Friday, June 30, 2017

Scott Kenan Declares WAR on Sheriff Ed McMahon / Plastic Butterfly (a symbol of imminent death from NAZI concentration camps), Found Placed on My Porch Today / Christian Marriage Roulette Continues in Wilmington!!!

Sheriff Ed McMahon takes his first Oath of Office in 2009, administered by Democratic Judge Robin Robinson, who had previously been partner in Ryals, Robinson & Saffo, P.C., Attorneys at Law, partnered with Narco-Trafficking Mayor Bill Saffo's brother -- LOL!!!

Readers of this blog know that it was Judge Robin Robinson, a PROFESSING CHRISTIAN, who AGGRESSIVELY greeted me in her Judge's Robe outside third-floor Courtrooms in 2015 -- soon after I returned from Mexico and Political Exile by Colin Powell's people's help -- to THANK ME for returning to Wilmington to FIND AND REPORT CORRUPTION

Then, at the fall 2015 Democratic Party Unity Dinner, where I had had a LONG conversation outside with Sheriff Ed McMahon -- partly also with Pastor Robert L. Campbell of New Beginnings Christian Church (see: before Campbell DUCKED into a secret back room at the Democratic Party Dinner), I got a HUG from Robin Robinson -- and Mayor Bill Saffo mysteriously DID NOT SHOW -- later found because he KNEW I was attending, and I kept blogging about HIS Saffo Family Drug Mafia, although I did NOT yet know it had been run for over thirty years from New York City by Bill's UNCLE, which I later learned from THIS guy who lives now in Fayetteville, NC, after living most of his life in Manhattan and working for Bill's Uncle -- LOL!!!

"Hot Greek Man" on (I also have his GIANT GREEK DORK photo, if anyone messages me for it -- VERY impressive!!!)

Speaking of which, Sheriff McMahon had TESTICULAR CANCER 30 years ago, and recently shared his story with local Press

I had a carcinoma removed from the ball of my right foot, by a doctor in Puerto Vallarta about 2013. Without the pressure of my weight, it decompressed to the size of a giant bubble-gum ball from a vending machine like we had years ago, and was said to be big enough to soon METASTASIZE, but I've been tested and do NOT have lingering problems, and therefore, it being so simple, I do NOT think of myself as a "Cancer Survivor".

INCLUDES proof that Jennifer McCracken still of Apartment 67, Carolina Apartments is CIA Narco-Trafficker, with her brother of a different surname, a TOP Deputy of Sheriff McMahon's force

They have NOT bothered to SERVE THE CRIMINAL COURT SUMMONS -- after TWELVE DAYS -- and I told the Deputy I NOW intend to have Sheriff McMahon ALSO prosecuted for being part of the Mayor Saffo DRUG MAFIA -- SCREW HIM!!!

Deb Baratta

Readers know that my friend Deb Baratta walked across Snow's Cut Bridge in 2011, and the CIA and Sheriff's Deputies thought she saw the mini-sub unloading POWDER DRUGS underneath it -- she did NOT. They DRUGGED HER, RAPED HER REPEATEDLY, and arrested her -- only to throw her into The Oaks Mental Ward, where Judge Sandra Ray (then also Criner), had COMMITTED ME, on word of my CRACK-ADDICT roommate, Brenda McKnight, and her DEALER, Gerald Austin Wynn.

>>> SO THIS AFTERNOON, AFTER CALLING ALL THREE OF MY SIBLINGS and having to leave them all MESSAGES that I intend to have them PROSECUTED for cooperating with my NAZI MOTHER in causing me to lose all my lifetime accumulation of wealth (house nearly paid off, Art Collection, etc.), be nut-house committedfalsely charged and convicted in Dekalb County, Georgia in 1990, and in New Hanover County Courts  in 2011 and 2012.

The latter by D.A. Ben DavidJudge Chad Hogston, and former Democratic Party 3rd Vice Chair Ryan Lee Burris's ROOMATE, then, John Mann, a major international narco-trafficker and distributor of ADDERALL (prescription quality METH), all around Wilmington, including to my friend Danny Sinatra, whose mother sold control of Bank of America to the wealthy Kenans

I again called the Sheriff's Department to find out if they had served David Alan Young of, the Court Summons for "Communicating Threats" which I will ACCELERATE to a HATE CRIME, because he said the Bible commands all Christians to SHOOT DEAD all Liberals and FAGGOTS like me.

