in Drugs, Prostitution, etc. – as does Democratic Mayor Bill Saffo for their Christian JESUS!!!
And my Kenan Family made all the dough off it.
Do you SEE why I say that RELIGION must be left OUT of it, Christianity being the Justification for Slavery – and now Drug-Trafficking and Whoring???
Most information you can get from my blog,, where I have gotten more than 1,000,000 registered hits, passing that last Thanksgiving. I email every blog posting to my list of now more than 230 Political Contacts largely in the Press and Law Enforcement.
Before I close, there are three things you should also know:
1.  When Tennessee Williams got his bi-weekly packets from his Agency in NYC – including fan mail – black folk who had never seen his photo ASSUMED he had to be black. He bawled like a baby reading those letters, claiming they meant more to him than his Pulitzer Prizes, and wanted me to be CERTAIN everyone knew that.

2. I really DID promise Jackie Kennedy Onassis that ONE DAY I would get her and JFK’s REVENGE – and I’m making progress FAST, now!!!

3. Also, in this posting of my comments on a Port City Daily’s news story today, they have ERASED my second comment as seen below. BOTH Port City Daily and Wilmington Star News GLORIFY Donald Trump, and his family (Eric and Lara Trump have a major house on Wrightsville Beach), and COVER UP the Narco-Trafficking here of the politicians of both Parties and the Christian Churches and Ministers (originally set up in the 1980s and 90s by my parents with Nixon Aide John Ehrlichman and Father Bob Kus, now of St. Mary’s Catholic three doors from my apartment – as well as PPD Pharmaceuticals, built by the Bush, Cheney, bin Laden, and Saudi Royal Families.

Writer at Self
Everyone defending the RACIST PAST of Wilmington and Christianity here should be put under electronic surveillance IMMEDIATELY as likely TRAITORS. My great-grandfather Murphy Kenan had his big toe shot off defending the South at Malvern Hill in Virginia -- but had bought and immediately FREED two slaves, as he never believed in slavery. 

(These people) THANK GOD that my Kenan Family that put Trump into power (Tillerson a lifelong employee of my family, and Vladimir Putin a TOP Kenan Family Ally), to profit from Russia's Oil and to DESTROY the US Constitution and replace it with Swastikas and Klan Robes, like nearly ALL the people commenting on this thread SUPPORT for JESUS CHRIST THEIR DEVIL-LORD!!! 

I AGREE that the law-breakers who did this should be apprehended and punished. Their REMOVAL needs to be done by act of City Council. Perhaps the Kenan Family will fund a nice park for these statues -- elsewhere.
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Scott Kenan, you speak as someone who is filled with anger and hatred at a past you can not physically erase. You can change your hair or your physical outward appearance, but you can not change history. You need mental health intervention so you can come to find peace with your inner devils that plague you. In the mean time, leave the rest of us out of it.
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Writer at Self

Helen Barnhill Chiverton: WHAT Devil do YOU worship??? I checked your profile and you have NO LOCATION, NO FACEBOOK FRIENDS, Age, etc. Fewer than HALF the people commenting on this thread are actually from Wilmingon -- the others have no actual RIGHT to discuss for consideration what Wilmingtonians decide about our statues. 

Now, had you searched my Facebook Profile, like I have yours, you would know I work DIRECTLY with Congressman Joe Kennedy III of MA -- I having known most of JFK's family, Jackie Onassis even better, and Ronald and Nancy Reagan -- as well as with Senators Burr and Tillis.

D.A. Ben David, a LEADING WHITE SUPPREMACIST and NARCO-TRAFFICKER (and Elder at First Presbyterian, where THEN Elder William R. Kenan, SENIOR, LED the 1898 Wilmington Insurrection). You or anyone is ALLOWED TO LOVE murdering Jesus-and-God-Haters who are FAKE CHRISTIANS (God is Love, from John in his Gospel) -- but to YOU PEOPLE God is only hate and drug addiction, which INVARIABLY leads to prostitution and desparate addiction. Pity.
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Please save our statues...

* * *

This letter will appear on my blog here:, after I email it to you and Gov. Cooper.

May the Peace of the Christ and the Buddha (and Krishna, etc. -- and even nothingness), remain with you all your days.

Scott D. Kenan

Cell: (910) 200-XXXX

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Sandra Beckham
“This is why they started us here so young: to give ourselves away before the age when the questions 'why' and 'to what' grow real beaks and claws.”

― David Foster Wallace, Infinite Jest


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