Wednesday, May 31, 2017

A Tale in One TWO-WAY Email -- LOL!!!

Joseph Faulk lives in the top apartment, #5, at 14 W. 95th Street, New York, NY 10025. TWO of his windows are not stuck to an air-conditioner, so he COULD JUMP TO HIS DEATH onto a HUMAN -- and harm him or her!!!

What on EARTH are you typing about??? Have you completely lost touch with reality??? I've blog-posted your name, address, and phone number -- as well as photos of your apartment building -- MANY times before and people HIT THOSE POSTINGS every day. Google Statistics shows me that info at any time I want to see what is being hit from the past -- but they only show me the TOP TEN being hit, at any time.

I have posted my OWN signature many, many times, as Patrick Stansbury of Pentagon Publishing (now shut down due to my blogging and reports to Law Enforcement), made us all use electronic facsimiles of our signatures to sign all letters and emails from Pentagon Publishing, Inc., when that was first possible -- but everyone later got away from it as everyone reading them knew it was just an electronic file.

Additionally, only a year or so ago, my good friend Elizabeth Redenbaugh, then still Head of the local County Democrats -- as well as recipient of a 2011 Kennedy Profile in Courage Award, used HER signature which I SAVED, but I have NEVER used it to impersonate her -- nor to steal her identity -- and since she sent it in many THOUSANDS of emails to Democrats (many here being SUPER-FELONY criminals -- narco-traffickers, mostly), NONE of those TOP CRIMINALS have tried to steal her identity, either.

Routing numbers are published all over the place and EVERYONE at Chase bank SHARES that number with you. You're NOT as SPECIAL as you seem to believe -- you are a NARCISSIST like Donald Trump -- LOL!!!

Let me know when you're "financial ruin" occurs, and I'll be CERTAIN to send you a financial donation, commensurate with my ability when it happens. I EXPECT to cause it MYSELF through the Courts.

Well NEITHER U.S. Consular Agent Kelly Trainor nor her boss, former Kenan Top Exec and current Secretary of State Rex Tillerson are CURRENTLY on my "enemy list". YOU don't follow the news, but Tillerson is lobbying Trump to KEEP the Paris Climate Accords, and today it was reported that at the just concluded Exxon-Mobil Shareholder's Meeting, 62% voted for CLIMATE CHANGE SCIENCE TRANSPARENCY by XOM (market abbreviation), compared to 38% just one year ago.

Since you feel qualified to diagnose that I have a "long-term mental disorder", you must NAME IT!!! I'm not qualified to diagnose anyone, but I DID name your illness as NARCISSISM:

-- and I KNOW DAMN WELL that you would NEVER have made this claim WITHOUT speaking first with my mother, brother, or one or more of my sisters -- so DISCLOSE WHICH ONE (or ones), IT WAS.

And JUST FOR THE RECORD, I passed within twenty feet of D.A. Ben David today (N.W. corner of Third and Market Streets -- at about 1:18 PM) -- and he never SAW ME, nor did I think it wise to call to him since he was with some TOP LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICIALS -- HA!!!

I will continue to keep calling you, and now in this EMERGENCY SITUATION, be certain to do so daily (or more often), to be sure you have not had a stroke, heart-attack, or successful on unsuccessful suicide, and call NYC authorities to check you out in the manner Psychologist Ben, living behind me, has said would be the FASTEST!!!

All my Love,
-----Original Message-----

From: Joseph Faulk <>
To: Scott Kenan <>
Sent: Wed, May 31, 2017 6:54 pm

Subject: I see you have blacked out my account number...

 . . . but I do not want you to show my routing nr, name and address, check sequence nr, and my SIGNATURE. You are exposing me to major identity theft and financial ruin. Of course your 100-150 earlier mailings of the confidential info cannot be recalled.

In addition your blog and distributed mails continue to defame me and reiterate your contempt for me, although I have gifted you with a pretty good lifestyle for 5 1/2 years.

I think you should return to treatment of your long-term mental disorder. Otherwise, relating to you is impossible because everyone ends up on your enemy list and subject to your vengeance.



Proven HUGE Financial Supporter of Christian/NAZI Narco-Traffickers and Whores-Runners in Wilmington, NC, Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr. of NYC, FREAKS OUT!!!

Haston Lavern Caulder II, comatose on illegal drugs on my back porch, early last fall.

