Sunday, August 27, 2017

A Republishment: An Exchange with My Then Recently Found Old Friend, Bob Jones, Whom I Refer to as "B.O. Jones". This EXACTLY Four Years Ago -- TODAY!!!:

"Mr. BO Jones" SLINGS IT BACK!!! (you would THINK I could remember old friends' names CORRECTLY -- but NO!!!)

Top result of image-googling "BO Jones" . If this is NOT the correct likenessMr. Jones may PETITION US to change it.


1. B.O. and I talked for thirty minutes earlier today -- and 42 minutes, just a short time ago.

We said NOTHING.

(I was just hoping our conversation could have been in ODORAMA):

Me meeting John Waters in New Orleans in March 2015, was akin to a DISASTER -- especially since the brother of my employer 1987 - 1990, Stanley Buchthal, produced his 1988 Hairspray!!!

Lawrence Buchthal (2016 from Facebook), was my employer at Mama Mia's Pasta & Pizza, then on Main Street of Stone Mountain.

(A FEW things have been added to the Original Posting.)

So given my lack of energy and current lack of "man-oxygen", I will paste in BO's comments verbatim, after letting you know the MOST IMPORTANT THING he did or did not say (he said it!!!):

"What I remember, is that you always called your parents "NAZI's" , and when I -- or I and others -- came to pick you up, you'd close the front door DEFINITIVELY, fold up into the front passenger seat, heave a big sigh and say 'Make tracks, BO, the NAZIs are WILD today!!!' "

(I was Southerneven then.)

(I swear to God this is the gist if not the EXACT words he said -- and I don't remember AT ALL calling my family "NAZI" back then -- although we DID definitely use the china with the small pastel subliminal-swastikas back then.)

And CLEARLY I have made a lot of ERRORS in this blog (which I simply cannot face correcting until the morrow).


>>> FROM MR. BO JONES (verbatim):

BO Jones 
6:56 PM (1 hour ago)
to me 
Does anyone want their life threatened to be destroyed? I don't. So I respond on another's timetable, not my own.

I waited, because I wanted to put down something more exciting than the life I lead, but there's just the normal day to day stuff. I knew also that if I made shit up, Scott, you'd call me on it, so why bother.

What strikes me as peculiar, is that of the many people I have known over the years, I count you as one of my closest during the teen years we were together, yet in order to get me to respond, you use the cudgel instead of the tide. I was figuring out how to respond to the Scott Kenan of 30 years later. (Kindly SHRINKAGE, this!!! I just calculated the CORRECT number: 45.)

I live the normal life, one kid, a marriage of 30 + yrs a lawn to be cut a mortgage to be paid. I take a vacation each year and am a couple of years for retirement. Ho Hum. It's the life I like.

Here's the stick. Those people that I count as friends, I always count as friends. The Kerry Glatts and Scott Kenan's of the world, I cling to and there's never a thought of abandonment. If they need time I give it, If I need time I expect it.

The Scott Kenan I know is obsessed with truth. I would have him no other way. He would never need to lash out, I am shelter to his storm fat and bald as I am, but on my own time.

By the way, a number of your issuances are false and true.

I will talk to soon

BO Jones

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