D.A. Ben David is an ELDER at First Presbyterian!!!:

>>> NOW TO THE CHRISTIAN MARRIAGE ROULETTE (like "Spin the BOOZE BOTTLE Game" of my junior high daze):

I'm sure everyone remembers my blogging of Sherman Lee Criner posting photos of his CHRISTIAN SNAKE-HANDLING on Facebook a few years ago -- that caused Slutty Sandra Ray to DIVORCE AT LEAST HIS PECKER!!!

Evan and Lindsey Luther

Well NOW, my blogging about Republican Judge Lindsey Luther's husband Evan Luther posting on Facebook many images like this:

Lindsey Luther is ALSO an Elder at First Presbyterian!!! And Evan Luther is BEST FRIENDS with former assistant D.A. Alex Nicely, NOW partnered with my former attorney Bruce A. Mason, who RECENTLY SCREWED ME in his mishandling and the misinformation he gave me in my case against Spectrum Cable for hitting me with a TRUCK  last February -- HA!!!

Well NOW, Judge Lindsey Luther -- having seen THIS blog posting TOO MANY TIMES, has divorced EVAN LUTHER'S POINTY PECKER, and is known as:

Fancy THAT!!!
WOWZER them Magic Mushrooms went straight to my Head!!!!


My Readers all know, that ONE of my TOP METAPHYSICAL TEACHERS (back in the 1980s), was Dr. Kubler-Ross, and ONE tidbit from history she taught us, is that when the NAZI Concentration Camps were FREED by the ALLIES, they often found that Jews IMMINENTLY facing extermination, carved BUTTERFLIES in the wooden posts -- with their FINGERNAILS -- a symbol of the SOUL, RECENTLY FREED!!!

I found this plastic butterfly clip in the tree on my porch, and it HAD TO be placed there TODAY while I was OUT -- this being EASY to spot and about three feet from my face when I sit out there.

I have seen these EXACT CLIPS in Denise Wood's apartment downstairs, she the former International Drug Mule with 43 FELONY CONVICTIONS, now working with Mayor Saffo's Drug Mafia and also this

And this evening, Sa'ant Samuel Celia, Jr., who had produced the BEST LSD for Jerry Garcia, Dr. Timothy Leary, and his male lover, JEW-GONE-BAD Theodore Druch of my Puerto Vallarta Writers Group, SOLVED the mystery of his occasional GAS LEAK -- it was ACTUALLY that someone had dumped a RESTAURANT JAR of minced GARLIC (Sam is the ONLY one here who works in a restaurant, Slice of Life Pizza downtown), into the fins of the OUTSIDE CENTRAL AIR-CONDITIONING COMPRESSOR for his and Denise Wood's apartments, and ROTTING, it smelled like gas.

STRANGELY, the compressor is on Denise's side of the building and SHE never smelled it inside, but HE DID on the FAR SIDE!!!

IMMEDIATELY after that, I got a call from Haston Lavern Caulder's buddy, Darrell Neil Brutout:

Cell phone: (910) 218-5310

And Darrell wanted to know if I still had a ROOM TO RENT TO HIM. So I ASKED if he was "ready for his BLOW JOB", and he said NO, he just needs a room.

I told him I had THROWN OUT his underpants he left soaking in my tub the LAST time he stopped by, and I DON'T SUCK TRASH-DICK anymore, so NEVER CONTACT ME AGAIN, and hung up -- LOL!!!


WORSE than Donald Trump, My NAZI/Catholic Mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan, Just Told Me I Need to GO BACK ON Lithium Carbonate -- LOL!!!

Mom and I on Memorial Day 2016, in her home on Castle Pines Drive in Raleigh.

I called Mom at 9:00 AM, and filled her in on my latest -- beginning with the DEATH of my microwave oven this morning, leaving me with room-temperature coffee after the two hour heat of the warmer plate gives out (and I use it all the time to thaw and re-heat food as well). I thought she might offer to send me some money to replace it, they being so cheap now but I'm BROKE, but of course not.

So I caught her up on these FACTS:

1. I can't get Joseph Faulk on the phone since late Wednesday, despite at least five tries per day and leaving messages some of the time. That after I DID speak to him and said that the woman who called me from NYC Adult Protective Services said she'd been to his place TWICE, so far, and he had NOT responded to her calling his cell phone.