Joseph contacted me to say he FELL IN LOVE with Haston when I first published this photo -- because it reminded him of Picasso's Blue Period:

And then Haston sent Joseph (and me), THIS, to KEEP him interested:

(NOT to my taste -- nor to the taste of Denise Wood, downstairs, Haston having BANGED ON HER BACK DOOR promising he would POUND HER "USSY-PAY" like she needs -- after she was asleep TWICE -- and Police had to tell Haston to stop that, as documented in this blog!!!)

Previously, Joseph Faulk had fallen in love with Dewain Joseph Hall -- he liking the HEROIN-ADDICT LOOK -- Dewain addicted to THAT:

Now, I've had about ten homeless guys through my apartment, trying to get them off the street and to a SANE LIFE. The Five US Veterans (all claiming to be straight and Christians, but all of them asking ME for sex, which they ALL enjoyed repeatedly), got into GREAT Vet Dry-Out programs, and I hope are still doing well.

The OTHERS, mostly associated with Haston Caulder, and ALSO claiming to be Christian and straight, are all but ONE, now in jail or awaiting trial, like Haston Caulder.

And it was the LAST ONES that brought the Bed Bugs into my house (but NOT Haston), costing me $1,200.00 to an exterminator to get rid of. Landlady Gold Walker kindly has financed that, since Mr. Faulk absolutely REFUSED to cover the cost, although it was the ones Joseph INSISTED I let stay here that brought the BUGS.

I'll re-post the altered check, coincidentally the same $1,200.00 that the bug-treatment cost me, followed by the email I just sent Joseph and copied to all my siblings and my nephew Connor Michael Kenan:

How DARE you call me and DEMAND like a Christian NAZI I do ANYTHING AT ALL, that you have not first asked me politely to do.

Frankly, it was only when you said I'd published something really personal, that I thought a minute and realized you meant your account number. Had I thought of that, I would have blacked it out first, and after a moment of feeling STUPID, I remembered that the only thing anyone but you can do with it is DEPOSIT money into your account, American Banking having YEARS ago added security so no one with just that and the routing number could do anything else.

Because you are a TOTAL FOOL and uninterested in REALITY, I was going to simply leave it up, but as soon as I got home I switched them out -- to BABY your IDIOT 84-year-old-ass!!!

And remember, the US State Department and Justice Department now have the EVIDENCE of your supporting a KNOWN NARCO-TRAFFICKER -- and I have all the saved emails from you of how much money to give Haston Lavern Caulder from what you have Pay-Palled me before, as well.

Pack your bags for PRISON, asshole -- LOL!!!




1. I went to my oral surgeon's office, and my implanted sockets for posts to eventually snap my lower denture on are in PERFECT shape!!!

2. I stopped by Balkcum's Used Cars (on Market way up north near my surgeon's), but the actual Balkcum there never HEARD of Odell Balkcum, my father's best friend growing up who is claimed to have given me a teaspoon of Bourbon at age six weeks (likely a finger-dip, only), on my first trip to Wilmington from Cincinnati -- to keep me from turning Yankee.

Oh well.

3. I stopped at Carolina Girl Gardens, and felt like I was in HEAVEN, their selection and customer service is so EXTRAORDINARY

Unfortunately, I cannot now add a review to their Facebook page, because I'm STILL BANNED THERE for criticizing Christians and posting FACTS about Barack Obama's homosexuality (which Facebook calls "fake news").

As is WELL KNOWN, the CIA-controlled FACEBOOK even ADMITTED to manipulating Timelines to PROMOTE DONALD TRUMP!!!

4. I got a haircut.

5. I HOPE to have a relaxing evening.


Unidentified, Tennessee Williams, and me -- at artist Mark Beard's Thanksgiving Party on Staten Island, 1981:

And so I continue to DANCE!!!


Celebrating the HILARIOUS FOOLS in My Life!!!

All my longtime Readers know that not only was CIA Agent Anderson Cooper TRAINED by the CIA ( -- from which NO ONE leaves alive -- although they become less active. Anderson NEVER had a single course in Journalism. And in 2012, his Vanderbilt Family that owns Grand Central Station kicked me out of it FOR LIFE -- because I made a mild joke about Republicans in the seasonal "Christmas Market" there.

