Friday, May 5, 2017

A Major Commodities-Trading Company in India CONTACTS ME!!! / Christian-CIA Facebook BLOCKED Me for a MONTH, Two Days Ago -- but I'm STILL Using It!!!

WHAT does THIS mean??? (I found it posted on Facebook.)

I'm AFRAID to think -- HA!!!

I guess I should first say that last night, the idea of Joseph Faulk claiming he had worked for three days (so far), clearing a path through his "bag-lady" tenement in Manhattan for the plumber to be able to take two or three steps into his bathroom, gave me the thought that he SOUNDS like a CRACKHEAD desperate to find a rock that popped out of his PIPE!!!

Now I KNOW better than to think Joseph is smoking CRACK, but that guy Mike who offered his sexual self to me just a week ago for the GREAT VALUE (he could be on a SHELF at Walmart, no???), of $10.00 USD, had that EXACT THING HAPPEN, and he NAKEDLY crawled all over my floor for TWENTY MINUTES until he found the tiny piece of rock -- and THANK GOD he did. He made it CLEAR he would not leave until he did.


: My LAST date was with George Bush's eighth cousin, Bill Toups, who LAUGHED WITH ME all night about the Traitorous Crimes the Bush and Kenan Families have committed together for DECADES. HE didn't smoke CRACK, but like me DOES smoke a little pot, but we did NOT do that or have more than ONE glass of wine, each, all night.

And then we SNUGGLED after he was outfitted in his C-PAP Machine -- a FIRST for me, but our senses of HUMOR saved the DAY (night, actually -- HA!!!)

And I learned from Joseph that "the plumbers' system has TOTALLY CHANGED," and he told me the plumber arrived within two hours of his landlord calling them!!! Joseph was SURE it would take closer to two weeks before a called plumber arrived anywhere in NYC. This shows you how WELL Joseph understands the REAL WORLD.

Next, here is the comment left on my LAST posting overnight:

  1. Waoo nice post about "As a BEDTIME BONUS: An Episode of 'Ask Melania Trump'"


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  2. Dear Safal Trading: Thank YOU, the FIRST major company to EVER endorse one of my blog posts!!! I see you are important Commodity Traders based in India, and my Kenan Family controls Bank of America/Merrill Lynch. India is a country I can't WAIT to visit. I am posting your comment here, and will bring it forward and put in a PLUG for your company when I blog next, then include you once in my mailing to 200 Political Contacts. Scott

OK, I don't have time to fully research their company, but on first glance it looks GREAT!!!:

And I found THIS on Facebook:
RIP Jean Stein

The news has been full of details and information about Jean's sad demise today x

Image may contain: 1 person
Eric Turpin Looks like that apartment is a bad omen. Didn't someone else jump to their death from the same apartment?

Reply14 hrs

Of course, I can't post to Facebook, so I wanted to PHONE CALL John Kerry, but he lives in a foreign country and my cell service only calls the USA.

And it is TRUE that the foreign Press is ALL OVER THIS STORY, and the CHRISTIAN CIA has STIFLED IT in the US -- like EVERY OTHER COUNTRY reports SOME of Barack Obama's GAY LIFE!!!

Eric Turpin's comment ANGERED ME GREATLY, at first. ONLY superstitious GOD-HATING people believe it is the APARTMENT that is under a BAD OMEN, when it is the CHRISTIAN CIA who murders people INTERFERING with their Christian/Republicans/Democrats' NARCO-TRAFFICKING and OTHER Traitorous Crimes.

It IS an interesting question whether or not OTHERS have "FLOWN" from that same address!!!


As you can see in this thread, I made several comments before Facebook BLOCKED ME, and ALL comments beneath my last one came AFTER THAT, but Bonnie Childers ADDED her "FIRST ONE SHOWING", here, AFTER I spoke with her this morning by phone.

Bonnie and her husband were BOTH very pleasant on a ten-minute phone call to Merion, NC, Bonnie only STRIDENTLY disagreeing with me when I said, "I LOVE what Jesus taught, but if you WORSHIP HIM you violate the FIRST COMMANDMENT, and are in HELLalready!!!"

