Friday, May 19, 2017

THANK GOD I Reported This ALL to Landlady Gold Walker (after Denise Wood who has NO LEASE said she would make Gold or the Bill Saffo Drug Mafia kick me out and be HOMELESS) -- LOL!!!

Mayor Bill Saffo, DEMON-CRAT!!!

To begin at the beginning, I had ONLY gone to the local Dollar Store to get a single pack of $3.20 cigs -- as I am STILL thinking I can very soon quit smoking, so not bothering with the discount when buying TWO packs. I could only pull 1/3 of the way into their long, narrow parking lot, because a pick-up truck was blocking two cars trying to get out PAST them, and me and one behind me trying to get in.

They were very SLOWLY, one pre-school or early grad-school child hopping out of the four-door cab -- one at a time -- and into the back of the pick-up to ride home -- ILLEGAL IN NORTH CAROLINA (or at least New Hanover County).

So this kept going on for a minute or two, with NO SIGN of them driving anywhere, soon. I began honking my horn. They pulled into a parking spot and when I started yelling at THEM for unsafe nonsense, they returned "insults" to me, and about three young adults jumped out and threw what appears to be CHEESE GRITS at my car, splattering my driver's side, but my window was CLOSED, so nothing on me at all.

I calmly walked into the store after parking, and three of them came in SCREAMING at ME for breaking the Law and that they would have me arrested FOR MY WORDS -- SIMULTANEOUSLY began picking up bottles of Barbecue Sauce, and HURLING THEM at me at TOP FORCE -- LOL!!!

They ALL hit me, but my HANDS, because I was fast enough to deflect each one of them, and they were in plastic bottles so would not have hurt me anyway, but at least TWO ruptured the plastic when they hit the floor causing a MESS.

Since about a dozen people had witnessed the entire event, either inside or outside the store -- and they have SURVEILLANCE CAMERAS that recorded ALL or most of it. Everyone inside quickly went back to a friendly mode, and I DECLINED to fill out a Police Report -- no harm to me, and the store only lost a couple of bottles of sauce.

When I pulled up, I could not WAIT to tell "Miss Lucy" (Denise Wood), the story, and when I opened the front door to the building, the pot smoke was SO THICK, I went right to her door and knocked, but she was out back on her porch. I went into my own apartment, and out to MY porch over hers. There, I heard her talking to what sounded like a frisky young white man (whom I never saw), and when Denise let the cable guy into the building at 8:00 AM, she was letting a HOT YOUNG GUY out -- even though her OLD BLACK SUGAR DADDY also spent the night, so either a THREE-WAY or the guy had come to buy DRUGS.

And FUNNIEST, was that last night after I got a TOTALLY INSULTING $50.00 transfer from Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr. in NYC -- that I did NOT, for the FIRST TIME EVER, send him a THANK YOU note -- figuring this EVIDENCE will put Mr. Faulk into PRISON sooner than later -- she said that Truck-Driver John from south of Atlanta was trying to CONTROL HER, just because he PAYS HER EVERY BILL, and she called up to me, "Joseph Faulk had better count his LUCKY STARS he's in New York !!!"

And that mystified me, so she explained, "So you don't STRANGLE HIM for his hatreds of you -- like I MIGHT still do to John, tonight -- he's such a TOTAL ASSHOLE!!!"

But TONIGHT, she and I traded EVERY IMAGINABLE INSULT -- my highest that she is just a NARCO-TRAFFICKING CHRISTIAN BITCH, and she could NOT shut up or stop hollering over ME, who had calmed down and KNEW I had Denise Wood in a "Criminal Trap".

Of course, before calling Gold Walker almost IMMEDIATELY, I got all the details (FAR MORE THAN I'M BLOGGING), to Key Allies in the US GOVERNMENT and a few others.

And Gold Walker (ACTING like the "Christian Bitch" she was raised to be, but might or might not NOW be), said that she ONLY wants everyone to get along -- EXACTLY what Teri Motsinger of Benefits Management, Inc. tried to say to calm me down when SHE plays NAZI GAMES with me.

This afternoon, I got a call from Spectrum Cable AGAIN trying to get me to PAY MY OVERDUE BILL, so Teri has NOT YET paid it, and her employees INSISTED they were PAYING IT THE MINUTE I walked in the DOOR, this past Monday. I've ALSO gotten NO EXPLANATION of why Teri claimed that she could NOT pay my allowance check on May 4 -- even though she had received my money from Social Security funds, before then for May.

And AGAIN, Christian/NAZI/CIA REFUSED to allow my last posting, be delivered to ANY email address -- as has been their pattern for MONTHS NOW, as reported several times by me.

It MIGHT be worth a SECOND LOOK, if you haven't studied it CAREFULLY, yet -- the CIA was SUPER-ANGRY that I got it out AT ALL!!!

And Gold Walker eventually said she far prefers ME to Miss Lucy -- a convicted FELON of 43 counts and 14 counts of misdemeanors as an INTERNATIONAL DRUG MULE (about twenty years ago) -- but I don't CARE about that, since Denise DID finally scream at me that I HURT HER FEELINGS and she CANCELLED any friendship between us PERMANENTLY -- I replying that I am NOT NICE, but am HONEST!!!

>>> ADDED LATER: SINCE WHEN and FOR WHY does North Carolina allow FELONS with 43 Convictions to OWN FIREARMS???

When Denise Wood moved in, she told me: 1. That her GUN RIGHTS WERE NEVER TAKEN AWAY. and 2. That she then owned TWO revolvers that she keeps loaded where she can reach from her bed, so that if HASTON CAULDER gave me any TROUBLE, to just STOMP THE FLOOR and she would come up and SHOOT HIM!!!

Then, about two months ago, she said she realized that if she can't kill a person with six bullets, SHE'S likely ALREADY DEAD, so she sold the second one (ONLY)!!!

YES, I HAVE warned Gold Walker about that three times, before now (and I FORGOT to tell her that again, tonight).

Gold recommended I smoke some of the oregano (she called it "Peace Pipe"), that I have been buying from Denise for months, now. So I simply agreed to that, and said I'd speak with her tomorrow.

Although I've been MEANING TO, I keep forgetting to WARN HER that my "high sources" say that the FEDS are investigating her son, his RICH REPUBLICAN LAWYER GIRLFRIEND and Allen Walker's WALKER WORLD as a MAJOR narco-trafficking port on the Northeast Cape Fear River. I THINK that is why when Gold used to sell me pot -- so I didn't have to pay Haston Lavern Caulder, II/Joseph Crawford Fauk, Jr.'s HIGH PRICES, she sold it to me at 1/10th the price Haston did, and Denise's pot is getting even more expensive than THAT!!!

So, perhaps tomorrow SOME ONE(S) of US will be ARRESTED, no???



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