And then Jamie Lee Sutherland in trying to sell me his home in Mismaloya, Mexico, told me of ALL the celebrities who ALSO had homes on Avenida Ava Gardner (a North Carolina actress), but since Kathy Griffin had a place NEXT DOOR (from when she was married to Steve Wozniak, an original partner in Apple Computer and they gave TONS of computers to local Mexican schools), I was ESPECIALLY thrilled by THAT!!!

And just researching, Woz was NEVER married to Ms. Griffin -- just ANOTHER lie Jamie told me before SUING me for LIBEL, and getting conviction in Chicago Courts with Wilmington D.A. Ben David's help -- HA!!!

But the BIGGEST FOOL in MY life is Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr., who UNLIKE every other fool in my life -- from my immediate family members to Politicians and Ministers in Wilmington -- Joseph has NO IDEA how much FELONY TROUBLE he is in -- and that makes him even MORE amusing.

This morning, he had gone out to smoke five cigarettes in a row on a bench on Columbus Avenue, and as ALWAYS when he leaves his apartment for ALL this nearly six years we have known each other, he NEVER takes his cell phone, but leaves it in his apartment -- as if it were a LAND LINE.

He had, but does not have, a landline, which would be FAR LESS EXPENSIVE than his cell, which is a flip phone like mine, but I pay $30.00/month for unlimited in the USA, while he pays three times that and the SAME DEAL is available to him there from at least AT&T and Verizon. A landline would cost him LESS, as would a Spectrum Cable phone, that he could add for cheap since he has their TV Cable and Internet, already (and THAT phone would have been FREE to call me in Mexico all those years he called me there)!!!

Well, some other HIGH POINTS of Joseph Faulk's foolishness include his near TERMINAL FEAR of landlord Bruce A. Kapner, which caused Joseph to DELAY calling him for FIVE YEARS because his toilet flushing mechanism was broken, and he was flushing with buckets of water (something any high school child could fix). He FINALLY got up the nerve to have that quickly repaired about a year ago.

And CONTINUING is his broken refrigerator for over SIX years, now, and the landlord who supplied it HAS TO repair or replace it.

There was the kit to make a hardwood end table that cost -- with AIR SHIPMENT TO MEXICO -- over $600.00 to send, and he sent it DESPITE having the list of banned items by Mex Customs that INCLUDES anything wooden. It was DESTROYED by Customs, but they did NOT destroy the "medical device" Joseph sent me, they returned it:

And Joseph sent this to me to pull on my balls whilest stroking with my right hand, after I returned to Wilmington. He even included a big handful of heavy rubber bands to use as cock rings. But I didn't use any of that, and gave the vibrator to Denise Wood, downstairs, knowing if she didn't use it for her then achy muscles, she would "go groinal" with it, as many ladies do.

And speaking of "Miss Lucy" downstairs, I had a nice conversation with her this morning, telling her she seems more CALM the last several days (TRUE!!!), and that while we have been civil but totally reserved for about the last week, I DID run out of the pot she's been selling me five days ago, but I'm doing fine.

I forgot to mention that my pipe was so clogged with resins, only last night did I finally run out of smoking THEM.

And of course back this March, Joseph sent Haston Lavern Caulder II, a TOTAL Narco-Trafficker and Whores-Runner for Jesus, over $6,200.00 for the MONTH (Haston having no obligations except $500.00 to me for rent, and his food and cigs), BUT I REFUSED to give Haston the check Joseph mailed to MY attention, while Haston was getting mail at this address ALSO (so why didn't he mail it to Haston???)

OK, all that money was sent in February, but Joseph always talks about most money as being for the NEXT month.

And of course Joseph said he had read ALL my recent blog posts, carefully, and AGAIN had no complaint about my posting his actual cell number, but ONLY wanted to talk about my LEGAL JEOPARDY in posting what I did yesterday about lawyer Bruce Mason. 

PREVIOUSLY, Joseph had gone into near APOPLEXY after I first blogged this image:

Melania was then SUING someone for posting some untruth about her, and Joseph was CERTAIN Melania Trump was going to SUE ME TOO!!! (It hasn't happened, and I've used this image nearly a dozen times now.)

Besides, Bruce Mason KNOWS I consider him a "mixed bag", and also that as a LAWYER, he can take care of himself VERY WELL -- and I once discussed with Bruce what my old friend Andy Warhol is so famous for saying: "All publicity is GOOD publicity."