So I have no idea if he is refusing my calls or has done something stupid -- or fled to hide elsewhere (if he's as big a criminal as he appears to be), but I'm NOT in New York, so can't call their "911" -- and if he DID commit suicide, it's too late, anyway. I have decided not to do anything, and wait until Protective Services calls me this coming Wednesday to update me on their efforts. I have better things to do than worry about what I am not on the scene to TRULY be involved in.

2. I explained that Brian Williams, the lawyer in Raleigh handling my claim against Spectrum Cable for hitting me with a TRUCK in a crosswalk in broad daylight and NOT SEEING ME until the driver, Rhys, FELT the impact, said it will be another two weeks, minimum, before they can make me an offer, and that I wrote the Senior VP and General Counsel of Spectrum Cable Corporate in Connecticut, letting them know all the OTHER harassment I have had from their CHRISTIAN employees here in Wilmington -- and it was delivered there by tracked mail this morning.

That letter is published 3/4 the way down, here:

Of COURSE there are plenty of FINE CHRISTIANS, but it is NAZI, Ku Klux Klan-associated Christians that are IN POWER in Wilmington -- led by the wealthy Kenans of Chapel Hill.

And of course, David Allen Young, who committed the HATE CRIME against me on my birthday, 6/16/2017, has NOT been served the Criminal Summons to Court -- despite the Summons being issued 6/18, and his home and his business have the same address, and his phone number is known to Sheriff Ed McMahon as well. I may have to soon have the FEDS come in to look at this. I DOUBT that Ed McMahon would WANT to keep it from being served, but MUST bow to the CIA Agents on his force -- and District Attorney Ben David as well.

But Sheriff McMahon is a PROFESSING CHRISTIAN, and I have WITNESSED him hobnobbing with Pastor of the BIGGEST black narco-trafficking church in town, New Beginnings Christian Church, where the Pastor is Trump-loving and his wife is "First Lady" -- the OPPOSITE of what Jesus taught his followers to be:

Pastor Robert L. Campbell

Pastor Campbell's bitch

Bitches come in ALL COLORS!!!

3. And I told Mom how I'd written Rev. Dan Lewis of First Presbyterian in Statesboro, Georgia, who is to take over as Pastor here at First Prez on August 1, filling him in on the HISTORY and CURRENT EVENTS of that Hyper-Criminal congregation, all my CONNECTIONS to him and one of his current organists, Allen Henderson, and how I am HAPPY to fill him in on anything else -- if the Search Committee here in the Wilmington congregation had NOT disclosed the TRUTH of what he is about to head.

I also asked if she remembered when we got the first edition of the book The Kenan Family in 1967, and how it was PRINTED at the Kenan Print Shop in Statesboro, GA, where LOTS of Kenans live. First, she hesitated as if unable to decide how to answer. She had ERRONEOUSLY told us all over and over for YEARS, that we are all descended from Charlemagne, the book claiming those descended from one of the three brothers who landed at Wilmington in the 1730s, Thomas Kenan (the wealthy branch), are -- due to his marriage to the daughter of Colonial NC Governor Gabriel Johnston(e), but we are descended from brother William.

But FUNNIER, is that when the wealthy Kenans commissioned the TOP genealogist then in the world, Marie DeLamar, to update the book, she proved that the Elizabeth Johnston that Thomas Kenan married was NOT the daughter of Gov. Johnston (they dropped the ending "e" when they came to America), so NO ROYAL STUART/FRENCH EARLS/CHARLEMAGNE line for the wealthy Kenans -- HA!!!

And that 1967 book was shipped out with a companion book, Keepers of Memories, by Ruby Kenan Marsh, a collection of stories of KEEPING THE CONFEDERACY ALIVE, still listed on Amazon:, and reminiscent of my part-time lover 1990 - 2008, David Terry, a Sewanee alum:

And the wealthy Kenans have given the Episcopal Church about $90,000,000.00 over the last 100 years, BECAUSE their Symbol of God's Authority on Earth is the Confederate Mace, kept at Sewanee and retired ONLY for "Political Correctness" in 2005:

Also, two years ago, the Church of England (Anglican Communion), BARRED the Episcopal Church USA from VOTING with the Anglican Communion for three years, still in FORCE -- for the Episcopal Church's CRIMES, which is NOT KNOWN by any Episcopalian I've spoken with -- LOL!!!

