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I Didn't AVOID This Year's LARGEST Tennessee Williams Festival (in New Orleans), but KENAN FAMILY CORRUPTION Has Been More IMPORTANT for Me to EXPOSE, During This "TRUMP YEAR"!!!

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Tennessee Williams is 106 today (in 2017), and his Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival is wrapping up today in Louisiana!!!
Tennessee Williams is 103 today.
Sandra Beckham Lovely Painting Doll!
March 26, 2014 at 10:31pmUnlike1
Susan Lattomus Great painting! Who is the artist?
Scott Kenan SUZI: Bill Evaul is the artist and I got it from actress Alison Fraser who is touring now in production of WICKED, recently in my birth town of Cincinnati. Alison had a lead role in the premiere two years ago of Tennessee's IN MASKS OUTRAGEOUS AND AUSTERE, about the end of the world, the tall, black, silent observer Mac is credited as based on me (no longer silent) -- LOL!!!
Scott Kenan Alison has been Facebook-posting pics of all the Art Deco treasures in Cincy cool, no???
Saverio Merlini ...Happy Birthday!!!...grande Williams!!!...

FUNNY, is that of the six who in 2014 "LIKED" this posting, I remain GOOD FRIENDS with four of them, but then there is also:


Susan Morgan Robinson:

Susan, now Chief Litigator at Morgan Robinson, P.C. in Atlanta, but she had also been a spokesperson and speech writer for President Jimmy Carter and Senator Sam Nunn

She UNFRIENDED ME, but did not BLOCK me.


ASSUME this works, but since Ansley BLOCKED ME (unable to accept that her beloved Episcopal Church murdered Tennessee Williams and is a MAJOR PLAYER in narco-trafficking in the USA and Mexico, which I can prove in Court -- LOL!!!)

Just checking that, I see that Ansley Kulp actually DIED in late December 2015, and apparently I have since then been UN-BLOCKED.

It WAS also Nancy Sinatra, SENIOR's 100th Birthday, yesterday, although her actual birth date appears to be in some question:

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Thanks for this Michel Macaire!!! I've corresponded with Nancy Jr., stopped by Frank Jr.'s ranch in Texas (although he was not home), and KNEW Frank's fave niece (by marriage), Patricia Sinatra, who told me not just how she SOLD control of their Bank of America to my wealthy Kenan relatives (who put Donald Trump into power -- more recently)

 . . . but how Old Joe Kennedy got the Sinatras to get the Gambinos to stuff ballot boxes in Chicago, and STOLE the 1960 election from Nixon -- LOL!!! 

Nothing like the Good Old-Fashioned Catholic Mafia, no???
Sinatragram added a new video.
Happy Birthday, Nancy, Sinatra, Sr. Born this day 100 years ago as Nanicia Rose Barbato to an Italian family in Jersey City, NJ. In 1972, Nancy’s producer/writer and vocal partner, Lee Hazlewood, interviewed her mother at the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas before the opening of Nancy & Lee’s show. Displaying Mrs. Sinatra’s charm, grace and wisdom, the sweet and at times humorous conversation’s topics included the importance of traveling with snacks, her children, and daughter Nancy’s affinity for music at a young age.

And as all my Readers know, Danny Sinatra, Patricia's son, was a good friend of mine when I was HOMELESS in Wilmington 2011 - 12 -- even helping me with his car to MOVE OUT of Brenda McKnight's house (where I'd rented a room), and Brenda -- with her CRACK DEALER, Gerald Austin-Wynn -- got Judge Sandra Ray (then still married to Sherman Lee Criner, but currently divorced), had me COMMITTED to The Oaks Mental Ward (where Dr. Martin got me out quite quickly), and THEN had me served "ex parte" a Restraining Order, not allowing me to live where I had ALREADY PAID MY RENT!!!

Danny, his wife, Phoebe Dollar, and their daughter, 2011 in Wilmington. Phoebe's father, "Confederate Dollar" -- a retired Raleigh, NC Police Officer -- and I, used to SMOKE POT in front of the Police Cameras trained to Market Street where it ends at the Cape Fear River -- our backs turned to the cameras.

We ALSO smoked pot on the Federal Courthouse grounds across the street -- since the FEDS don't CARE about marijuana -- LOL!!!

Unfortunately, Danny is now in a California Prison for Meth-related charges.

Brenda McKnight worked in Customer Service for Verizon.

Gerald Austin-Wynn spent a few years in South Carolina prison for NARCO-TRAFFICKING, but NOW lives in Washington, DC:

Judge Sandra Ray DIVORCED Sherman Lee Criner -- AFTER I blogged this photo of him "Christianizing with Snakes" -- LOL!!!

Scott Kenan shared a link.
2 hrs

The Mara Salvatrucha gang, also known as MS-13, started in Los Angeles but has expanded throughout nearly the entire country.


Kerry Glatts, today

I would be REMISS, not to mention that my high school friend, Kerry Glatts, has a birthday today -- and I had NOT previously realized it is the SAME day as Tennessee Williams's birthday. And Kerry got me BACK IN TOUCH with Bob Jones and other high school friends.

I just went to COPY the Birthday Greetings I posted on his Facebook Page, and Kerry has ERASED THEM (but not unfriended or blocked me)!!!

Kerry is a CHRISTIAN and also a REPUBLICAN, so I guess I should NOT be surprised.

And FINALLY, this morning, I spoke with landlady Gold Walker this morning in front of her house (across the side street from First Presbyterian), and she was 
AGAIN COMPLAINING about how First Presbyterian LOWERS LOCAL PROPERTY VALUES with their house full of DRUG TRASH HOMELESS HETEROSEXUAL FAMILIES, next door to hers -- but ALSO how all the Presbyterians park in "NO PARKING ANYTIME" designated street places, and make left turns out of their lot onto 4th Street -- then driving AGAINST the one-way street.

Gold said she's complained to both the PASTOR (who will no longer even SPEAK with Gold), and Wilmington Police (who always say they will "look into it", but never do).

So, as we were speaking, a very wealthy-appearing, 75-ish-year-old couple were walking toward First Presbyterian's front door, and I called out HOLLERING to them about their being WHITE SUPREMACISTS as well as NARCO-TRAFFICKING with my God-Hating wealthy Kenan relatives who FINANCE First Presbyterian, still, but are NOW Episcopalians.

And I decided I did NOT want to hang out and have a BIG STREET SCENE this morning with these Christian Turds, so returned to my apartment -- before things HEATED UP!!!

From Charles Ludlam's play, "Turds in Hell", which I saw with Tennessee Williams, as reported here:


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