AND the only OTHER thing now worth mentioning is that I have NOT heard back from Pamela Heisser's supervisor, Linda Hall, at ESIS, who is handling my claim against the Time Warner Cable truck that hit me in a crosswalk -- but maybe I WILL hear from her (soon ENOUGH, anyway)!!!

And FRANKLY, I feel like I've ALSO been hit by one of THESE TRUCKS -- HA!!!:


"Kenansville -- were drivin' for Kenansville!!!"

Kenansville, USA.

May 31, 2017Volume 5, Issue 15

New Kenan research: honesty, respect top list of values important to students

Research which suggests that many students have a fairly well-developed sense of moral identity was recently presented at the American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting in San Antonio by Amber Díaz Pearson, research scholar at the Kenan Institute for Ethics, together with Tara Hudson, a post doctoral scholar and collaborator at the University of Notre Dame. The authors found that college students think about the meaning of a moral and ethical life in complex ways, and that understanding these ideas can shed light on students' future participation as citizens of a democratic and pluralistic society.

The paper, "Developing the Moral Self: College Students' Understandings of Living a Moral or Ethical Life," presented findings from surveys of undergraduates at two private U.S. universities: one faith-based and one independent. "Honesty" and "respect" were the most frequently cited principles and values identified as important by students

Responses specifically referenced interest in promoting the wellbeing of others, avoiding acts of harm, and doing what is morally or ethically right even when it may not be the easiest choice. One respondent noted it was important to "use your light to bring out the light in others."

Learn more about the research in this story.


Tuesday, May 30, 2017

A Tale in TWO EMAILS!!! (I'm TRYIN' to keep it SIMPLE.)

Bruce Mason, attorney

Email to Pamela Heisser (and supervisor), at (I got a reply that Ms. Heisser is out of the office until 9:00 AM June 5.):

Dear Ms. Heisser:

Having received no reply concerning what you and your company consider proper considerations of my "pain and suffering", which I think this claim is about, I will try to be more clear in my questions. Also, the situation being highly out of the "normal", I decided to guess at your supervisor's email address, and to copy my former attorney Bruce Mason as well, he having CAUSED a lot of confusion for me, and I don't talk behind anyone's back.

I'm sorry that my earlier email confused you. I am now feeding all my info about drug corruption -- including of at least the Time Warner side of Spectrum -- directly to the US State Department and from there to the CIA, NSA, and Justice Department, by invitation of the Puerto Vallarta Consular Agent whom I know well personally, and who has been in place since Bill Clinton appointed her in the 1990s. They are VERY INTERESTED in how your company, although a subcontractor for Spectrum's insurance, treats me.

Had I not begun with a lawyer, I bet you would have told me first EXACTLY how you measure in dollars "pain and suffering", so I knew what sorts of things to send you. Mr. Mason first told me -- and on two separate occasions -- that the ACTUAL COST of all medical was essentially multiplied by eight, and then Medicare reimbursement and his cut would be deducted with me getting the rest. Later, he claimed that the Law was changed in 2011, so that only MY OUT OF POCKET costs count at ALL, so that a person with no insurance who paid all the medical bills would get a FAR HIGHER insurance award than one like me whose bills were MOSTLY covered by Medicare -- although the pain and suffering in both cases is identical. There is NO LOGIC in this, and I can't imagine it is true.

I am very active in Politics, and that is not your interest, but after working with Law Enforcement for SEVEN YEARS, I discovered this morning that the company I worked for 20 years, selling the ad space in all the yearbooks of the US Service Academies, but also distributing all the illegal drugs flown into Maxwell AFB (from Maine to Florida, but ESPECIALLY here in Wilmington to Politicians and Christian Churches and Clergy to profit from) -- has been shut down TOTALLY (at least the legitimate ad-sales part of it), and then today I also learned that one of the biggest drug distribution houses in Wilmington, the William R. Kenan House, built by my relatives, has ALSO been shut down -- boarded up!!!

So please let me know how this process proceeds, and what you take into consideration, and how soon you expect to be able to make me an offer. Mr. Mason had told me that I COULD get settlement before the end of May (a little late for that, now), and at the LATEST, by the end of June 2017. He is very experienced, so I trusted his word, but now I'm not so sure that I should have.

Thanks, and once this confusion is cleared up, I feel CERTAIN it will be easier between you and me!!!

