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A SHOCKING New "Legal Conundrum" (that if I don't get some HONEST ANSWERS about -- could END some Professional CAREERS)!!!

Although the Time/Warner (now Spectrum), Cable TV truck had ALREADY suffered the loss of paint on the front edge, that CENTRAL lack of paint and the buckling of the hood back to the windshield, and the broken top of the radiator grill were all caused by hitting ME.

Now, I never informed my lawyer of the fact that I had, just a short time before, let Mayor Bill Saffo know that I would be then coming by foot to deliver another WRITTEN DEMAND for him to release the FULL POLICE REPORT on the murder of my friend Evan Fishforced to jump to his death from the top of the parking deck next to the downtown Library on about 9/4/2011 

And it was the Sheriff's Deputies who CONFIRMED that Wilmington Police did thisand explained how they DID it, by getting Evan's CHRISTIAN NARCO-TRAFFICKING former girlfriend, Eleanor "Ellie" Schwaner, (police had held her out of sight one floor below, until the Sheriff's Negotiator had -- after many hours -- gotten Evan back from the edge

As soon as Wilmington's FINEST heard that by radio, they sent Ellie on her mission for JESUS!!!: To whisper in his ear, causing Evan to shout "There's NO WAY OUT", and then jump to his death.

Friends of mine on the street at the time also confirmed that Wilmington Police on the street led chants of the crowd (mostly DRUG ADDICTS, as it was after 4:00 AM), of "Jump, Jump!, JUMP!!!"

Evan had actually been the TOP Cocaine Distributor in MAINE for two years, and came to Wilmington (unfortunately), to GET OUT -- why he was to be the MARKETING half of the Historic Waking (HA-HA!!! THAT is what it would have been -- although I meant to type "Walking"), Tour I had already SCRIPTED (and I still posses), which the Hirchacks of the Black Cat Shoppe on Market by the river, told me that NO ONE is allowed in Wilmington to run such a thing if ANYONE remains in Wilmington of the ANCESTORS BEING CRITICIZED, so I would NOT be allowed to criticize my OWN KENAN FAMILY!!!

Kim and John Hirchak OWN that shop and appear, here, to be HIGH AS KITES!!!

And it was Stanley Winborne III, native of Wilmington but living now in Puerto Vallarta, who TOLD ME his son was second in charge of the Hillary Clinton State Department in Afghanistan and IN CHARGE OF shipping all the HEROIN to Maxwell AFB in Alabama, where Pentagon Publishing had (maybe still has), THREE legitimate advertising contracts with WAR COLLEGES.

And Evan -- like everyone who WORKS for Patrick Stansbury -- said he got ALL of his cocaine supplied in Maine by Pentagon Publishing -- and by my and especially my now-deceased father, William Scott Kenan's BEST FRIEND, Lee Gosney (who traveled as a CERTIFIED Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous COUNSELOR, to minimize suspicion), also a top salesman at Pentagon Publishing.

Evan was the FIRST who told me Lee Gosney made deals with District Attorneys Ben and Jon David, Police Chief Ralph Evangelous, and the TOP and BOTTOM Christian Churches in Wilmington, including nearly ALL Evangelical/Conservative denominations, the EPISCOPAL CHURCH (with the priest at St. James who distributes drugs actually NAMED, but he's gone now), especially, and St. Mary's Catholic, First Presbyterian (where Ben David and Judges Lindsey Luther, Jeffrey Noecker, and until recently, New Hanover Commission Chair, Beth Dawson, whose husband was caught SOLICITING PROSTITUTES rather recently, ALL WORSHIP and do or have recently been ELDERS and/or DEACONS!!!) 

Anyway there is a LOT of confusion over my lawyer's past and current description of how personal injury awards are determined, and I need to  STUDY THIS awhile before "jumping to conclusions" and thinking my lawyer is now COMPROMISED by "Christians". One of his associates worked recently as an Assistant District Attorney close to Ben David, so there is LOTS OF POTENTIAL BLOG MATERIAL HERE, but I bet we can work something out and avoid all that PUBLICITY.

And my ORIGINAL POINT had been that even though the Mayor KNEW I was coming on foot, to think he could have SET UP Time/Warner to TAKE ME OUT DELIBERATELY, it SEEMS unreasonable to think they could have done this DELIBERATELY, but in fact, they COULD HAVE.

>>> AS I WROTE, THIS IS CONFUSING, AND I MUST STUDY IT MORE. So I conclude with some excerpts from emails with "Marquessa", a male living in Arizona, today:

His REAL NAME is Mark Hess, his email address is contained below. Here is his photo:

ALSO from

THIS the guy now living in Fayetteville, NC, who worked for the SAFFO FAMILY MAFIA in New York City for THIRTY YEARS, and said it is run by Bill Saffo's UNCLE, who regularly gives BILL SAFFO (known to lust for young men, and his wife, Renee, DIVORCED HIM and got a SECRET RESTRAINING ORDER against this MURDERING CHRISTIAN), his ORDERS on NARCO-TRAFFICKING in conjunction with the GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH, especially St. Nickolas, here in Wilmington.

I don't have time to react to everything you write, so don't jump to conclusions about mini-series or other things -- without getting that actual reaction from me. You already WROTE that you would send me to your friend who's an interesting screen-writer (and I looked her up and like her).

As my lawyer made clear, today, even when the NC Legislature has been Democrat-controlled, the REPUBLICANS actually write all the laws and control all Democrats. I said "You don't have to tell ME, I'm a KENAN -- HA!!!"