Bonnie kindly gave me her email address, so I can show her what I'm posting, and I promised to publish her UN-EDITED response, should she care to send one.

I think I'll make some notes BENEATH this Facebook thread:
Been thinking about Bill Shine. Been there with Hannity since the beginning of Fox News. I remember Hannity on the radio here in ATL talking about heading up to NYC to start his show. Now Ailes is gone, O'Reilly is gone, Shine is gone, and hopefully, Hannity will have few if any supporters for his hate filled propaganda and fake news. I'd like to see Fox wipe the slate clean and get rid of Hannity next...Come on Fox, you can do it!
Ron Miller Do you feel the same way about MSNBC, CNN and NBC? Their hatred is way over the top.
I'm listening to Hannity now, (DVR) and what I hear is his distrust and disgust, which I share, with the Republicans in Congress for not being prepared and for not showing leadership. He calls out the Republicans as well as the Democrats.
I'm surprised that you are calling for the silencing of free speech, especially you, my friend.

May 2 at 8:22am
Jack Riggs It's not about freedom of speech, and in all honesty, I do not hear the same vitriol coming from anyone like that from Hannity and O'Reilly, and I do my best to listen to both, but it is very hard when I understand what they are doing. I know MSNBC is there as an alternative to Fox News, but I don't see MSNBC as Fox News competition. 

I look to CNN, and Fox can't hold a candle to CNN for unbiased news. In fact, they have gone beyond the pale to have "fair and balanced" debates ("Fair & Balanced" is FOX NEWS's long-time philosophy that I, Scott, AGREE with Jack that CNN has now FULLY EMBRACED: YOUR FACT has equal value with MY LIE -- in a FAIR and balanced world"). Fox just goes against everything that is not within their ideology.

Say what you will, but what Hannity does and O'Reilly did was simply gaslight and seek division. I didn't like Hannity when he was here in ATL, and I have never been able to listen to him because he is so factually biased that he just makes no sense to me, and I'm a guy that looks for real debate. Hannity's answers do not represent the America I want to create, nor are they doable in any shape or form. He's part of the problem, but that's entertainment!

May 2 at 6:38pm
Ron Miller That's what it is...entertainment. it is not news.
Scott Kenan Hi Jack Riggs: I know you don't much like my telling the truth of my experience and about my devout Christian/Republican/KLAN-supporting Kenan Family that inherited Frank Hawkins' estate -- Frank owned Atlantic Steel (now Station), was the largest cotton oil merchant in the world, had much banking, railroad and other interests when he was credited with putting the PHOENIX in Atlanta after the Civil War, but it was Sean Hannity's close friend Christal Presley (roommate of Hannity's wife, Jill Rhodes, in college) who was instrumental in GETTING my BAD contract with Alyson Books for publication as featured hard-cover release of 30 in 2010, and always made no secret of Hannity's gay life

You can find a lot about it on the internet. But I agree, Hannity will be gone soon, too. And I don't know about YOUR FB feed, but mine shows my Progressive friends actually more ANGERED over CNN's lies, now (subtle, while Fox lies "openly"), ALL of this is done by devout Christians, which raises the question if Christians are NECESSARILY traitors to ANY CIVIL Constitution

I dealt with this issue in some detail, yesterday:

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May 2 at 8:57am
Bonnie Osborne Childers "devout Christian...KLAN-supporting"... now that is the mother of all oxymorons!

Reply50 mins
Susan White The problem that I see is that it is whack-a-mole. O'Reilly goes down, but Tucker Carlson pops up. And on and on and on...
Scott Kenan Yes, but it's TAKING ITS TOLL!!!

May 2 at 10:12am
Jack Riggs But Tucker will never have the stage that O'Reilly had, unless he writes the book "Killing Bill O'Reilly!" That might make him an international celebrity!

May 2 at 6:41pm
Scott Kenan LOL!!! (for the above) My latest -- after an old friend who introduced me to Jackie Kennedy Onassis was MURDERED, two days ago:

Jean Stein who penned biographies for Bobby…
John Hetzel Ha! You so fahnny!

