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Sorting Out Some Details -- Now that GOD'S PEOPLE are BEATING BACK the SATANIST CHRISTIANS (led by my Kenan Family, with Trump, BOTH Clintons, Cheney, the Bushes, and Barack Obama, the BLACKMAILED FAGGOT)!!!

As you can see, ONCE AGAIN, Christianity is ONLY FOR WHITE PEOPLE (a few "colored children" added as an afterthought -- LOL!!!)


>>> BOTTOM LINE: ALL people descended from SLAVES (nearly all black Americans), are SUPER NIGGERS if they WORSHIP Jesus as "Christians". That said, Jesus taught us all how to LIVE, but the Christian religions teach the OPPOSITE of what Jesus taught about HONESTY, INTEGRITY -- but mostly LOVE

And LOOK how SUPER-STUPID Jesus thinks that Christians are:

This is SPONSORED by my Episcopalian Kenan Family that put Trump into Power to get more OIL!!! 

Kenans CONTROL NC politics (not just Exxon-Mobil, Bank of America, Coca-Cola, and the Ku Klux Klan), I have ALL THE DIRT on their traitorous crimes!!! 

We ALSO co-founded UNC Chapel Hill, and STILL control it to keep RACISTS IN CHARGE and "Silent Sam" in position for the coming RACE WAR to save WHITE CHRISTIANS, only!!!
And what if this bill just encourages drivers to deliberately run over protesters?

Drivers who hit a protester who’s blocking the road couldn’t be sued for injuries if they “exercise due care,” under a bill that passed the NC House on Wednesday.
Scott Kenan

Welcome to the Age of the Artist!!!

I have NOT been in ONE-ON-ONE communication with my old PERSONAL FRIEND, Cynthia McKinney (who later ran as the GREEN PARTY Candidate for President in 2008, and BOB BARR, a TOP NAZI I also dealt with in Georgia in 1990, when he was the US Attorney in Decatur, GA, ran ALSO that year as the LIBERTARIAN PARTY Candidate for president -- LOL!!!), for two or three years, and I EXPECT to soon be back in CLOSE contact with Cynthia:
Cynthia McKinney was my Georgia Democratic Congresswoman who when she filed Articles of Impeachment against GW Bush, Dick Cheney, and Condoleeza Rice for PLANNING 9/11 together with the Bin Laden and Saudi Royal Families

She was RUN OUT OF CONGRESS by the Narco-Trafficking Clinton Democrats. BOTH Clintons, the Bushes, Cheney, and Barack Obama ALL narco-traffic with my Kenan Family that controls the school we founded, UNC Chapel Hill, as well as Exxon-Mobil, Bank of America, etc.
I tried to stop it; back then it was only $2.3 trillion
Very few cared after me, now Pentagon can't track $6.5 T

The Pentagon failed to account for $6.5 trillion in its financial statement, a recently-recovered Inspector General’s report on the 2015 fiscal year said. It reveals the…


1. TWO gentlemen from have contacted me this past week. The first is about ten years younger than me (and seems freaked out by my Politics, so has not CONTINUED), the other, from the "Left Coast", recently lived in Wilmington for a year and LIKED IT, has a sister living here, has GROWN CHILDREN cool with his being gay, and wants to move somewhere COOLER and LESS EXPENSIVE than the California desert.

And he is OLDER than me, 83, the SAME AGE as "Testosteroni" (Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr.) of NYC who helped support me for 5.5 years -- but ABRUPTLY cut me off -- because I threw the NARCO-TRAFFICKING Haston Lavern Caulder II out of my house

I was TIRED of his trying to get me to PAY FOR and BED several "Drug-Trash Homosexual Christians" sent to me by his The Anchor Church

Rev. Philip Chryst is the "cock-sucking" Pastor of The Anchor Church.

And JUST NOW CHECKINGThe Anchor Church -- after I emailed TOP CLERGY at The (Jewish) Temple 1.5 blocks from my house about this:

Temple of Israel (1895), opened ten years BEFORE the Hotel that is NOW Carolina Apartments -- at the OTHER end of that block of Market Street (where Kenan Fountain PISSES INTO THE AIR):

The "Six-Foot Kenan Cock", atop First Presbyterian!!!

AnyhooTemple of Israel (a bunch of "smart Jews"), have THROWN THEM OUT from worshiping downstairs in the Temple -- and they are BACK to "worshiping" (mostly DRUG DEALING -- no sex during services, I bet), on the BARGE -- HA!!!

Haston Caulder seen in FRONT of his "JESUS CROSS" that Joseph Faulk HAND-MADE for him, including a RAGING, OPEN VAGINA, and Jesus imploring him to EAT and POUND that PUSSY!!!

2. Anyone remember my blogging about the day Bill Clinton campaigned for Hillary here in Wilmington -- and among OTHER THINGS, I had a CIVIL DISCUSSION THERE with Democratic District Attorney Ben David, who AGAIN promised he will get the FALSE conviction of me in Chicago Courts of LIBEL ERASED (and the theft of ALL my copyrights until I DIE -- PLUS I still "owe" them HALF A MILLION DOLLARS AND CHICAGO COURT COSTS), by FOX NEWS, Rahm Emanuel, and Wells Fargo -- but actually PLANNED AND DONE by Ben David and his legal intern (while Ben kept jailing me on FALSE CHARGES and NUT-HOUSE COMMITTING me to "The Oaks" in 2011 and 12 here in Wilmington -- ALL of which I FORCED Ben David to ERASE ALREADY (he didn't have a SHRED of evidence against me -- according to HIS OWN Assistant D.A.s)

I HATE admitting this, but Ben David really has TRIED to erase the stuff in Chicago, but CAN'T!!! And I STILL have a RAGING DESIRE to bed Ben David -- unlike Mayor Bill Saffo whom I ALSO once had a crush on, but want to VOMIT, now, when I SEE HIM!!!