All Best,
Scott David Kenan

Email to Teri Motsinger, owner of Benefits Management, Inc.:

Hi Teri,

No one offered me an explanation for WHY I was not given the first check from my May money on May 4, and since I had more than once been promised that check -- before then -- I had made financial plans around that money, but NOT receiving it, and getting rather EXTREME HOSTILITY from your company, instead -- and no explanation since then, either, I am beyond exasperated. I DID badger my family (which coughed up a HUGE $200.00 -- LOL -- the first money they've helped me with since small pittances in 2011), and Joseph Faulk, who has now promised another month's REDUCED allowance check the middle of June to be "for July", so I don't NEED that check, now.

As I told those at your window, today, I never thought you embezzled MY money, and have no reason to believe you have ever done so, however, I was contacted nearly a week ago by Kelly Trainor, a career State Department Employee (Consular Agent in Puerto Vallarta since appointed in the 1990s), inviting me to send ALL my evidence of the Christian Drug Mafias of Wilmington, the USA, and Mexico directly to the State Department, now headed by Rex Tillerson, who for his entire career worked for my NAZI/Christian Kenan Family and put both Presidente Enrique Pena Nieto and President Donald Trump into power -- to get Mexico's, and they HOPE Russia's, oil to profit the Christian Kenans.

So I do NOT know now if you will be included in the Federal Racketeering charges that WILL include D.A. Ben David, and likely will include Joseph Faulk -- and all my siblings (if we can't work out a settlement from them out of Court). This morning I discovered that my employer of 20 years in Georgia has been TOTALLY shut down -- due to info I provided, and this afternoon, I learned that the William R. Kenan house on Nun Street is ALSO now abandoned -- it having been a MAJOR narcotics distribution center in 2011-12, while I was homeless here, and continuing most of the time I've been back, now.

In any case, since the Government paired us in our relationship, and would NOT let me out when I tried -- very seriously and with my Doctor's help -- I trust we can be cordial in all things public and communications. I DID mention to your staff, today, that my friend Evan Fish whom Police forced to jump to his death 9/3/2011, because he knew ALL ABOUT my now SHUT DOWN former employer, Patrick Stansbury of Pentagon Publishing, Inc., Snellville, Georgia, supplying the Wilmington Christian Churches, Ministers (not all of them), and Politicians of BOTH Parties with HUGE volumes of HEAVY DRUGS, actually landed by one report I found published -- RIGHT BY YOUR FRONT DOOR (he having taken a long time to hit the ground, having been spun around several times by the power lines).

I hope that does not SPOOK YOU at all, but it also seems true that you and I never had problems with checks mailed to BoA (and other places), DISAPPEARING until you MOVED to that location!!!

As another mere observation, I have seen only ONE male in your employ the last many months, and EVERYONE seems to be a professing Christian. You MIGHT get into legal trouble with the Government over that, since fewer and fewer Wilmingtonians I speak with claim to be Christian anymore -- maybe 25% -- and your staff doesn't reflect anything but a possible RELIGIOUS TEST for your staff!!!

I do not even ask for a reply to this -- I just want you to know my current understanding of things, and of course I will post this on my blog.

Thanks for reading this,



The Fall of the House of KENAN (William Rand Kenan, Sr., who took the only clear Confederate shot at President Lincoln, and led the 1898 Wilmington Insurrection)!!!

Wilmington's first flush toilet was in the add-on over the drive. I was given a tour of the downstairs in 1990 by the owner, when this was a LOVELY Guest House, and in 2011/12, it was presided over by Anna Berry, who rented rooms to DRUG MAFIA who worked with Wilmington Police to somehow get a Restraining Order against me with me never being given notice

THEN, I knowing nothing of it, I was arrested AFTER THE FACT because someone claimed I had walked up the far side of Nun Street -- and had had no contact with anyone (which was true).

More than anyone else, Anna Berry HATED actress Linda Lavin, whose backyard abutted this property's, and told me she knew how to and WOULD drive Linda and her husband Steve Bakunas out of town. She DID, and then now-Judge Lindsey Luther bought the house -- and I suppose moved in with hubby Evan Luther!!!

110 Nun Street, Wilmington, NC 28401, was ALSO the home in which Mary Lily Kenan grew up, before marrying Henry Flagler, who gave her the HOMEWhitehall (LOL -- White Supremacy in NAMING), as a wedding present:

On the FIRST train of the Overseas Railroad!!!

