Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Life Gets EASIER and MORE LOVING in Wilmington, North Carolina as the RULING Christian/NAZIs (led by my Kenan Family), Are Now in PANIC MODE!!!

My personal friend Andy Warhol (on left), was especially close to my personal friend Jean Babette Stein (assassinated two weeks and two days ago by the Christian CIA), who introduced me to Jackie Kennedy Onassis on January 11, 1982. Jean and Jackie knew ALL ABOUT how the Episcopal Church (especially Sewanee), with the Republican Party, FBI, and CIA would MURDER Tennessee to STEAL his estate from Harvard -- which is EXACTLY what happened as SEVERAL people -- not just me -- can still PROVE IN COURT!!!

My experience with Andy Warhol is documented in this chapter of my memoir: http://laterdaysoftennesseewilliams.blogspot.com/2013/10/epilogue_22.html

It was only about three years ago that I found the PROOF that Frank Hawkins Kenan was COMPLICIT in Tennessee Williams's MURDER.

The Board of UNC Chapel Hill about the time Tennessee was murdered, includes at the table Frank H. Kenan in white suit and hair, his brother next to him, James Graham Kenan -- whom I actually knew in 1990 when he sent me to his nephew, Gregg Loomis who TOLD ME TO MY FACE that the rich Kenans HATE only JEWS more than they hate "niggers" -- which is A LOT!!! 

The Kenan Family was MOST responsible for the Wilmington Insurrection of 1898!!!

And that is Thomas S. Kenan III standing behind James Kenan in the lighter suit. Too bad he's just a high-functioning alcoholic now.

The BIGGEST evidence of the CHRISTIAN NAZIS' PANIC, is THROUGHOUT THIS POSTING, AND that said, my mother, sister, and nephew Maxwell Andrew Kenan's STRONG CONNECTION to Sean Hannity's best friendChristal Presley, and LOOK what that NAZI is railing about on Fox News, now!!!:

The biggest evidence of this PANIC in Wilmington, is NOT the misunderstandings I've been having with my LAWYER, but Teri Motsinger of Benefits Management, Inc., who has SERIOUSLY COMPOUNDED HER LIES OF YESTERDAY!!!

I'll address that in a new email to her, and then publish it next, after I send it: 

Teri Motsinger: Issues for you to discuss with your LAWYER!!! 

FromScott Kenan scottdkenan@aol.comhide details
Toteri teri@benefits-management.org
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Dear Teri,

Since last communicating with you, much more has come to light, which you will need to explain in Court when we get there. In the meantime, I expect you will continue to service my account, since the US Government DENIED my appeal to get my Social Security payments to be managed by ME.

As you know, I've had your email address on my list for YEARS, now, so whether you READ any of my emails or NOT, I can PROVE IN COURT they were all sent to you and NOT BLOCKED!!!

1. You told me you were out of town at your mother's funeral/burial back on 5/12 when I left you the voicemail that my check had not arrived, so please re-cut. Having already seen much about you and your family when I searched in vain for a photo of you many times, I have NOT been able to find your mother's obituary or ANY link to her death. I assume you are married to Jacob Motsinger (or James Motsinger, of Bayshore Drive, who is an active voter registered to the Democratic Party).

I also find you have NO Linked-In listing (not required, but virtually ALL people in Legitimate Businesses have a listing), and you APPEAR to have aliases. LOOK how this shows with slight variations of the spelling of your name:

Additionally, your staff should have had NO REASON to have been paying a bill that YOU got no notice had gone to CUT-OFF from Time/Warner/Spectrum at the MOMENT I walked into your office yesterday. And speaking of TIME WARNER, when I soon got home and turned on my TV (which had worked just FINE earlier yesterday morning), it displayed "INCOMPATIBLE FORMAT" -- something I have NEVER seen in years of Comcast, Time-Warner, and DirecTV service. So rather than CALL THEM first, I simply rebooted the Cable Box, and everything was FINE!!! Also, from that point until I went to bed at 10:00 PM, I only observed my internet going out ONCE, when for months, now, it has been going out many brief times per hour.

I do NOT accuse YOU of controlling that -- but CLEARLY you are connected to these people POLITICALLY -- or "In Jesus".

This morning, my landlady Gold Walker called me to tell me that a courier from your company had placed the check of the $600.00 you pay of my JUNE rent in her US Mail box -- a CLEAR violation of Federal Law!!! NO STAMP (or metered postage), and she is depositing it, but saving the envelope, etc., and is willing to TESTIFY IN COURT about this.

Now, as I've said many, many times, I'm into HEALINGS more than putting Christian Criminals like yourself into prison -- just ask Sheriff Ed McMahon!!! So if you admit to whatever it is that you have been doing -- and WHY -- and make PROPER FINANCIAL AMENDS to me, I will NOT pursue your prosecution and the dissolution of your company.

