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DELIGHTFULLY Opiated (after jaw-bone surgery this morning), I Thought It Might Be Fun to Play "Loop-de-Loop" on My BLOG, this Evening (Oy VEY!!!)!!!

Connor Michael Kenan keeps his Republicans BETWEEN HIS THIGHS, and rides them BOLDLY!!!

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To Kathleen Little: You are a WOMAN OF MY AGRARIAN HEART!!! I send you this photo of LOVE from Siam (Thailand), of my nephew Connor in the Tunnel of Love (although a SHORT one) -- Connor is now CERTIFIED as the "GAY DARTH VADER"!!!:

Kathleen Little
21 minsShallotte
My new garden 🏡 has been tilled and is ready to be filled! I can't wait to get my little seedlings in the dirt!
Scott Kenan Connor in Vietnam: (he's 6' 6", shrimpy to 6' 11" me)
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"Wayne Tracker" is the pseudonym the TOP Kenan Family Exec used WHILE AT Exxon-Mobil, for SPECIAL EMAILING -- LOL!!!
Hate to ruin this for everyone, but John Miller says this Wayne Tracker thing is huge FAKE NEWS.

Michael Goff UPDATE: John Barron confirms it.
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Mike Mayer lol, John Miller being Trump's fake PR persona. Your jokes are too heady.
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Scott Kenan  NoMichael Goff's joke was NOT too heady -- to ANYONE following news -- lately, typically, non-Christians -- the "Christians" are too busy doing alcohol, drugs, and such, so have no time for, or interest in, actual news

My Kenan Family put Trump into Power so that our top EXEC, Rex Tillerson, could ALSO make the deal for Christian Totalitarianism -- NAZISM

As a Kenan I was raised with Swastikas on the dinner plates -- across Larwell Drive in Columbus, OH from Coach Lou Holtz and his wife Beth 1968 - 1970. 

Lou Holtz with John Bohner, recently.

All this was MOSTLY so that Trump, Kenans, Vladimir Putin (a close friend of my Kenan Family), could PROFIT from Russia's Oil development

Lou went on to be John Boehner's closest Political Ally -- and they SPOKE WITH MY MOTHER to get Pope Francis's APPROVAL to re-open the US Government about three years ago. 

In Jan. 2015, I met an Exxon-Mobil exec in Puerto Vallarta who TOLD ME how Rex Tillerson/Kenan Family/Clinton State Department put Enrique Peña Nieto into the Mexican Presidency

And then Enrique ("Li'l Rickie"), CHANGED the Mex Constitution so that Kenans/Exxon can again get Mexico's oil, and SPLIT the narcotics trade with we Kenans -- including the then-Clinton State Department, the CIA, and the Episcopal Church, USA

Much of this I got confirmed by Martin and Alberto Guzman (two sons of El Chapo), who held me captive for five weeks in a CRACK HOUSE in P.V., forcing me to SEXUALLY SERVICE most of the neighborhood CRACK dealers (much of which I did not mind)

CONFUSING in the above (I've added later), is that some things confirmed by Martin Guzman had not HAPPENED back when he and his brother Alberto held me hostage in 2011. In fall 2012, after I returned to Puerto Vallarta after making a "deal" with District Attorney Benjamin R. David in Wilmington, NC, to CLEAN MY RECORD if I SPLIT North Carolina for at least a year -- since everything that had been prosecuted against me was FALSE and he had evidence of NO CRIMES against me AT ALL, I fled back to Puerto Vallarta, and soon enough spent a week having many meetings with Martin Guzman:

He and his brother Alberto had committed a grizzly Mafia murder, but Martin had talked Police out of believing he was involved, while Alberto had been CAUGHT RED-HANDED, and was on trial soon for his third and final appeal of conviction under the Mexican Constitution.

Martin asked me to print off from my computer over 300 pages of a document he was CERTAIN would free his brother in the final appeal. I hoped he would LOSE that appeal, but felt a moral obligation to help him -- he was homeless and destitute, nearly -- and he phone-connected me to his mother in Los Angeles (NOT Alberto's mother -- El Chapo is said to have had possibly more than 100 children spread all over Mexico and the USA), and knowing she had born MORE than one of El Chapo's children, I knew she was a truly SPECIAL "wife", and spoke with her at length and more than once -- including much about her Guzman children, but I didn't dare ask her about El Chapo.

Eventually, I got emails from THREE of her family, thanking me for going to the trouble and charging nothing for printing that document (and he DID lose the appeal). 

