Friday, May 12, 2017

GREAT NEWS THIS MORNING (for Wilmington, NC and me)!!!

Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan of Raleigh is RECOVERING WELL from her former position as AMERICA'S TOP NAZI. My parents with direct in-person communication with Pope John Paul II, John Ehrlichman (Nixon's aide), and PPD (founded by the Carlyle Group, then owned by the Bush, Cheney, Bin Laden, and Saudi Royal Families -- but after 9/11, the latter two SOLD OUT to make their alliance less obvious), SET UP the Wilmington Christian Drug Mafia in the 1980s and 90s -- and that in Atlanta/Stone Mountain, GA with Newt Gingrich, Atlanta DEMOCRATS, the Atlanta Urinal/Constitution, CNN, and Bill Clinton (as soon as he took office, Clinton protected it with 24 unmarked CIA CARS in the City of Stone Mountain, which I have DOCUMENTED then -- and MANY TIMES)!!!

While Mom has BRAGGED to me that her St. Mark's Catholic Duplicate Bridge Club worked to smuggle WHITE PEOPLE'S money out of South Africa -- because the Pope felt it UNFAIR to WHITE PEOPLE -- this shortly after the fall of Apartheid -- and Bob Kus was the "CEO" there then, she has never admitted anything about the DRUGS SMUGGLING -- that was Philip Rosario, my half-year roommate whom I kicked out after I caught him selling a huge bag of marijuana in my apartment, smoking CRACK with friends here, and ALWAYS carrying a huge roll of large bills (and paying rent LATE).

Phil Rosario (who ALSO knew that "Yah-Yah", the Muslim heading Village Market at Dock and Seconds Streets is GAY AS A GOOSE, now confirmed to me by SEVERAL members of his Muslim Family!!!), claimed repeatedly that for THIRTY YEARS (he a Puerto Rican out of NYC, originally, where he MIGHT have been a member of the SAFFO FAMILY MAFIA, run by Mayor Saffo's UNCLE), that in conjunction with Father Bob Kus, he had RUN some of the BIGGEST DRUG IMPORTATION and WHORE HOUSES in Wilmington, EVEN telling me how he OUTSMARTED THE FEDS when they tried to bust a couple of his CHRISTIAN WHORE HOUSES.

Recently, Phil Rosario has SPLIT TOWN -- HA!!!

This is HARDLY a secret in Wilmington, North Carolina!!!

That was Beth and Daniel Dawson, and if you READ THIS it shows how GOD-HATING Beth Dawson is to mostly PRAISE THE LOVE between her and her WHORING HUSBAND!!!:

After I BLOGGED EXTENSIVELY this photo of Judge Sandra Ray's (then Criner), husband Sherman Lee Criner -- who Star News nearly ten years ago reported had MOLESTED a young girl in Thalian Hall -- our Antebellum Theater -- but Wilmington POLICE had intimidated the girl's father out of PROSECUTING because the Criners are such good CHRISTIANS, Judge Sandra Ray DIVORCED HIS PECKER!!!

The allurement that women hold out to men is precisely the allurement that Cape Hatteras holds out to sailors: they are enormously dangerous and hence enormously fascinating.”

― H.L. Mencken

When I spoke with Mom this morning, 

>>> AFTER I WROTE THE FOLLOWING PARAGRAPHS and tried to add the following two images, my Time/Warner (Spectrum) Cable TV SERVICE WENT OUT YET AGAIN, and while I STILL had strong internet, and internet for ANYTHING ELSE, I was absolutely NOT allowed to post them, so I FORCED the power off and rebooted to TEMPORARILY SHAKE the CHRISTIAN CIA/NSA HACKERS (so I can with LUCK, complete this POSTING)!!!

FUNNY!!! As soon as I got the ABOVE posted, my TV PICTURE AND SOUND came back ON!!! Remember, it was Jean Babette Stein, biggest stockholder in COMCAST, NBC, Universal Studios and Music -- who introduced me to Jackie Kennedy Onassis at her party on January 11, 1982, who was FORCED by the CIA (CHRISTIANS), to jump to her death nearly two weeks ago, and it was BREAKING NEWS on TV and on front pages of newspapers ALL OVER EUROPE, but not even reported in the USA, except by online and print magazines.

So Mom was in the BEST OF MOODS -- unaware of Mike and Max's dilemma -- and we laughed through the whole ten minutes we spoke. Mom ended by wishing me CONTINUED SUCCESS!!!

