Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Quick TAKE-DOWN of Yet ANOTHER Brain-Dead Denizen of -- Mercy ME!!!

This began just YESTERDAY -- LOL!!! And look what a FOOL he exposed himself to be:

You don't have to be an ACTOR to be a WASTE RECEPTACLE -- LOL!!!

HimHello Scott, wow you are a handsome man with an engaged mind!!! Glad I came across your profile and hope to hear from you!!! Bryan

Hi Bryan -- I guess I'd better tell you right off the bat that I smoke cigs and would smoke pot occasionally, but my neighbors who used to sell it to me are afraid to now -- since they found out I've been working with both the US Justice and State Departments to expose the crimes of my Kenan side of my family -- co-founded UNC, control Exxon-Mobil, Bank of America, Coca-Cola, the Klan, Episcopal Church, most Republicans and the Clinton Democrats, and narco-traffic with all of them, including with President Pena Nieto of Mexico, put in power by our top exec, Rex Tillerson, Hillary Clinton State Department and the CIA. Kenans put Trump into power to profit from Kenan-ally Putin's oil. 

And NOBODY cares about pot -- a medicinal herb. 

And on my Mom's side, we had Swastika's on our dinner plates growing up, my parents were best friends with Nixon Aide John Ehrlichman, Coach Lou Holtz, Newt Gingrich, Sean Hannity, and Mom got her orders direct from Catholic Popes, Francis had Mom work with John Boehner to shut US Government about 3.5 years ago, and then decide how to re-open it. My Mom was responsible for putting Mike Pence in line to take over for Trump, the JOKE that isn't easy to remove, frustrating pope Francis. Pence is NOTHING but Catholic Swastikas!!! 

I on my own worked for Tennessee Williams and knew all the Kennedys, Reagans, and later Frank Sinatra's heirs who sold my rich relatives control of their Bank of America to Kenan-owned NationsBank. 

It's been a WILD RIDE, to say the least, but I'm a published writer and will make a fortune off my story of the true backstory of American Politics when things calm back down. 

Here is my Political Blog that gets tons of hits, if you care to have some irreverent -- but Patriotic -- fun: 


Hello Scott, that is quite a response to my message!! WOW - you and your family know a number of dignitaries!! You sound like quite an interesting person and I would certainly enjoy meeting you when I am down in the Wilmington, NC area. Kind regards, Bryan 

Forget it asshole!!! DIGNITARIES??? What cheap values you have to think that they are higher or lower than drug-addicted street people -- because of "pedigree". Some are GREAT, while most Republicans and Clinton-Democrats in power are trying to FUCK the US Constitution like Christians live to do for Jesus. 

You didn't even read a BIT of my blog and don't give a SHIT that my Kenan Family, and both the Clinton Democrats and Republican Party have been trying to kill me, most recently by hitting me with a Spectrum Cable truck, knocking me 12 feet from a crosswalk 2/13/17. 

Fuck yourself with a Jesus statue and then see my boyfriend from 1973, Bert Bennett III, a psychologist in Winston-Salem -- or at least buy his family's Quality Oil Shell gasoline. Or smoke the Reynolds's Family's cancer sticks -- I've been a guest in their manor home, too (1973), and the 20 year old son's massive suite was full of high naked boys having an orgy while parents downstairs had no clue -- HA!!! As you should know, the Duke Family that INVENTED machine-made cigs are the TOP ALLIES of the NC Kenans. 

You are a TURD!!! Feed someone's garden. You didn't even look at my blog and you just saw CELEBRITY, like a cheap-value FAGGOT


"Turds in Hell" -- a play by Robert Ludlam of the Ridiculous Theatre that Tennessee Williams and I saw in 1981, is reported on in my memoir, here


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