Please also remember, that the EASIEST thing for me to prove in Court is that you PAID ME that last check of April money on May 1, and NOW your staff claims I did not get the FIRST of May money (paid to others, but not me, on May 4). I TRUST you have really good Legal Advice, because the IMPLICATION is that if you and your company play these UGLY CHRISTIAN GAMES with ME (proved to be SMART) -- WHAT are you doing to those of your clients who are TOTALLY mentally retarded, mentally ill, drug addicted, or addicted to the HATRED of CHRISTIANITY.

I hope you find a way to work your way out of this LEGAL DISASTER you have brought upon yourself by worshiping idols and the Swastika.

All best,
Scott David Kenan


1. I called Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr. in NYC this morning, and he ALREADY received the digital > analog converter that I mailed to him just SATURDAY, and he will soon send me some promised compensation for that. He CLAIMED he will send it ALL in "Marzipan" ordered from Amazon, but I told him only MONEY TALKS!!!

Joseph AGAIN put on his "VOICE OF GOD", and he said he KNOWS I will get a BETTER LAWYER, which is HIS way of saying, "We CIA Operatives can CORRUPT ANY WILMINGTON LAWYER -- they are ALL with us in CHRISTIAN HATREDS."

I have to LAUGH that someone who ABANDONED ME because I kicked his FAVE SEXUAL FANTASY -- both Narco-Trafficker and Whores-Runner, Haston Lavern Caulder, out of my HOUSE!!! I'll post Haston's photo, followed by his DICK photo (engorged), as a SCIENTIFIC EXAMPLE of WHAT turns Joseph Faulk on. I HOPE I am not arrested, but if you never saw an excited man before: AVERT YER EYES!!!

Haston's two TRIALS are set in District Court for two days in about a week. His remaining charges are SEVERAL for counts of "Panhandling", one of EXPOSING HIMSELF and URINATING in Public (witnessed by the Police, I believe), and Misdemeanor Breaking-and-Entering, and Larceny.

Joseph has never TOLD ME how much money he STILL sends Haston, but Haston was FREQUENTLY seen panhandling before he checked in for Drug Dry-Out, but NEVER since he got out. I ASSUME Joseph is now paying for his shelter and food, drugs, whores, etc.

We will SOON be able to SUBPOENA all of Joseph Faulk's Financial Records if Joseph does not SOON come back to his senses.

2. I called my mother, and told her ALL OF THIS, and she IMMEDIATELY gave me the BUM'S RUSH, as she needs to pay that info to her SWASTIKA ALLIES -- LOL!!!

But we still PRETEND to love one another.

3. And I have just now sent THIS:

Mr. XXXXX: I believe you are CORRECT and I need to present my case to Time-Warner/Spectrum Cable on my own -- for my BEST RESULTS: 


Regardless the confusion over how awards are determined, I can see you are correct that I should proceed myself. Can we set up a brief appointment so I can pick up my materials you have, and as you said, explain to me how best to go about doing this?

I suspect, since Hannah told me how the Insurance Company had looked over the medical bills you have and were demanding to see any additional, that your office having OPENED this, I need all the info to speak with the same agent there, and I suppose you must inform them that I will be dealing with them from now on.

Please call me at your earliest convenience so we can do this ASAP, and I can get awarded sooner than later.

Thanks for all your help!!!


4. The Bug Man was just here to give an estimate -- likely $1,200.00 -- since the whole apartment has to be BAKED.

He knew ALL ABOUT my Kenan Family's CORRUPTION -- and that of Mayor Saffo, D.A. Ben David, and MOST Christian Churches in the Wilmington area. He is ALSO CLOSE FRIENDS with my SECOND COUSIN ONCE REMOVED in Burgaw, Robert C. Kenan, Jr., who he reports was JUST MADE DISTRICT COURT JUDGE (ACTUALLYPender County is under the SAME Judges/District Attorney control as New Hanover County, where I live)!!!

So I called Mr. Kenan's Law Office JUST NOW, not finding this on the internet or Court Records, and spoke with the same admin I visited with in person about a year and a half ago. 

(Includes my FIERCE ARGUMENT with Ted Turner's GRANDSON, that got me BLOCKED by Ted's relatives who had been FOR YEARS my friends on Facebook -- LOL!!!)

Since the Bug Guy referred  to his friend as "Bob", so did I, and after this admin explained that it was someone else -- NOT related to me -- who was just appointed to SUPERIOR COURT (not District, like Bug Man had thought).

And THEN she INSISTED that I could NOT be related to Robert C. Kenan, Jr. --since I call him "Bob", so I told HER that is the EASIEST thing to prove in Court -- it very clear in the 1999 edition of the book The Kenan Family -- and my MOTHER knows him well and calls him "Bobby", asking me to "tell Bobby I said hello!!!", if I ever speak with him, that SHE (the Admin), must be a CHRISTIAN, GOD-HATING NAZI, too, since Mom said Bobby Kenan was one of her and Dad's TOP FAMILY POLITICAL ALLIES.

Fancy THAT, Y'all!!!

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