May 3 at 5:16pm
Jack Riggs Goose, my man!
Allen Price Wait until you see the new improved conservative network that is coming.......snowflakes beware!

May 3 at 10:21pm
Allen Price No, actually it's just a generic term for liberal idiots.

Reply1 hr
Allen Price So Alex's language is productive but mine isn't?

Reply18 mins
Bonnie Osborne Childers Why is it that Liberals feel all Conservative voices must be silenced ? The march to Fascism continues.

3 hrs
Jack Riggs Not a liberal, Bonnie. It's not conservative voices. I listen to them and read them all the time. David Brooks, Kathleen Parker, and David Gergen to mention three. In fact, I'm friends with Kathleen Parker and we occasionally correspond. The issue is the stridence, the seemingly insensate need to condemn those that don't believe in the social community they think is the best. A sort of do as I do, or get out. It's ugly and wrong, and I wish we could all have a more reasonable conversation, but when a remark like "The march to Fascism continues," is made, just how can one reasonably respond to that?

2 hr
Tom Riggs call me please

Reply1 hr
Gail Manis U R Blind To TRUTH😡

Reply1 hr


1. NO ONE in this thread supports LIMITING FREE SPEECH!!! 

BUT conservatives feel TOTALLY THREATENED because Fox News REMOVED Sean Hannity (whose wife's best friend Christal Presley told me that SEAN prefers sex with men), but it was NOT for that.

>>> FOX HAS NOT REMOVED SEAN HANNITY (yet), but CLEARLY ALL on this thread are FANTASIZING as if it had ALREADY HAPPENED, no???


Fox News in NOT a LIBERAL organization (last I checked), so if you don't like that, complain to FOXSILLIES!!!

2. Bonnie Childers's comment: "devout Christian...KLAN-supporting"... now that is the mother of all oxymorons!" is FUNNY AS HELL!!!

Bonnie LIVED in Chapel Hill and TOLD me on the phone she knows a lot about my Kenan Family -- so she KNOWS it is the Kenans who KEEP "Silent Sam" on UNC campus in HOPE of "KEEPING THE FAITH" in WHITE SUPREMACY -- they continuing to RAMP UP for the WAR for WHITE RULE of the USA.

Granted, she didn't know about the Kenans RUNNING narcotics with Barack Obama, BOTH Bush Presidents, and BOTH Clintons -- this is kept OUT OF THE NEWS in the USA!!!

The Episcopal Mace -- only retired in 2005, and ONLY because these Christians were FORCED to do so, by "POLITICAL CORRECTNESS". Also, I can PROVE IN COURT that Sewanee (where the Episcopal Mace is kept)/Episcopal Church with the Republican Party, CIA, and FBI -- even my KENAN FAMILY -- MURDERED Tennessee Williams and STOLE his estate (now worth over $1/2 BILLION), from Harvard University -- just like Jackie Kennedy Onassis WARNED Tennessee Williams and me on January 11, 1982 -- at JEAN STEIN and George Plimpton's party for Tennesee.

Jean Stein, like me and a FEW others still alive could PROVE our Government murdered Tennessee Williams -- WITH the CHRISTIAN CHURCH!!!

So if the CIA did NOT assassinate Jean Babette Stein, then WHY is the story getting TOP COVERAGE in much of the rest of the WORLD, when Jean was the American who OWNED NBC, TONS of TV and MOVIE STUDIOS, Comcast, etc.???

That makes NO SENSE AT ALL!!!

And I just HOPE I will hear back from Bonnie -- I have ALREADY sent message to Jack Riggs of what I am doing here. They should BOTH remember I am enjoined from answering any comments on Facebook, DIRECTLY.

Bonnie Osbourne Childers (my Kenan step-grandmother was a Childers, BTW), and her husband John look like NICE PEOPLE, no???

INTERESTING that the address Bonnie and I made certain I got right, is "donnyboybrookfarm" does NOT exist as a website, and all the similar names of farms are in OTHER STATES!!! 

I HOPE it works!!!


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