Sunday, May 14, 2017

A Few Things Forgotten, Earlier (in my haste):

Sorry, I couldn't resist this -- from Rev. David Barrett of Religious Science in Atlanta. We both go back there MANY years, now. And I couldn't resist the next, either:

“We’ll never survive!”

“Nonsense. You’re only saying that because no one ever has.”

― William Goldman, The Princess Bride

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If it's not one thing, it's your mother.

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Well, the FIRST thing I'd better say, I've seen little news today, but happened to catch Rex Tillerson in an interview, and believe this came from the guy we FIRST saw, giving such an exemplary speech to his new State Department employees!!!

Although Rex Tillerson worked his entire life for my Kenan Family at Exxon-Mobil, and is largely responsible for putting Pena Nieto into the Mexican Presidency, etc., it was my Kenan Family that gave him these marching orders, and that Exxon exec who told me all of this was VERY dismissive of Thomas S. Kenan III ever directing them, no doubt because he is a high-functioning alcoholic kept in a golden prison of philanthropy.

My real point is that Rex Tillerson played the game RIGHT to get where he is. And NOW he can use those AWESOME SKILLS as a Patriot to the US Constitution. I BET that is what will happen!!!

Here he is on the left:

I find it ENCOURAGING that Rex Tillerson has never been known to have ANY religious affiliation -- nor has he identified as an Atheist. And I LIKE his "Big Kingly Head" (which is not a sexual turn-on -- to me).

What I forgot to include earlier, is that last night whilest we were both smoking cigs on her back porch, I told "Miss Lucy" that it seemed to me that things were HEATING UP, and I just wanted to remind everyone in the neighborhood with whom I have had dealings, that the REAL forces in the US Government look into all their contacts by phone or internet. Ten minutes later, as we parted, she said, "What you said has made me really paranoid now." And I said, "I wouldn't worry about it -- you retired from crime AGES ago!!!"

I've been "totally tapped" since AT LEAST 1988 (that I can prove), and I got used to having no privacy -- since I'm NOT the criminal here, I don't CARE.

And what I didn't have time to include, is that the more I have thought of my lawyer's suggestion that I might do better chasing Time-Warner's insurance company MYSELF, is that he is likely EXACTLY CORRECT, in that although I have NOT sought Psychiatric Treatment over the fears of intersections now, while walking AND driving. And I have ALSO been haunted by the fact that Mayor Saffo would have known I was coming on foot to confront him (leave a letter with his secretary) when Time-Warner's truck hit me -- and then Jean Stein who controlled Time-Warner's competition, Comcast and NBC (among other things -- Time-Warner Spectrum controlling THAT cable, plus CNN), has now been ASSASSINATED!!!

It was NOT FUN!!!

It APPEARS that Jean Babette Stein's ASSASSINATION was to WARN NBC not to COMPLAIN that the CIA is now to REPLACE all their Key People with Conservatives, which I've seen BITCHING all over the internet about, recently!!!

05/14/2017 03:51 pm ET

Lawrence O’Donnell’s Future At MSNBC Is Unclear

As his contract nears its end, a renewal doesn’t appear to be on the horizon for “The Last Word” host.

Now, I KNOW that is just "paranoia" -- but the COINCIDENCE of it is TOO MUCH. Also true, is that I have been through so many EXTREMELY SCARY and PAINFUL EVENTS, I know how to keep these nagging thoughts under control without even counselling.

AND, a lawyer can't be "loose" with the subjects he brings up, but I can explain it all in a letter to them attached to my claim -- a letter that will be SO WELL WRITTEN that they will quickly decide to HONOR ME with a fair amount.

And of course I can publish it all over, and although I might not get it into Spectrum's Legal Record, it will reside in that of their Insurance Company.




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