And the Kenans ALSO shipped out this Coat of Arms that they had just MADE UP for marketing purposes (and continue to use today -- and I am the first to ever publish it on the internet, about 2008):

And the following one is the one RECOGNIZED by Heraldic Authorities as GENUINE:

But FAR FUNNIEST of ALL, is that my sister-in-law, Gail Ann (Godley) Kenan's mother, Ann Godley, found that SHE is descended from Gov. Johnston, so while the REST of my family does NOT have this blood line, my nephews and niece, Connor Michael Kenan, Maxwell Andrew Kenan, and Taylor Ann Kenan, DO!!!

4. FINALLY, when I pointed out to Mom that former Pastor Ernie Thompson of First Presbyterian had given me over $2,000.00 in several installments from his "Pastor's Discretionary Fund" in 2011 while I was homeless -- MORE than ANYONE in my family had ever given me (far more than all of them COMBINED, not including the $1,000.00 my parents sent me to drive back from Puerto Vallarta in 2010), I still hoping she might send me $75.00 for a new, small microwave oven, she said: "Do you remember when you had a nice home and yard in Georgia and life was going well for you??? Well that was because you were taking LITHIUM, and you need to TAKE IT AGAIN!!!"

My home in Stone Mountain, GA

Some True Things:

Lithium was used to LOBOTOMIZE me so I did not CARE about all the crimes of my family -- or consider them carefully. Mom also MURDERED her brother, Robert J. Meyer, DDS via a Veterans hospital in Mississippi with DOUBLE STRENGTH Lithium, guaranteed to produce Diabetes, which was a VERY painful death for Uncle Bob, as his extremities were amputated one-by-one, and by order of Pope John Paul II, who gave Mom her orders then, she and Dad having had at least TWO private meetings with that Pope in Rome.

This because Uncle Bob allowed his daughter Janet, to marry the JEW, Kim Opperman, and ALSO because as Uncle Bob told me TWICE, he was a HOMOSEXUAL.

This illustrates my relationship with my immediate family:


Thursday, June 29, 2017

My Letter Just Mailed/Emailed to Pastor Dan Lewis of First Presbyterian, Statesboro, Georgia -- CALLED to Serve as Pastor of First Prez, Wilmington, NC, Beginning August 1, 2017:

Pastor Dan Lewis

Pastor Dan Lewis
First Presbyterian Church
1215 Fair Road
Statesboro, GA 30458

June 29, 2017

Dear Pastor Lewis,

My name is Scott David Kenan, and I live right behind your soon-to-be congregation, FPC Wilmington, North Carolina, where I was a member for half a year in 2011, and close personal friend to former Pastor Ernest Trice Thompson, now Pastor at Westminster Presbyterian in Greensboro, NC, where I will copy him via his secured-server form. I will also copy Dr. Allen Henderson at his university email address, because when I tried to email you previously, I was BLOCKED by FPC’s email server, but I’m trying that again, as well.

I was born in Cincinnati, and know well the reputation of Dr. Henderson’s Conservatory of Music there, where he studied. I attended Denison University, also in Ohio, on scholarship, and before graduation in 1973, won first place in a contest of many schools, so my Art prints were hung in 30 US Embassies and Consulates around the world. And currently, I work with the US State and Justice Departments, on a volunteer basis, providing info on my Kenan Family and how and why they put Donald Trump and Mike Pence into office, to be able to profit from Russia’s vast Oil Reserves, my wealthy Kenan relatives controlling Exxon-Mobil, Bank of America, the Episcopal Church USA, most Republicans and the Clinton Democrats.

On my mother’s Meyer side, not only were my mother’s brothers BARRED from serving in Europe during WWII because of their NAZI sympathies, but I was raised with Swastikas on the dinner plates, my parents working over many years with Coach Lou Holtz, Sean Hannity’s people, several Catholic Popes, and when they lived in Wilmington 1980 - 1999, with Father Bob Kus, now of St. Mary’s Catholic (as close to me as FPC, on the other side), Nixon’s Aide John Ehrlichman (whom I knew well in the early 1990s in Atlanta), and PPD, a pharmaceutical giant HQ’ed in Wilmington, then owned by the Bush, Cheney, Bin Laden, and Saudi Royal Families, to set up the Christian Drug Mafia of Wilmington, and with all of them except Kus – plus Newt Gingrich, CNN, and others – to set it up in Stone Mountain/Atlanta, GA as well – and that was later protected by CIA stationed near my Stone Mountain home by the narco-trafficking President Bill Clinton, in association with the Bush and Cheney Families (some of whom I know).