BTW: Alisa Worth, EXEC DIRECTOR of the Nevada Democratic Party -- as well as Jimmy Soni, who made HUFFPOST what it is today -- are the STAR members of the Board at Kenan Institute for Ethics that I have been telling the TRUTH about the Kenans who fund them. They knew almost NOTHING about the Kenans, previously!!! 

And the TOP Journalism Professor at UNC Chapel Hill contacted me for INFO ON THE KENANS!!!

Back to blogging . . . 


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Glad to know you're ok but where do these laws come from????  Maybe NC has its own set of laws.  I'm surprised they haven't narrowed it down to, "if a man hits a man, it's assault but if a man hits a black man it's "hit him again Bo-re-gard!"  Yahoo!

I slap myself!

Anyway, the weekend nears and we're going to heat up again after a nice respite and a little rain - halleluya!  However that's spelt.

We were supposed to go to the monthly luncheon for Prime Timers on Saturday which is held in a dumpy - but clean - little church on the west side but we've opted out because it's always sooooo boooooring.  Potluck, most guys bring something from a deli somewhere while I'm fixing some home made delight from scratch.  I asked the grand poobah if I could maybe bring my blue tooth speaker so we could stream a little Sinatra or Como or some other star from that era and never heard back from him.  I think it might be just too over the top to have that going on.

I take it you didn't like my idea for a serial featuring yo mama and you but it might grow on you - like moss does there if you stand around too long.  I have friends in Raleigh who are always pleading with me to come back and visit but the only place I'l really like to visit would be Wilmington.  Now that I know all about the Kenan family there I think I won't EVER come back to Nawth Caralina.....

If you win big with your lawsuit let me know.  Then I might come.....

Best regards, as always.

Tink happy tings!!!!

On Thu, May 11, 2017 at 1:01 PM, Scott Kenan <> wrote:

You might not yet know me well enough, but you needn't tell me the obvious, like that all time is simultaneous!!! (NO TIME in any world but the physical -- because TWO THINGS cannot exist in the same place AT THE SAME TIME, here -- unlike in EVERY Spiritual LEVEL and WORLD!!! This is what CREATES TIME, in our world.)

Just back from my vein scan, and I'm OK for no more treatments after the Time Warner Cable truck hit me. However, dropping the report at my lawyer's office, I got a WHOLE NEW story about how much he's allowed to sue for -- and it is a SMALL FRACTION of what he has previously claimed.

In fact, he said that is because my Kenan family had the law changed in 2011 -- so WHY was he reporting the OLD rules before, and the Law is actually somewhat INSANE now, and possibly unconstitutional. Currently, if you have NO INSURANCE COVERAGE AT ALL, and med costs are $5,000.00, the law says you are entitled to 8 times that, or about $40,000.00. BUT if insurance of any kind pays for anything, you are ONLY allowed to sue for eight times your out-of-pocket costs, so for the same injury, if insurance pays all but $1.000.00, only sue up to $8,000.00.

$8,000.00 or $40,000.00 is LEGAL for the SAME INJURIES and ACCIDENT, the only thing that matters is WHO PAID THE BILL, but the lawsuit is or for PAIN and SUFFERING, which in BOTH cases are THE SAME!!!

Another NC peculiarity: If a woman hits a woman OR a man -- or a man hits a man -- they are charged with ASSAULT. If a man hits a woman they cannot be charged with ASSAULT, but with ASSAULT ON A FEMALE, with penalties far HIGHER. I GET that men are generally larger, stronger, and more aggressive than women, but this should be on height/weight and other factors, not GENDER!!!

I'll meditate a little, then blog about the new development.


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OK, so I'm back now and have to get to the back for weight resistance and the mornings meditation.

All time is simultaneous so it's futile to say YOU'RE TOO OLD FOR ALL OF THIS but you seem like too nice a guy.

Nevertheless, we all cook in our own soup, don't we.

Adult is defined as, "fully developed and mature: grown up".  I ask the same question to my niece and her husband who are always screaming at each other and at each others' throats.  Ok, kiddies!  Who is going to be the adult?  

I know both their girls will come live with me at some point just to get away from them.  Life is too short!

Yours, on the other hand really should be featured in a movie, or better yet, maybe a mini-series.  The main character playing you would probably have to wear stilts as I doubt Hollywood has anyone as tall as you.  I can see it now; you're 7' so we'll make you a bit taller and your mom is probably 5'6" and we'll make her about 5'.  I can't tell you how awful it is every time she head-butts you in the you know where but it has to happen at least once in each episode.

It can't be like everyone taking a shot of whiskey every time someone says, "Hi, Bob" in the Bob Newheart series.  We need to make it more dramatic every time she does this to you.  Hmmmm.   I think I must go meditate on this one.

Best regards, Bub!


FUCK YOU, TOO, NARCO-TRAFFICKER!!! I have all the evidence in your written words.


Scott David Kenan (YOUR worst enemy, now.)

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Subject: Re: A new WHOOPS!!!

I know sweetheart and I'm not upset.   Just trying to loosen up your day with a tiny bit of humor and, come to think of it, the main reason I made contact with you was for info on Puerto Vallarta so I could enlighten my good friends who are trying it on for a year to see what it's about.  I don't think I saw anything I wanted to pass on necessarily but did enjoy the other content.

That being said and knowing you do have a lotta, lotta, lotta stuff on your plate, I shall say farewell.

A very fond one at that!

Good luck and good health!


I'll be sure to check in on your blog from time to time.


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