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Let's Raise a Similar Billboard in Wilmington, NC to Miss District Attorney Benjamin R. David -- Seen by ME, This Morning, to be a-CREEPIN' 'Cross Boney Hall's Parking Lot to First Presbyterian -- WITHOUT His Much-Abused Wife or Children!!!

Nazi-Themed Trump Billboard To Stay Up As Long As He’s President, Owner Says

The explosive sign, recently erected in Arizona, features dollar-sign swastikas and mushroom clouds.

The MAJOR fundraiser and strategist for Republican Senator Lamar Alexander of Tennessee -- and Mitt Romney as well, Stephanie David, is SICK of being ridiculed over Ben David's SLEEPING WITH MEN!!!

Actually, if you EXPAND the listing on LINKED-IN, you see Stephanie has worked for CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICANS and THEIR CAUSES since graduating college -- LOL!!!

And Stephanie is OLDER and FATTER than in this photo she posted on her LINKED-IN page:

But First Presbyterian's Ben David is PROUD that he's an ELDER there -- just like William Rand Kenan, Senior was an Elder when HE and First Presbyterian were the BIGGEST CAUSE of the Wilmington Insurrection of 1898.

And CONTINUING with the thread from Randy Jones of The Village People, yesterday, TWO NEW things have come from that -- leading RIGHT INTO FIRST PRESBYTERIAN, WILMINGTON (although Tony Rivenbark -- a stage actor of note -- is FROM Wilmington, and Peter S. Collins is from CONNECTICUT)!!!: 

Tony Rivenbark It's so nice that that ordinary people have such a rich display of privilege to cheer them on in their struggles with everyday life.

(This referred to Randy Jones having stayed in BOTH Trump-owned Mar-a-Lago and Kenan-owned The Breakers, Palm Beach.)

Randy Jones Tony, you know we always find the path to fun! Hope you're enjoying nyc! Can't wait to see you in "Camelot" this Summer!😎
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Scott Kenan Hi Tony Rivenbark: Are you related to the Rivenbark on City Council or head of Thalian Hall Theater here in Wilmington, NC??? (Or humor writer, Celia Rivenbark

The City Councilman APPEARS to be caught up in the City-Sponsored Christian Drug Mafia that my parents set up with Nixon Aide John Ehrlichman (whom I knew well), back in the 1980s and 90s!!! I work with General Colin L. Powell's people and Gen. Russel Honore', etc., to BUST THEM ALL for Narco-Trafficking -- and most also for White Supremacy (and they are LED by my wealthy Kenan relatives in Chapel Hill/Durham) -- LOL!!!
Randy Jones Scott, off topic here.
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Scott Kenan Randy Jones:This thread was already blog-posted and emailed to my 190 Political Contacts hours ago -- giving you GREAT press, incidentally
Harrison Morgan It would actually be a very long walk to the north of Mar a Lago (to reach The Breakers).
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Scott Kenan Oh Harrison Morgan: Thank you!!! At 6' 11", I'm the TALLEST Kenan in World History!!! There is so little oxygen up here I am sometimes confused, and ALWAYS (then), rely on "the Kindness of Strangers"!!!
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Peter S Collins Scott Kenan are you related to Sterling?
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Scott Kenan Peter S Collins: Your question puts into question how well you know "Sterling" (if you do), since there is a mother-daughter Kenan pair -- BOTH bearing that name. 

Roberta Sterling (Holt) Kenan is the widow of the weak Owen Kenan (full brother to Thomas S. Kenan III, whose then recent ex-lover Curtis "Robby" Anderson I dated in 1985 -- and for the RECORD I spoke by phone with Tom Kenan in 1990 to trade SECRETS about the deaths of Mary Lily Kenan and my former boss, Tennessee Williams -- from the desk of Tom Kenan at Kenan Oil in Chapel Hill with help of their President, Lee Shaffer, who went on to head the Kenan Advantage Group

Anyway, THAT Sterling is called "Squirty" (due to a pesky nipple while nursing, I assume), and while I belonged to First Presbyterian here in Wilmington in 2011, ALL the "Old Dowagers" there just LOVED Squirty -- and talking to me about her!!! 

Her daughter, now Sterling (Kenan) McCracken, is CALLED Sterling, and while I've emailed her -- this younger one who has an occasionally operating Decorating Company -- and she was on my list to receive ALL my blog posts for half a year about four years ago, but she later BLOCKED ME

While there are MANY rumors that Squirty Kenan killed her weak husband to control his money -- and MUCH circumstantial evidence of that -- I have never seen THE PROOF!!! 