For references, you could contact Rev. Thompson, Gen. Russel Honore’ (knows about the Kenan Family narco-trafficking) Cell: (404) 227-XXXX, Patricia Sinatra, who told me all about how she engineered selling control of Bank of America to the wealthy Kenans, Cell: (909) 984-XXXX, or US Consular Agent Kelly Trainor in Puerto Vallarta, whom I’ve known well since 2010, and my FIRST State Department contact:

And you and I have some interesting connections, as while you studied in Decatur, GA, I lived in Atlanta (1983 – 2010), but mostly in Stone Mountain, and although I wanted to be a Jesuit priest in junior high, I left that church by end of high school, and studied many years under the President of Religious Science, International (Science of Mind), in the 1980s, Dr. J. Kennedy Schultz of Atlanta Church of Religious Science (now Spiritual Living Center of Atlanta), and Dr. Elisabeth Kubler Ross of Germany, both now deceased.

God has blessed me with the most extraordinary and adventuresome life, even being the last assistant to Tennessee Williams, and knowing all of JFK’s sisters and their husbands, having fun in the White House with President and Mrs. Reagan, and now also connected to several former Presidents of Mexico, as well as Governors and Generals there. Of course, I know nearly all the politicians here in Wilmington, as well as many of the church officers at FPC, and while a member there, I was an active part in the Discovery Class, as well as volunteer custodian of the Bible Herb Garden.

I’m sure they disclosed to you that William Rand Kenan, Sr., who, while Elder there, led the only successful coup d’├ętat in US History, the Kenans wealthy enough to keep out of the History books: And Pastor Ernie told me how he chased off a black retired Army Colonel and his wife who wanted to JOIN lily-white First Prez in 2011 – by telling them he supported Gay Marriage (which blacks then were STRONGLY against), but it also backfired, because the congregation soon enough chased Ernie out for that same reason!

I just stepped out to speak with my landlady, Gold Walker, who owns the big yellow house at Fourth and Orange Streets, next to the house FPC owns (all but in the parking lot of Boney
Hall, actually a gift of the Kenan Family to honor the Boneys), and she, like so many of your church’s neighbors “HATE” first Prez for letting it be used to house questionable people, the side toward her looking like a tenement, while the other sides seen to your congregants are kept up. We all suffer for your congregants ZOOMING in and out of that parking lot onto Fourth Street, and often the wrong way on a one-way street, they LAUGHING at us because they know that church has ALL the Political Power in Wilmington.

When I have tried to engage congregants recently, they tell me the church has a Restraining Order against me, which they have never attempted to get, but I guess your Elder, District Attorney Ben David has made that claim – or the judges there: Lindsey Luther and Jeffrey Noecker, all three of whom will be included in Federal Racketeering charges we are working on putting together – for their violating my Civil Rights in 2011, 2012, and 2015.

And I’m sure they told you of your Elder and former Head of New Hanover County Commissioners, Beth Dawson, who ran into some difficulties and had to resign:

If any of this is news to you, TAKE HEART!!! God ALWAYS WINS, and you just got an IMPORTANT CALLING to heal this congregation. You have GREAT spiritual training and experience, and your wife is a licensed Psychologist – and I am 6’ 11” tall, WELL CONNECTED to Federal Law Enforcement, and living “next door”!!!

Also, Alvaretta Kenan Register, a fairly close relative to me, wrote the following book -- and printed it in the Kenan Print Shop in Statesboro. Possibly they were members of your current congregation when she wrote the original 1967 edition (updated in 1999 and published hard-cover by Mercer University Press): The Kenan Family, now online and searchable here: I am listed in ERROR in the index as “Scott DANIEL Kenan”, but listed correctly in the body of the book.

I have published a memoir of working for Tennessee Williams, that the copyright was STOLEN from me by D.A. Benjamin R. David in conjunction with Daliah Saper, a Chicago Lawyer who is ALSO a talking head on Fox News, Chicago, and Jamie Lee Sutherland then a Wells Fargo Exec, whom I knew in Mexico in 2010, because I published that Jamie had seen Barack Obama and Rahm Emanuel in his private gay bathhouse many times while Obama was an Illinois State Senator, but it’s OK, his marriage to Michelle was arranged by Rev. Jesse Jackson and Rev. Jeremiah Wright (who also runs a call-boy service for high-placed black professionals), so Michelle was NOT getting into something unaware!