This morning, I first spoke with Joseph Faulk in NYC, and he is in good physical health, and plagued by his DELUSIONS. I've published his cell phone number TWICE in the last two days on my blog, and he hasn't complained about it ONCE!!! He also didn't care about the shuttering of Pentagon Publishing, Inc, as mentioned in my last posting,, but only about claiming that opened food stays good in his refrigerator, for over six years now an ICE BOX, because he's TOO AFRAID of his landlord, Bruce A. Kapner, to get him to repair or replace it, as his lease requires.

Joseph did not say whether my brother, Michael William Kenan, had called him to ask WHY Mr. Faulk had claimed that Mike is prepared to send me MUCH MORE MONEY. Mike has said NOTHING to me by phone or email, except to ask HOW to send that money, and I spent it all and more, today:

Three "new" used tires for a total of $97.00 installed. I learned NOT to buy new tires as Jennifer McCracken, a TOP MORMON Narco-Trafficker with the CIA as well, still lives in Apt. 67 at Carolina Apartments, ADMITTED slashing two of my tires when she got CHRISTIAN BITCH ANGRY with me, and she is STILL NOT IN PRISON (for the narco-trafficking, not her SLASHER WAYS)!!!

Jenny McCracken

Incidentally, Ryan Lee Burris's car remains in front of his house, so Ryan is not arrested for narco-trafficking, yet, but he WAS kicked off his position as Third Vice Chair of the County Democrats -- a position he was RE-ELECTED to, despite my emailing all the top Democrats about Ryan's narco-trafficking -- PROVING how thoroughly DRUG MAFIA CORRUPTED the local Democrats actually are.

Birds of a Feather, Flock Together!!! New Democrat Governor Roy Cooper (who is FINALLY giving LIP SERVICE to cleaning up the drug corruption in North Carolina), pictured with two of Wilmington's top narco-traffickers, Wes Taylor and Ryan Burris!!!

But back to spending money, I paid $30.00 for my car's inspection, then $118.00 for registration. I learned that my car's insurance bill will not be issued for another 10 days.

And this afternoon, walking back from getting photos of the Kenan House (one of MANY Kenan Mansions in Wilmington, the others all in FAR better shape -- and FAR LARGER!!!), I snapped a couple of other houses' photos, that I'll add below in closing, and ran SMACK DAB into my former neighbor from S. 8th Street, George Padezanin of Hand Painted Homes, with a co-worker, painting a house on Second Street, and DARED say "Hello, George!!!"

He had run the self-described "Padezanin Drug Gang" consisting of virtually ALL White people on my block -- and NONE of the Blacks -- and he was GENUINELY FRIENDLY, we laughing about our OLD TROUBLES. He even had the GRACIOUSNESS to thank me for publishing everything about Wilmington Drug Corruption, and as I told him, "Looks like things are GREAT -- as long as you are painting houses, again!!!" And I asked him to give his wife Cheryl (who always liked me), my greetings.

George Padezanin, May 2017 from Facebook. I could find no more recent one of him with Cheryl than this old one -- and you can SEE that George is less "CRAZED", now!!!:

More Wilmington, today:

And when I walked past landlady Gold Walker's home (and earlier I saw that the restaurant in her Front Street property is ALMOST ready to OPEN), I saw this sign in Gold's yard -- PRESUMABLY of the guy she hired to SERIOUSLY renovate the cottage behind her property next door, where Neal Duffy -- Army Vet of THREE Middle East tours of duty who had worked under my friend Russel Honore', before he was made a General, and did SPECIAL ASSIGNMENTS for Bill Clinton in the Middle East -- and HATED them BOTH!!!:

A VERY well made sign that is TOO SHORT for anyone driving by to see (behind the picket fence with roses on it), and the FONT is hard to read. 

LAST, I found in my mailbox a Spectrum Cable Bill for "John E. Jay" in apartment 2 -- Denise Wood's apartment. So her married, Old Fat Black Georgia-truck-drivin' SUGAR-DADDY who pays all Denise's bills and visits about every two weeks for HOT SEX and to update their books, put the Cable in his name (Denise's credit is NOT to be desired!!!) 

And pay NO ATTENTION to the following!!! This NAZI/Christian/Trump/Kenan NIGHTMARE is ABOUT TO END!!!
You know it's 2017 when the Third Reich is spamming you.

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