Sunday, April 30, 2017

Sunday Night COMIC NOTE!!! (and I've emailed this to Management of Hotel Mercurio -- and posted it to their Facebook Page, as well!!!)

Hotel Mercurio Bar and Pool

Down Puerto Vallarta
16 hrs
Antoni Villoni shredding our new track at #PuertoVallarta.
#NewDestination #POV #PracticeDay
Look out for #RaceDay!
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The first time I visited Puerto Vallarta -- the 2 meters 10 (6' 11") former assistant to Tennessee Williams -- I stayed at YOUR HOTEL and met all the HOTTEST gay Drug Mafia!!! 

Now I work with Vicente Fox -- who worked for my Kenan Family as an executive of Coca-Cola -- before being elected Mexican Presidente -- and my Kenan Family has ADMITTED putting Enrique Peña Nieto into power with help of the CIA and the Clintons but mostly Exxon-Mobil controlled by my family -- who narco-traffic with my Family, also!!! 

I am NOT complaining -- I LOVED "S'ing all their Ds" -- and taking it in my back door (COMPRENDE mi Typing???)

I hope to come back to Hotel Mercurio soon, and do some more FUN GUYS!!! 

Here is my LATEST blog-posting, which NO LONGER features but a FEW of the criminals I met at your place

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Jamie Lee Sutherland, now working here

Jamie Sutherland

Financial Advisor

Managing Director

Sutherland Lauric Group

A financial advisory practice of Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc.

Cornelio "Alfredo" Prada Diaz -- born MOST MYSTERIOUSLY on the very day that Tennessee Williams DIED -- and Tenn's FATHER and BULLDOG were both named "Cornelius" -- Fancy THAT!!!

Enrique Rojas (Henry Red), former TOP PAID male prostitute in Las Vegas, Nevada, TOTAL CRACK ADDICT, and "Shaman", who took me south of town to EAT MAGIC MUSHROOMS (twice), but LATER tried to KILL ME!!!

GOD KNOWS : I loved inhaling and munching his PITS!!!

Jim Richardson -- lover of my correspondent of many years, John Bolinger, a former teacher at Morton High in Hammond, Indiana.

Jim told me that he regularly HACKED Ted Turner's Email and voice communications -- he a special assistant to the President of his company (one of the biggest Internet Security firms doing business OUTSIDE the USA, but HQ'ed in Colorado), so getting to know Ted Turner IN PERSON quite well, also -- not just STEALING TED'S SECRETS -- LOL!!!

READ all about it here:

Scott Kenan shared a link.

The city will serve as a bellwether for how -- or if -- the Justice Department will fight police abuse under the new attorney general.

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Scott Kenan shared a link.
9 hrs

Spending Time Around Inauthentic or Fake People is Close to Intolerable for Empaths.

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