Sunday, August 20, 2017

After a "Kure" of a Beach (so I'm rested and fresh for Court tomorrow mornin') . . .

Kure (KYOOR-ee) Beach today -- looking left.

And looking right.

LOOK -- it's Freddy Mercury singing OPERA!!!:

Click the following for your Audio/Video Pleasure

Freddy has sent a message that he wants everyone to have a "Barcelona" Life -- and the song is sung in English, so you find out what that means. From "Made in Heaven" productions.

So, there was no sexual adventure, frustrating as usual -- or consummated-for-a-change -- and I only told ONE guy he was "hot as hell", a 6' 5" 24 year old black guy (while his girlfriend was momentarily out of earshot). He loved it and high-fived me.

But I had one straight couple behind me to the right, and four straight couples behind me to the left. All between 38 and 65, and I had a LOT of fun with both bunches talking Politics and Religion. The point was that we were ALL so comfortable together -- and perhaps I DID tell one wife that the reason I wasn't stealing her husband was that I was NO WAY getting into a fight with a woman like her.

Hell, at OUR AGE, ANY kind of compliment is welcome!!!

I'll just mention in passing that NO ONE responded to my appeal for help with my heart medication for attrib, so I'm still short the $95.00 I need for that, but can afford my other meds. You can still send a few bucks to me via, then find my account using my email Thanks!!!

The biggest thing I want to say before the court hearing tomorrow is that -- and I know I will not work with D.A. Ben David, himself, but might see him -- is that of ALL the people I have "battled" these many years (outside my family), I not only have the most respect for Ben David, but I actually think I LIKE him -- and the crush I on-and-off have for him is a "GRUDGE CRUSH", rather than a true Lust Crush, and in it, my fantasy is that he makes me his SLAVE and I do his every bidding for our mutual pleasure.

OK, I just found the ONLY MEME I've ever made (in 2011) -- the others I find on Facebook and the internet(s). But TODAY, the roles are REVERSED as the young handsome District Attorney is after Goliath Scott Kenan!!!

Oh WAIT!!! -- the Prosecutorial side is the same as mine . . . 

The fact is that Ben David and I have crossed paths at least five times since I returned from Mexico, once with his wife and family, once with just his wife, and three times when he was with significantly important legal, law enforcement, or courts officials, and I NEVER put him on the spot once -- we have had some good laughs as well.

I'm entirely certain that Ben David respects me -- now, anyway -- and I'm sure he regrets some of his actions toward me in the past of a few years ago. Whether that is because he's actually changed in his associations in parallel with a change of heart and action -- or if he just learned I'm not one to tangle with and that I won't give up -- and he's smart as a WHIP!!!

IF Ben has "improved", we'll see a quickening of prosecutions of the local "Drug Mafia Types", and a separation of Narco-Trafficking from Wilmington's Politicians and Christian Churches.

And while I'm GLAD that Judge Russell Davis presides tomorrow, even if it was one of those who violated my rights between early 2011 and fall 2015, I've seen so much improvement in both the Courts and the City in general since first arriving late 12/30/2010, I'd trust them all to follow the Oaths they took, and the Constitution and Laws of our country and our "Old North State".

Now this is as mild as the spicy cheese sample I got at Lowe's Foods when I stopped on the way home from Kure Beach for just some beer and butter (don't ask -- your fantasies are far more exciting than the reality here right now -- LOL!!!). But I'm going to post it anyway:

This isn't NEW NEWS, but I think it's funny that Donald and Melania Trump can't handle this event AT ALL:
LOL!!! Of the five honorees this year, four are clearly NON-WHITE and the other, Norman Lear, is a JEW!!!

President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump will not attend the annual Kennedy Center Honors in December, the White House announced Saturday morning.

Hell, I got TWO CHAPTERS out of the Kennedy Center Honors 1981 -- and the accompanying of Tennessee Williams to several events surrounding that, meeting LOTS of celebrating and celebrated people, and even talking with Ronald and Nancy Reagan in the White House. 

Here was what we looked like, Tennessee was 71 and I was 30 then:



  1. You are da man! YOU are Shitty as a WHIP! Does that make sense? LOL

  2. Yes, of course it makes sense. I had to crawl out of the sanitary sewer that I'd had NO IDEA why I'd been thrown in -- a sewer of all the Political and Religious types in Wilmington -- by teaching them who's smarter and craftier. And I may have picked up some "objectionable matter" along the way.

  3. I heard it's pronounced "CURE-EE?"

    Any local KUREANS know?

  4. I am a TRUE GRAMMAR NAZI and your first sentence is a statement requiring a period -- it is not a question.

    We'll see . . .