Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Tori Jones Takes a STAND in Wilmington, NC / MORE "Auto Bingo" at Gold Walker Properties / Kenan Fountain CLOBBERED -- Overnight!!!

Well, TOO BAD it isn't. Kool Kats would FIRST push Fox News Addicts into the ABYSS -- LOL!!!

Fox News TOP STORIES, just now.

1. Yawn. Is this the BEST they can do???

2. It doesn't take an ATHEIST to know this -- LOL!!!


4. Never mind Russian Hacking, Paralyzed Congress, or Fart-Tweeting President.

5. If I were Charlie Gard, I would PAY ATTENTION to the UK Doctors, who say no WAY can I take a long flight WITHOUT losing my life.

That said, considering that he's all but totally BRAIN DEAD, it would be an Act of Mercy for him to die within a few hours, rather than hang on longer in the hospital, his parents -- and INVERT CHRISTIANS -- now having LOST THEIR MINDS over it, if not THEIR brains.

So this morning, I was PLEASED to see that while my latest posting of very LATE last night had gotten TONS of hits: http://theweathercontinues.blogspot.com/2017/07/i-decided-to-contact-sen-thom-tillis.html.

BETTER is that THIS one has gone virtually VIRALhttp://theweathercontinues.blogspot.com/2017/07/my-letter-emailed-tonight-to-be-snail.html.

And THIS one, is right behind ithttp://theweathercontinues.blogspot.com/2017/07/added-material-for-rep-joseph-p-kennedy.html

But when I tried to open my GoDaddy/MS Outlook email, my computer FROZE from hackers and I had to FORCE IT OFF to clear the hacking

HOW MUCH LONGER will I have to PUT UP WITH these Hackers???

Tori Jones bows out of City Council race, cites need for racial diversity

Tori Jones has decided not to run for City Council, citing the limited number of open seats for African American candidates. (Port City Daily photo / COURTESY OF TORI JONES)

“We now have two incumbents running, with three seats up for election.  On Friday we saw some excellent African-American candidates officially enter the race. I feel strongly that the makeup of the council should reflect the population of the city it serves. As such, campaigning against these qualified candidates would be contrary to my beliefs, Jones said.


I completely appreciate this, but the WAY the INVERT-CHRISTIAN DRUG MAFIA work things, with the assumption that the two incumbents running this year will WIN, and this leaves THREE Black candidates and one White for one opening. The blacks will SPLIT the vote of those NOT voting to have WHITE CONTROL, and the "Tightly-Whitey" (who might actually be a good candidate -- I haven't researched enough yet to know), will WIN.

Then again, the two incumbents might LOSE, the citizenry FED UP with the Drug-Besotted STATUS QUO!!!

Derrick Anderson · 

This is just the type of person we need!
LikeReply515 hrs

A NEW North Carolina Courts Schedule was just posted, and although many scheduled as late as September 22 for trial ARE posted, my charge of Communicating Threats against David Alan Young, scheduled for August 21, is STILL NOT POSTED!!!

WHAT is up with THAT???

David Alan Young

I have been trying every hour or two since Sunday morning to reach Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr., in NYC, with NO LUCK. I'm NOT still trying to get him psychologically examined -- or planning to report his irrational MEGA SUPPORT of Christian Drug Mafiosa Haston Lavern Caulder here in Wilmington -- since he's STOPPED that support. Also, the Agency there, has been PHONE-SEDUCED by Joseph into thinking he's the NICEST guy in the WORLD -- but they still have not met (that I know of).

So I called Mom in Raleigh, telling her I'm AFRAID he's really gotten DEPRESSED (which he IS prone to, but not to suicidal, before), and decided to call the Agent in charge of evaluating him tomorrow (her office day), and after finding out anything I can from HER, decide if I need to call "911" for an INTERVENTION.

Flaming Amy's Burrito Barn, http://flamingamysburritobarn.com/, PROMOTES Alcohol- and Drug-Addled drivers hitting my Kenan Family's Fountain at Fifth and Market.

The image is of one of their T-Shirts.

This is EXACTLY what happened overnight, last night, knocking over and apart that stone balustrade seen to the back and far right, here.



This morning, it was clear that Denise Wood (who has been having LOUD "soap-opera style" phone calls from dawn to bed-time -- when she is here -- they BLEEDING through her closed apartment doors), is STILL driving the silver, hot-male-Latino styled pick-up truck, but I thought I saw landlady Gold Walker's silver, luxury Volkswagen station wagon parked pointing out in the drive between her two properties on this side of the street.

As I went out to my own car to run an errand, I saw that is a silver MERCEDES station wagon, and the plate on front showed it was from COLORADO -- Hmmm, INTERESTING -- but thought little else of it, someone from out of state is visiting one of her tenants.

But when I RETURNED, I saw Gold's maintenance man get into it, and I I saw HIM drive off, it is clearly marked on the side as belonging to Gold's son, Allen Walker's WALKER WORLD, and then the BACK PLATE is from TENNESSEE!!!

Gold had already told me that both Allen and maintenance man Thomas register their cars in Tennessee (where they have UPS boxes, like I have used for a "legal address" while homeless here), because the Registration is CHEAPER, and there is NO INSPECTION of vehicles.

ALSO, Readers will recall that Gold Walker told me months ago that Thomas has worked for her for many, many years, and while she always gives him a form 1099-MISC rather than have him on the books as an employee -- although he's ALWAYS worked 40 hours or more -- Thomas has NEVER paid Income Tax, Social Security or Disability Tax, and she WORRIES that now that he's in his mid-60s that he will get NO BENEFITS for retirement, or medical care if he is hurt.

So Thomas is now driving Allen's silver car, and Denise is driving Antonio's silver truck.

Is there MEANING in that they are both SILVER -- LOL!!!

I have NO UPDATE on the street and cops rumor that the FEDS are investigating Walker World.


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