NOW, I think that my lawyer on the TIME/WARNER Cable Truck hitting me LAWSUIT (and Mayor Saffo COULD HAVE ordered that, but it seems unlikely -- see:, is so HARD WORKING that he may have even misspoken the first couple of times when he said it was based on ACTUAL COST of medical treatment, rather than "what insurance does not pay", and I'll give him an opportunity to FIX ALL OF THIS before blogging about what MIGHT be corruption by Christian Drug Traffickers like Ben David and some of his assistants, but not ALL of the assistants.

When I had FIRST decided to use a lawyer, I searched for the BEST IN WILMINGTON, and Republican County Commissioner Woody White TIED AT TOP with the lawyer who repped me when MORMON narco-trafficker Jennifer McCracken falsely accused me of violating a Restraining Order -- after I STOPPED buying marijuana (and I always REFUSED her offers of Heroin, Meth, CRACK, and opioid pills -- her CHEAPEST offering), and OF COURSE it was Jenny McCracken who SPILLED THE BEANS on how former BBC Star Colin Stuart Hamilton was MURDERED in Puerto Vallarta, WHERE the body was dug up five hours away, and WHY the Mexican Authorities HAD TO release the guy to FREEDOM, as DEMANDED by the CIA!!!

And less than a WEEK AGO, I learned that the TOP CIA AGENT in Puerto Vallarta has been ASSASSINATED (nearly a year ago)

Also, yesterday, the other residents of my specific house, compared notes on all the GAMES PLAYED with the US Mail to ALL of us!!! Someone with a KEY to the front door has been STEALING some mail, MISDIRECTING other mail, and even HIDING some of it which we have found (but maybe not ALL of it).

I GUESS that is the fault of landlady Gold Walker, who smokes so much oregano she has NO IDEA what she's doing half the time, and her SON of "Walker World" is LIKELY a major narco-trafficker with his UBER-RICH LAWYER girlfriend (who pays all his bills)

Gold Walker has NEVER, EVER changed or re-keyed the locks to ANY OF HER APARTMENTS when a tenant LEAVES, and MOST of her tenants are NARCO-TRAFFICKERS or ADDICTS, she NEVER requiring references for anyone to move in!!! And they have been like "Miss Lucy", downstairs (legally, Denise Wood), who is a former International Drug Mule -- and GOOD FRIEND of Mayor Bill Saffo.

And DIG THIS!!! Yesterday afternoon, I found a MEME on Facebook (and did NOT think to save it): "Rest in Peace, Wes Taylor!!!", and the meme ITSELF had a link directly to New Hanover County Democratic Party Third Vice Chair Ryan Lee Burris's now long-term boyfriend!!!

That is Wes Taylor (also a well-known narco-trafficker in Wilmington), between Democratic Governor Roy Cooper, and Ryan Lee Burris.

Although I FIRST KNEW (like anyone who THINKS, which includes NO FUCKING CHRISTIANS), that Roy Cooper was a BIG NARCO-TRAFFICKER with Thomas S. Kenan III and Betty (Price) Kenan for many MANY years, he the Attorney General of North Carolina for TEN YEARS before elected Governor. Roy NEVER went after his Kenan partners in NARCO-TRAFFICKING FOR JESUS.

This was CONFIRMED to me by both Patty next-door, the TOP PAID Cooper Campaign staffer in Wilmington -- and MANY OTHERS. ESSENTIALLY, my lawyer told me this SAME THING, yesterday, in his office. But I still am GLAD I voted for Cooper, as he's LESS RACIST than ANY Republican I ever met except Jennifer Harjo, my former Public Defender.

My QUESTION: If Wes Taylor is shown to his FRIENDS on Facebook to have DIED (but NO NOTICE in today's Star News or Port City Daily), did he just DIE TO HIS CHRISTIAN/NARCO-TRAFFICKING POWER (but not body)???

JUST FOUND!!! THEY CANNED Ryan Burris from the DEMOCRATIC PARTY OFFICERS within just the last few days!!!:

ALSO JUST IN: Gail Brockway, who employed me at TUX: Deli, Bar, Bakery, in Key West (where I met all the Village People, and Gary Tucker, who got me the job working for Tennessee Williams), has -- AFTER A FIVE YEAR WAIT TO ACCEPT MY REQUEST -- done this, just now:

Scott, Gail Brockway has confirmed that you're friends on Facebook.
And, I think THIS is enough for NOW, but I INTEND to get to know WOODY WHITE, because I BELIEVE he might be a PATRIOT (and can CLEAN UP the Republican Party).

In WILMINGTON, the DEMOCRATS are MORE CORRUPTED than the Republicans -- best I can tell.



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