My book, which established me as the top authority on the last two years of Tennessee Williams’s life – including professional and customer reviews from Amazon:

If I can be of any assistance or information, you can email me or call me on my cell: (910) 200-XXXX. I will also mail you a copy of this letter to your church address in Statesboro.

All best, and looking forward to having you as a new neighbor!

This letter will be published on my blog here:



Moving Forward -- in FITS n' SPURTS!!!

This morning began with some INTERESTING NEWS!!!:

I have always believed that former life-time Kenan Family employee, and for ten years our TOP EXEC at Exxon-Mobil, Rex Tillerson, has the EXPERIENCE and KNOWLEDGE to be a GREAT Secretary of State (if allowed by Mr. Trump to do his job), DESPITE his having to FIGHT Climate Change Science on behalf the Kenans of Chapel Hill -- CHRISTIAN NAZIS and Klansmen, ALL.

It LOOKS like "Old Rexxie" is beginning to exert his ADULTHOOD -- PRAISE JESUS!!!:

Nobody MESSES with my Mika Brzezinski -- one of the FEW women who could TURN ME STRAIGHT!!!

>>> AND SPEAKING OF HATE CRIMES, I STILL CAN'T GET DAVID ALAN YOUNG SERVED HIS CRIMINAL SUMMONS TO COURT -- but Lawyer Brian M. Williams for Spectrum Cable's DERIVATIVE, ESIS, has semi-cluelessly responded!!!:

Re: Touching base (briefly) re: My case with Spectrum 
Cable, 499-176 

Thanks for finally answering my question, and I had and have no intention of leaving you on my list to email blog posts to, but you seem to have no concern for the additional stress I've been under due to the accident, with Criminal Politicians attempting to "terrorize" me because of it.

I DO believe I have fully recovered from this accident. I have had some increasing lower back pain the last few weeks (after finally having none, briefly), but it is "normal" and due to my being so tall, and perhaps 66 years of age, and getting little physical exercise, this because the local Drug Mafia is so angry with me for reporting corruption that I know of. 

And then 13 days ago, I was accosted by a man who claims ALL Christians are called by God to shoot to kill ALL Liberals and "Faggots" like myself, that he did NOT have his gun on him, but normally carries it with him, and he will hunt my nearly seven-foot self down on the streets of Wilmington and shoot me dead. 

I DID get a Criminal Court Summons issued to take him to Court, but that was 11 days ago, and even though the Sheriff knows where he is and his home and business phone number (he works out of his home), etc., they have not bothered to serve him, Law Enforcement in Wilmington being a PARTNER with the Christian Politicians and Churches that run the Drug Mafia.

I plan to visit no doctor, but to begin calisthenics -- or, if they ever serve the guy -- resume my hikes about this beautiful city, and body-surfing at the beach which will STRENGTHEN those muscles.

I hope this answers your questions adequately -- and thanks for your prompt response!


-----Original Message-----

From: Brian Williams <>
To: Scott Kenan <>
Cc: scott <>; Brian Williams <>
Sent: Thu, Jun 29, 2017 9:10 am

Subject: RE: Touching base (briefly) re: My case with Spectrum Cable, 499-176

Mr. Kenan,

Thank you for this information.  If you do happen to receive any more medical records or bills or anything from Medicare, please forward it to me.

Also, to answer your question, it’s my understanding your claim is for 1) pain and suffering and 2) the reimbursement of your medical bills.  Once we have your medical records and know more about your injuries, we will be in a better position to evaluate your claim and make an offer.

On that note, it would help me if you could answer the following questions:

1.       Do you believe you have fully recovered from this accident?
2.       If not, do you have any plans to see any more doctors for treatment?

Finally, it’s not necessary for you to copy me on forwards of your blog postings.  You may remove me from that list.  Thank you.


Brian Williams


So far today, I have called Joseph TWICE, and he answered neither time, nor has he called me to assure me he is NOT fallen totally into DEPRESSION, and become suicidal, which he HAS gotten close to before, and he BELIEVES he is protected from being psychologically evaluated by NYC Adult Protective Services.

When I called him twenty minutes ago, I told him I MUST talk to him soon, or I am calling "911" in NYC, and having the Police BREAK DOWN HIS DOOR, if necessary, to check on him.