Tuesday, March 28, 2017

EXCUSE ME: Mitch Douglas Deserves MORE CREDIT THAN ME (of those still alive), for TAKING CARE of Tennessee Williams under the MOST DIFFICULT of Conditions!!!

Thomas Elliot Keith with Mitch Douglas, 2012

Y'all can read BODY LANGUAGE, no???

It is too late at night to get into details supporting all of this, but I just had to declare the TRUTH as I now see it -- THAT's all.

My dentist decided that I must have my one implant MOVED, so I will have that done later this week, and landlady Gold Walker has, again, kindly consented to drive me -- since I'll be knocked out for it.

I ran into lawyer Alex Nicely on the street, and he's even HOTTER today (in his new haircut that I claimed made him look like a Martian), than he was back in 2011 - 12, when ALL the Street People (such as myself), thought he was the HOTTEST MAN IN WILMINGTON!!!

Alex Nicely in 2012 -- SO MUCH HOTTER than Alpha Mortgage's "Senor Michael Lopez" who sponsored (in his Christian Narco-Trafficking), the winner of Mr. Wilmington -- that same YEAR!!!:

OH, and I told Alex Nicely how all us street people had a thing for him back then, and he LOVED IT, and very graciously accepted the honest compliment -- and NO, that does NOT make him GAY, sillies!!!

>>> MAXINE WATERS IS NOW MY TOP HERO -- Since I saw her on the MSNBC -TV show, this evening -- GO BABY!!!
Scott Kenan shared a link.

“I didn’t hear a word she said. I was looking at the James Brown wig.”

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