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AFTER Being Invited to Join a Metaphysical Church in Wilmington, and SO MANY Thanking Me on the Streets for EXPOSING KENAN CRIMES, yesterday!!!

Mom at the HEIGHT of her NAZI POWER in 2008 in the RV we rented for Dad's 90th birthday.

First two other items:

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Danny Banks I wondered when all that started, "What about the pigeons, no one seemed concerned about them!"

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Ron Alsup I'd like to know when did statues become "racist".

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Graham Kitchens 1) When they celebrate enemy combatants who fought for the right to own black people as slaves
2) When many of them were erected during the Civil Rights movement as a response to integration

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Gail Riddick Sheffer Graham Kitchens The statues are not racist, but the people who want them removed. People NOT statues. lol

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Ron Alsup Who were "enemy combatants"? The North or the South since slaves were owned on both sides.

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Graham Kitchens Union soldiers were American, Confederate soldiers weren't. You do the math.

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Scott Kenan Ron Alsup and Gail Riddick Sheffer MIGHT have completed high school, but never had a college English class or read many books outside The Bible, so are UNFAMILIAR with the proper use of the language (including obvious "literary devices" educated people use). 

Since they are AGGRESSIVE (and I've noticed Mr. Alsop elsewhere on the internet and have already put him under Justice Department electronic surveillance), we can only say this to them: 

And my blog:

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Ron Alsup Graham Kitchens Confederate soldiers weren't America? Then why are they classified under federal law as U S veterans?

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Scott Kenan Ron Alsup: So What??? NO soldier was "America" -- although solders of the US Army are/were Americans!!! Stick it where it don't shine and HAVE SOME FUN!!!

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Graham Kitchens c) a racist pigeon

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My heart goes out to this young man's family (although I never knew him), not only for their loss but for the honesty of this obituary

We the Citizens of Wilmington must come together and HEAL our City of the scourge of ALL the highly-addictive drugs. My own family was instrumental in setting up the narco-trafficking here, and while I did NOT participate in that, I work hard to expose the crimes of my Kenan Family, so instrumental to the development of Wilmington and North Carolina -- and UNC.

Ronald Edwin “Lil Ronnie” Long was born Feb. 12, 1976, the firstborn son of Ronald E. and Nancy H. Long. Lil Ronnie passed away Wednesday, Aug. 23, 2017. He was preceded in death by a son, Ronald…

Getting to the ROOT of all our family troubles -- HA!!!

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Mike (and I'm copying others in the family and the Press -- and then will publish this on my blog, but NOT my email to Joseph which is attached and which he has NOT answered):

First of all, THANKS for sending the $100.00 so I can buy ALL my meds later today. It cleared this morning.

In a separate matter, I was greatly disturbed all day yesterday and barely slept last night, then called Mom this morning and made a proposal -- that she change her will so that whatever she leaves me, she leaves directly to me. My concern is that Mike, who is to dole my money to me as he sees fit, showed no empathy to my situation. He should have known I was victim of a Hate Crime on my birthday, and am taking the Perpetrator to Court on Sept. 12, and said nothing about that, and also (according to Mom), had said he would pay if I sent him the BILL -- as if he thought I had some kind of credit account or card to CHARGE -- LOL!!!

And when Mom told me a few days ago that she set up Mike to control the 1/4 she is leaving me, I was FINE with that, as Mike never aggressively tried to harm me, but then it also seemed he did NOT understand my situation and "talk is cheap" as they say. This is NOT Mike's decision, and today, Mom said that Mike had said he would just give it all to me, (which he might not feel at the time), so no reason not to change her will now. She has REFUSED to do so and hung up on me.

I want to preface the next with the fact that I've always believed that the three of you have been under the "NAZI Mind-Control" of Mom to varying degrees (as I was too for many years -- and that NEVER is accepted as a Legal Excuse in Court), and to a certain extent blame NONE of you, but Jane and Julie placed two of the calls to Stone Mountain Police claiming I was in danger of committing suicide when I was VERY far from that and left the cops laughing when they left my house (Jane has admitted to that, and Julie denies it -- if I prosecute under Federal Law about that the Police have their call logs, and told me that a "Julie Duffy" had made that last call).

