Monday, August 7, 2017

HUGE Continuing Problems with My AOL Email (CIA, NSA, or Russian/Tillerson/Kenan/Trump Hackers???)!!!

“We are unhappy because we think that love is something we require from someone else.”

― Arthur Japin, In Lucia's Eyes

The first thing this morning, I went to my dentist who after an hour+ of fittings, sent my lower denture to the lab for re-lining WITH the sockets, so that when I get it back tomorrow afternoon, it will SNAP into place and all work will be completed except a check-up on it in a couple of weeks.

And this is why I didn't check to see WHICH Wilmington, NC civic meeting is tonight. I need to begin attending and participating, but did NOT want to do it without my lower denture -- ONLY because while I can still talk well enough, without the lower, my upper slips like CRAZY, and if I get into talking and I accidentally spit out that upper, it would LIKELY hit a Republican or a Christian on the noggin, and they would have me ARRESTED FOR ASSAULT with a WEAPONIZED DENTURE!!!

I ALSO decided against writing my Congressman, Republican David Rouzer today, and delivering it to his Wilmington office -- which I knew he would visit today as he was having a closed-to-the-public meeting with Mayor Saffo and other local officials where Press is allowed, but I DOUBT they would let me in as a blogger -- because they know I am HONEST -- even though legally that means Press, not only because of the possible threat of a projectile denture, but because I don't have enough ink in my printer cartridge to print a full page, and I DO wax voluminous.

I am THRILLED that overnight and continuing today, so many people (and TONS more than usual from foreign countries -- not just a surge in the USA). have tuned into my last posting: And I'm GLAD that I am able to PROVE IN COURT such a widening circle of influential people have read the claims of this blog.

And what a SURPRISE it was to see that I could easily connect with the Military Freedom of Religion Foundation, and Secretary of State Colin Powell's Chief of Staff -- since Gen. Powell's Chief Protocol Officer Dottie Newman was such a close and good friend -- saving my life, by helping me understand WHO was trying to commit me, and since they could NOT, then planned to murder me (which so far they have been unable to do). 

And, as seems just part of life, I got ANOTHER once-yearly charge I had to pay -- $60.00 for a year of using my GoDaddy/MS Outlook email. 

So, since Joseph Faulk cut me off COLD of financial support at $1,000.00/month (reduced to $700.00 for 2017 only, due to paying the dental bills), for kicking a criminal (Haston Lavern Caulder), he was in love with out of my apartment, I have had to face MANY once-per-year charges, and NOW, I've had to finance $1,200.00 for 12 months to the exterminator of BED BUGS (brought in by homeless guys I tried to help, but they were criminals I had to expel), and additional charges of the dentist and medical bills from the Spectrum Cable truck hitting me, at $25.00 each per month.

I got a roommate, who is NOT even as mentally competent as Todd Zola, who is Mayor Saffo's ONE challenger this fall:

But I'm only charging him $400.00/month -- including all utilities -- when $650.00/month would be fair for that, BECAUSE he's a quiet guy who is NO TROUBLE and does not hang out with troublemakers (or ANYONE, actually), and hopes to get a job, meet a pretty girl (not an alcoholic or drug addict -- which is almost IMPOSSIBLE to find without a LOT of money in Wilmington, which he is WELL AWARE OF), marry her and have at least one child. He is 43 years old -- so far.

Since moving in, he's gotten signed up for rather minimal Food Stamps, a Trump Phone (yes, the old Obama Phones, flat, small as they came -- and calls and text only -- are replaced by SMART PHONES with full internet, aps, etc. -- WHAT A SURPRISE!!!). And he got a North Carolina Driver's Manuel, saying he always needs to study-up for at least two weeks before passing the written test to renew his licence -- although he hasn't driven in some years.

There is NOWHERE, except a Crack House, where he could continue paying the $450.00/month he had been paying, and those people EAT folks like "Warden" for breakfast, so I decided to take on a semi-dependent -- which is GOOD MOTIVATION to expand my income-generating activities.

