Thursday, March 23, 2017

Well, TODAY Was EASY to Blog About -- NO???

Heck!!! -- even Alec Baldwin was once HOT -- back when he played Stanley Kowalski in Tennessee Williams's A Streetcar Named Desire!!!

“A Streetcar Naked Desire?” Nope, us neither. LOL!!!

I knew Rollie Krewson at Denison University -- best friend to Edith Love, whom I would have MARRIED, had I not been GAY -- LOL!!!

Edith Love, DU 1972

60 Minutes speaks with Rollie Krewson '74 who built Sesame Street's first puppet with autism, Julia.

60 Minutes goes to the Jim Henson Workshop, the place where Muppets are born, to see how "Sesame Street" created a Muppet with autism

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Sadly, this RACIST LIBERAL POSTING did NOT include Mexicans and their neighbors just to the South -- who are ALSO North Americans, and if you READ the article are BETTER HUNG BY FAR than either Americans or Canadians -- LOL!!!



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