Monday, May 15, 2017

Just for the HECK of It -- Remember Calista Gingrich (was f-ing Newt, then married with kids -- while he was impeaching Clinton for a Monica Job!!!)???, and Other Things:

Newt, a Protestant, DIVORCED his second wife, and then CONVERTED TO CATHOLIC. Since the Cat-Lickin' Church RESPECTS non-Catholic marriages, but does NOT believe they are real in God's Eyes, in Church eyes, Newt had NEVER been married, and he married his Catholic Concubine in a CHURCH WEDDING!!!

Callista's investment in this surgery PAID OFF in attracting Newt Gingrich!!!

This is ALL I have to say about that:

Considering contemporary conditions, perhaps this WOULD have been a better choice -- HA!!!

NOW, for those who only read the emailed version of these postings, I soon got a reply from Teri Motsinger by phone that QUICKLY went EXPLOSIVE at my end, and I cussed her out (like I used to do even WORSE to my mother -- before we reached more and more understanding), and hung up. It is reported in detail at the bottom here:

As I think about what COULD have happened at her end -- that she'd just gotten back, heard I'd gone "ballistic", got her staff's best story of what happened and what it was about, called me BEFORE getting my voicemail or email, so had NO IDEA all the issues involved.

I've always really liked Teri and never thought she was the "wrong" kind of Christian, so I trust she will consider things with fresh eyes once she's had a chance to absorb those and to sleep on all of this, first.

And my last posting was emailed out with this title:

Mayor Saffo's Greek Orthodox Church (St. Nick's), just asked to be taken off this list. I told them "BE GONE SATAN" for their supporting the heroin distribution of Good Shepherd Center and the Saffo Family GREEK DRUG MAFIA, ruled from NYC!!! 

Actually, I sent them this image -- big and in their faces -- LOL!!!

So I would like my INTERNET ONLY Readers to know the following: I have PROMISED I'd let anyone off my list without question, and I was RASH in denying these people's request. I was ANGRY about their narco-trafficking or its support, but I have MADE my point and this will be the LAST email they get.


1. Hearing him in the background, I'm glad to hear that spicy Spicey is still HANGING IN THERE!!! (His poor wife -- MERCY!!!)

2. This morning my landlady put out the call for the Bug Man to come to estimate costs, first. Last night I slept without noticing any bugs, but found one in my bed after getting up today. So it is FAR BETTER and still needs to be done ASAP to protect the rest of the house, but I'm OK waiting a day or two.

3. The last two days, besides some GREAT WRITING I've gotten this place FAR better organized and cleaned out of junk. And since "Miss Lucy" downstairs is in physical therapy that is so far making her in greater pain from her head to her toes (and nothing relieves it), I lent her something Joseph Faulk in NYC sent me for "grabbing my danglies with the vibrator-clad hand," while a-pumpin' with my right. 

I found that totally HUMOROUS and never tried it, but NOW the device (once returned to Joseph by Mexican Customs because "medical devices" are illegal to send to Mexico), has a GOOD PURPOSE, and I'm told it is better for LADIES to use this type device whilst self-massaging, and given any woman's NATURAL CURIOSITY about those things, I think I'll consider it a GIFT to her -- I'm sort of "homo-allergic" to residual residuals.

4. I slapped on a patch (time to economize!!!), half an hour ago when I ran out of cigs. I'm REGRETTING my decision at this moment, but we'll see how it goes. I'm afraid I'll forget to water my plants and KILL them if I'm not going out back to smoke.

5. Landlady Gold-Hearted Walker-Woman had a new air conditioner put into my bedroom/office this morning -- and it even has a REMOTE!!!

6. I think I'll contact my lawyer's office tomorrow, and probably schedule a brief meeting with him so he can return materials and explain to me how to handle the claim myself -- if he still thinks that is best.

I think we can ALL now see how this NAZI/CHRISTIAN plot by both Political Parties and fueled largely by Illegal Drug Profits is SWIFTLY falling apart, now.

We can all thank GOD for that!!!


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