And again, NONE of you including Mom have shown a BIT of empathy (like Donald Trump has shown none toward those suffering in Houston), over my five poisonings, so you are ALL of the same type mind as Mr. Trump. 

In Mom's defense, she HAS expressed empathy to me about this Hate Crime that soon goes to Court. It might seem odd to you that I continue to discuss the things I can prove in Court that you would rather not think about -- five times being held by Drug Mafia in Mexico, the several times I was beat up by Drug Mafia there, two of them taking as long to heal as my being hit by the Spectrum Cable truck in a crosswalk and thrown 12 feet this past February -- and of course my five jailings in Wilmington and two nut-house commitments. ALL of those because Mom discussed with the D.A. and at least one judge that I am BIPOLAR, which every one of you know my own shrink of eight years said in 2009 she'd never seen a BIT of that in me and took me OFF Lithium Carbonate -- a drug that no other country allows to be used more than a month or so, including Mexico.

And Mom killed Uncle Bob with DOUBLE STRENGTH Lithium Carbonate which gave him "chemically induced Diabetes" -- because Bob allowed Jan to marry the Jew Kim Opperman, as well as the fact that Bob told me TWICE he was actually GAY. Dad called me TWICE the second time they lived in West Chester, PA asking me for Gay Bar recommendations in Philadelphia, so I told him one that was friendly to older gays.

Well, if you have followed my blog the last week or so, you know I am going to try to DISMISS the charges against David Alan Young. He had his opportunity to plead guilty or go to Negotiation, but he REJECTED my offer that we stay away from each other and he pay me a small $2,000.00 compensation (he has a VERY prosperous business, so that would not hurt him). 

For two months I stayed mostly in my apartment, completely believing him that he would hunt me down -- he behaving EXACTLY like the Christian CIA Drug Mafia that beat me so bad protecting their Church-based narcotic trade. He might not be "repentant", but he already paid his lawyer over $2,000.00, and has had some "inconvenience" over it, so I believe he has learned to keep his Christian Hatred away from me.

And I prefer to let our OWN past just remain that. BUT, I explained to Mom that if she does NOT change her will (to disown me is also OK), I WILL prosecute at least Jane and Julie in Federal Courts (interstate-communicated lies make it Federal instead of State). And if you read my blog you know that it was Geraldine "Gerry" Flynn of Pentagon Publishing who told me that Patrick WITH MY FAMILY planned to kill me because you all could not COMMIT ME, and that is when Colin Powell's people got me OUT of the USA. 

Andrea Opperman actually STOOD UP FOR ME to Patrick back then -- the ONLY help I ever had from family through this all. I just found her and Ian's email addresses which I hope still work.

As you all know, when Dad spent half a year in my Stone Mountain house in 1990, he became BEST FRIENDS with Lee Gosney of Pentagon Publishing, Lee being who set up the Drug deals with Politicians and Christian Churches and Clergy from Maine to Florida, but especially in Atlanta and Wilmington, NC (and Dad ADMITTED to me many of his and Mom's crimes when I spoke with him from Mexico by phone and Mom was not in earshot). 

My friend Evan Fish, who had been the second biggest Cocaine Distributor in Maine before moving to Wilmington to get OUT of that, got all his cocaine from Lee Gosney and knew him well and that Lee supplied the churches and clergy of Wilmington. 

Wilmington Police FORCED Evan to jump to his death on Sept. 5, 2011, and the Sheriff's Deputies and Negotiator also on the scene CONFIRMED THIS.

There has been ENOUGH killing here in Wilmington and other places due to Mom's love of her Catholic Swastikas, and while I went into NONE of this with her today, she TWISTED my words about Mike's sending me $100.00 into my using it as an excuse to try to put at least Jane and Julie into Federal Prison, when I told her it had NOTHING TO DO with what Mike just sent me. She got huffy and then hung up on me, but if she does NOT change her will within the next month, I WILL pursue charging as many in our family as possible with Felonies.

So think about it and speak with her, if you have the courage.


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Hi Joseph . . . 

The military’s transgender troops will be able to continue serving while Secretary of Defense James Mattis hears recommendations from experts.


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