Jeff Duncan was Ben's Intern while Ben FALSELY charged me -- then got his FIRST JOB with Saper Law in Chicago -- WRITING the false charge there against me, although OTHERS did all the FILING!!!

At LEAST Ben David admitted these crimes to me -- if not to YOU -- and it was in our FIRST of five meetings since I returned to Wilmington in June 2015, that I met Ben by chance in Cousins' Deli on Third Street, and Ben APPROACHED ME asking to "bury the hatchet", and we shook hands and he said he WOULD take care of that:

This INCLUDES evidence of Democrat Judge Jay Corpening and Republican Judge Sandra Ray (now divorced from the "Snake-Handling Christian" Sherman Lee Criner -- whom Wilmington Police FORCED the father of the girl Sherman MOLESTED in Thalian Hall about ten years ago now -- Star News covered it and you can google to learn -- to NOT PROSECUTE -- he being a DEVOUT CHRISTIAN), and how they ARE BOTH PART OF THE CHRISTIAN DRUG MAFIA:

Judge Ray and Judge Corpening

Sherman Lee Criner

Jamie Sutherland (who'd seen Barack Obama and Rahm Emanuel many times in his GAY BATH HOUSE), now works for Ameriprize Financial, Chicago

His one EMAIL ADDRESS, IDENTIFIES HIM as part of the El Chapo Guzman/Emanuel/Obama Drug Mafia -- they all begin "rooster . . . ", and I met SEVERAL people from Chicago who KNEW that DRUG MAFIA was OUT TO KILL ME with Barack Obama's HELP!!!

3. I'll PRETEND I did not get off on tangents above, and continue by getting BACK to Bill Clinton's recent visit to Wilmington:

These two men were the closest to Bill as he spoke, and FIRST to shake his hand, afterward.

The black guy is VERY HOT -- and I know that because he lived on my floor of Carolina Apartments before I was evicted, but while we spoke pleasantries, I never got to know him, but since that floor was then MOSTLY MAJOR NARCO-TRAFFICKERS (and just before I moved in, also CRACK WHORES lined them up on weekends for a "roll in the hay" on the 6th floor -- all ENCOURAGED by George Cutter who has owned it since about 1965). My point being I never knew what to make of that guy.

Remember, Jennifer McCracken lives -- still -- in #67, and TOLD ME she could supply me with ANY DRUG, but only supplied me with marijuana -- until she got MAD AT ME. Jenny McCracken hung out at Costello's Gay Piano Bar -- where I first met her before moving into Carolina Apartments -- built by William R. Kenan, Jr. as a HOTEL, originally -- and Jennifer was the ONLY PERSON in the USA or MEXICO who KNEW my old friend in the Puerto Vallarta Writers Group, retired BBC star of radio and TV, Colin Stuart Hamilton, had been MURDERED by CIA DRUG MAFIA, the killer CAPTURED and he confessed and took them to the buried body FIVE HOURS AWAY (south of Guadalajara), and how and WHY the Mexican Government had to RELEASE THE KILLER back to the CIA!!!

This from summer 2014. Colin Hamilton on right, and that is my "DEVIL'S SIGN" over Stanley Winborne III's head -- Stanley a NATIVE of Wilmington, North Carolina, who often worked with Thomas S. Kenan III, is RELATED to Tom Kenan's step-mother, Betty (Price) Kenan, and whose GRANDFATHER was the equivalent of US Ambassador to China, and whose SON was 2nd in charge of the Hillary Clinton State Department in Afghanistan -- and IN CHARGE of shipping all the HEROIN back on US Air Force planes to Maxwell AFB where my former employer, Patrick Stansbury distributed them from Maine to Florida to Politicians and Christian Churches!!!

This Railroad -- HQ'ed in Wilmington for MOST OF ITS LIFE -- was controlled by Stanley Winborne's family, and here is the house his grandmother lived inNOW, the Graystone Inn-- Stanley grew up a few doors down (in similar):

AGAIN, I attempt to COMPLETE an earlier thought: Steven, boyfriend of Patty -- who was Roy Cooper's TOP PAID WILMINGTON STAFFER in his gubernatorial campaign last fall (white guy on right), did NOT know anyone else there -- he just got up there due to Patty, and got to shake Bill Clinton's hand FIRST!!!


Both Patty and Steven -- back during the campaign -- admitted they knew ROY COOPER is just another NARCO-TRAFFICKER FOR JESUS -- but less HATEFUL than "Bathroom Bill" Gov. Pat McCrory -- LOL!!!



Hitler actually MET IN PERSON with the Catholic Pope -- here in 1933 -- to PLAN the NAZI-CATHOLIC takeover of the world.

Joe and Rose Kennedy -- and Henry Ford -- were the TOP US NAZIS, back then:


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