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Roberta "Squirty" Sterling (Holt) Kenan with her daughter Sterling (Kenan) McCracken.

And while I am GENERALLY on the same page as Randy Jones in the Political Arena, Randy knows that I know that one of Randy's CLOSEST FRIENDS in Wilmington with whom he always spends lots of time, here, Ryan Lee Burris, 3rd Vice Chair of New Hanover County Democrats and PRIME SUPPORTER from the beginning of Hillary Clinton (who with Bill has Narco-Trafficked not just with my Kenan Family for decades, but the Bush and Cheney Families as well), and Randy doesn't want to ADMIT THAT -- LOL!!

Who WOULD???

Ryan Burris on right, Ryan's current narco-trafficking boyfriend, Wes Taylor, and now-elected Democratic Governor Roy Cooper.

As Patty and Steven (who live next door to me) -- and Patty was Roy Cooper's TOP PAID (in Wilmington), campaign staffer this fall -- both ACKNOWLEDGED:

Roy Cooper was Attorney General of North Carolina for many YEARS -- and NEVER tried to STOP the illegal Drug Flow of the Republican/Democratic Party in North Carolina.

But Roy Cooper is LESS A RACIST!!!

That is Steven on right with another Democratic Party Honcho -- Steven, then Honcho, were FIRST to shake Bill Clinton's hand after he campaigned for Hillary in Wilmington, last fall -- and I got this photo (and others), which were posted at that time on this blog.

I, TOO, suffer from this "from time to time" -- I'm only HUMAN!!!



Scott Kenan shared a link.
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After helping make his state the target of boycotts over discrimination, Pat McCrory says he’s facing a political ‘purge.’

Scott Kenan “North Carolina has already lost hundreds of millions of dollars in economic activity and thousands of jobs as a direct result of House Bill 2, but I guess we can start adding Gov. McCrory’s career to the total as well,” Democratic Party spokesman Mike Gwin said.

The term “hoist by his own petard” comes to mind.
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And NAZI-CHRISTIAN, NARCO-TRAFFICKING SUPPORTER Pam Sander -- EXECUTIVE Editor of the Wilmington Star News has (look at graph), INCREASED NARCO-CRIMES AND DEATHS so much in Wilmington (due to her LYING NEWSPAPER), she has just been PROMOTED to REGIONAL NEWS LIAR of Gatehouse Media -- fancy THAT -- LOL!!!

The 13th Annual National Missing Persons Conference is being held in Wilmington through Sunday.


GOOGLE if you must -- for a more SPECIFICALLY APROPOS graph -- it will be SIMILAR!!!

And Peter S. Collins CHIMED IN AGAIN on Randy Jones's Facebook thread:

Peter S Collins Wow!! Scott I only asked because I approved her application on the NYC CoOp I was president of in the West Village.
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Scott Kenan Well, her MOTHER is the likely murderer -- NOT Sterling (Kenan) McCracken, whom the lawyer next door to me, Oliver Carter III, once knew well

I wouldn't worry about it!!!

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Peter S Collins Fascinating!! You need to write a book
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Scott Kenan I did -- but my copyright was stolen (I had a contract for hard-cover publishing by Alyson books, spring 2010, and the producers of all the Harry Potter films as well as Scott Rudin were looking to make it into a movie -- UNTIL my copyright was STOLEN by Obama's people and Fox News working together after I blogged about my friend seeing Barack Obama and Rahm Emanuel in his private gay bathhouse many times). 

I was recognized as the TOP AUTHORITY on the last two years of Tennessee Williams's life by John Lahr and others (and my Kenan relatives were COMPLICIT in his murder and theft of his estate from Harvard by Sewanee/The Episcopal Church -- just like Jackie Kennedy Onassis warned Tennessee and me would happen, the evening of January 11, 1982, at Jean Stein and George Plimpton's party), but I published that book as a blog so it is FREE TO READ:, 

 . . . and my Political Blog has made a lot of TROUBLE for these idiots as well, with well more than 1,000,000 hits so far 

I was UNABLE to correct the above formatting, but COULD easily correct it on my "mirror blog" -- CraZy-AsSED HACKERS -- LOL!!!:

I will SOON begin work on a series of books on the backstory of the Kenan and (my Mom's) Meyer families' ATTEMPT to turn the USA NAZI!!!
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