Since Martin was then WANTED -- the Authorities deciding to charge him too in the Murder -- he didn't travel the streets, and Alberto's wife actually was who brought me the memory stick, and came to my apartment for several hours, waiting patiently for me to first resolve formatting issues and then print the whole thing.

BUT, we had first had to meet in a public park, and went through many Mafia procedures before they trusted I was myself -- and not trailing "The Law" -- before she was revealed to me, and after I spoke with several of them for a few minutes, she and I left for my apartment.

And while waiting, she INSISTED and then DID clean my entire apartment (emptying the cat box, no less!!!)

But the SHOCKER was that they also THANKED ME for NOT RAPING (I'm blanking on her name, now -- DAMNED OPIATES!!!), Alberto's wife -- who'd born him three children -- and they KNEW I WAS GAY!!!

You see, in our more "Animal-Stuck Families", sex is -- as often as not -- a WEAPON of Power through DEGRADATION. And with Alberto captured and LOSING IN COURT, I had been PERFECTLY POSITIONED to rape his wife -- and jump to a RESPECTED MAFIA POSITION . . . had I cared to.

Trump paid HOMAGE to my family at our "Ancestral Home Town" before the election: 

Scott Kenan My Kenan Family:
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Scott Kenan Donald Trump -- the KENAN FAMILY'S JESUS-CHRIST-THE-SAVIOR -- LOL!!!
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Mike Mayer I don't get it.
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Scott Kenan Mike Mayer: Google "fake news" to see what Mr. Michael Goff refers to. He can't write a BOOK here for those whose minds run slow, can he???
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OBVIOUSLY, Ivanka is NOT appealing to the Kenans, who entirely own The Breakers, Palm Beach, and are the top support of the Henry Morrison Flagler Museum, basically across the street from it:

I'd bet my BOTTOM DOLLAR, that Betty (Price) Kenan, center, and her stepson, Thomas S. Kenan III (whose previous long-term lover, Curtis "Robbie" Anderson, I dated in 1985), would NEVER buy Ivanka's CHEAP TRINKETS!!!

The company will focus its efforts on costume jewelry -- which will have a more affordable price point

TRUMP supporters of ALL TYPES are just "cheap as sh*t"!!!

While the rest of her products appear to be having an early-spring resurgence, Ivanka Trump's fine jewelry line has hit the skids.


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Breathe and Push: Sikh-American civil rights advocate Valarie Kaur's plea to her country in the times of Donald J. Trump.

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To James Bow who posted this: James Bow, I have always been a HUGE fan of the Sihks -- and have personally known a fair number of them as I assume you do too . . .  

-- but NOW, I am making Peace with a Catholic PRIEST -- one of the religions I castigate the MOST on Facebook and my blog

You might get a KICK out of it -- I hope so, you and I are often a little not sure what to make of each other (but I got over my crush on you that I have on ALL reasonable red-heads)

Link to that in comments below:

Entrance Salon of "WHITE-Hall", that Henry Flagler built as a Wedding Present to his last wife, Mary Lily Kenan -- MERCY ME!!!

By contrast: The Apartment Home (second floor), of Scott David Kenan -- late 2012 in Chacala, Nayarit, Mexico -- until the Episcopalian Narco-Traffickers, Governor of Nayarit state (whose home was a few hundred feet away in gated "Chacalita"), and the owner of Chac Mool Cafe -- Arturo Pedillo -- FALSELY took me to Mexican Court for POSTING ON THIS BLOG their Narco-Trafficking, photos of the licence plates of Episcopalian Drug-Traffickers from Oregon state, USA, etc.

They claimed in the Judgement that I would be JAILED OR DEPORTED if I EVER AGAIN blogged ANY CRITICISM OF A MEXICAN! -- and that I had to IMMEDIATELY REMOVE that evidence of Narco-Trafficking from my blog!!!

I DID remove it, until a couple of weeks later, after I'd moved to the next state, and I then RE-POSTED IT ALL!!!

They claimed that Criticism of Mexicans by non-Mexicans was FORBIDDEN in the Mexican Constitution -- LOL!!!

I played contrite, then blogged and told EVERYONE I'd worn "a wire" -- and sent the audio evidence of their CRIME to Mexican and American Officials (but it was one of my few BLUFFS!!!).

It bought enough time for me to safely move back to Puerto Vallarta, 90 minutes away -- HA!!!


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