I had ANOTHER excellent phone call with Mom, who does NOT read this blog, but knows my "point of view". We are having so much fun talking the last few times, we are talking of my driving up for a visit, as soon as I can afford the 2/3 tank of gas -- even if she does NOT slip me a twenty, as she usually does. She misses her Scott-made sweet tea.

And after the dental appointment, I went next door to Dr. Bridger's office, and learned that one of his assistants not only has already put into motion steps to get my records having to do with the Spectrum truck hitting me, to lawyer Brian Williams in Raleigh, but said they had reconfigured Epic Systems and NO ONE can access what they need, and people are re-positioned (and also the records), into different of their many locations in the NHRMC System, and ALL OF THEM are pulling their hair out trying to access what they need.

But she gave me the name and phone number of the person who CAN take care of all of that, which I promptly emailed to lawyer Williams, and he has ALREADY thanked me for that!!!

My brother Michael William Kenan's family at Taylor Ann Kenan's 2016 UNC Chapel Hill graduation: Connor Michael, Maxwell Andrew, Taylor, Mike, and Gail Ann (Godley) Kenan.

My nephew, Connor Michael Kenan, on far left here, an earlier UNC grad, made a TON of money selling Epic Systems, and now is a high-paid consultant on Epic Systems (through a separate company). My high school girlfriend, a former Prosecutor, practicing Physician, former installer of Epic Systems on major hospital chains, and now a top consultant on Privacy of Online Medical Records, told me recently that Epic Systems is such a HUGE DISASTER, now, that Connor could become a GAZILLIONAIRE (if he plays his cards right)!!!

The WEIRD thing is that I don't believe ANY of those Kenans know the FIRST THING about Kenan History, and NONE of them own a copy of the family genealogy, or EVER had a thing to do with a Kenan Org, including even ASKING at the Kenan Center what they do.

MY fave org, which I've been to a meeting of, interacted with MANY of them, and even sent a donation to while I had some money to spare:

This is the GRANDDADDY of Kenan Educational Trusts:

And this one, I know little about, is HUGE IN ASIA!!!:

But SADLY, the Kenan Family put Donald Trump into power -- to DESTROY DEMOCRACY, so Kenans can MAKE MORE MONEY!!!

I ALSO learned from my dentist that his emails to me at my correct email address come back "UNKNOWN ADDRESS", as have emails to me from others, and the last 1.5 days, AOL shows I have an email that it will NOT SHOW in my list so I can open it. This has happened several times, and OTHER emails from people who USUALLY get them through, are more and more sent to SPAM -- especially any having to do with bills, Joseph Faulk's recent donation to cover my August meds, etc.

And if I send from my OTHER email address, AOL BLOCKS all emails that criticize Christians or Christian Churches, significantly, preventing them from going to ANY of my eight or so AOL-addressed friends.

Now, I'm GLAD I mentioned some of what Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr. has tried to do (advice guaranteed to get me killed), to Mr. Weinstein, and others, of the Military Freedom of Religion Foundation -- and especially Col. Lawrence Wilkerson who works with people of the caliber of Colin Powell!!! While I have no plans to commit Joseph, sue him for Palimony (VERY easy), or have him prosecuted for his many crimes that I can prove . . . 

If they were NOT CRIMES, Joseph would explain WHY they are not, but he REFUSES to do so.

I really think he is an IMPORTANT PART of a major criminal organization that is tied to my mother and brother, BOTH of whom he claims to have been in communication with, but if the US Government wants to go after Joseph, I just want to document his crimes well, NOT urge his prosecution -- he was UNABLE to harm me, except psychologically, and I've RECOVERED FROM THAT!!!

I WILL include those two in emailing this posting so they have that CLEARLY from me.

And today, I joined a Wilmington Writers Group, signing up for two meetings this coming weekend. THIS should help me begin to get back to writing BOOKS (and perhaps help me sell my memoir of working for Tennessee Williams to the movies).

Here is my "mini-profile" that used every character I was allowed:

"A Yankee-born and educated NC Kenan who inherited no money, yet knows my conservative/Trump-loving relatives -- but am Progressive. Worked for Tennessee Williams, currently a political blogger, getting back to writing non-fiction books. TRUTH is King!!!"

And in one, I will be expected to READ, so I will take my old chapter three, which meets the length requirement:


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