Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Can You TELL??? I've Been RE-OPIATED (after a visit to my oral surgeon's office)!!!

Occupy Democrats added a new video: Congressman connects the dots between Trump and Russia... this...
Rep. Adam Schiff just gave a DAMNING summary of the proven links between Trump and Russia, which led to Russia hacking the DNC and Trump promoting a Russia-friendly foreign policy in return. IMPEACH NOW!
Video by Occupy Democrats, LIKE our page for more!

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Scott Kenan shared a link.

“The United States remains 100 percent committed to NATO.”

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Scott Kenan shared a link.

Though members of the party have visited mosques before, the GOP now seems to…

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Scott Kenan shared a link.

Opponents say it would let doctors lie to parents-to-be.

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Wells Fargo exec Jamie Lee Sutherland (part of Rahm Emanuel's "Rooster" Drug Mafia, NOW with Ameriprise Financial, Chicago),STOLE MY COPYRIGHTS (with help of Wilmington, NC D.A. Ben David -- ACTUALLY a Republican in Democrat clothing and Christian DRUG-Mafia-CO-OPERATION).

THAT, after I blogged about Jamie seeing Barack Obama and Rahm Emanuel in their private gay bathhouse in Chicago, "Man's Country" -- as is WELL KNOWN outside the USA -- LOL!!!

The notorious sales goals at the heart of the Wells Fargo scandal bear hallmarks of the flawed compensation systems that fueled by mortgage crisis, a top Federal Reserve…

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And here is my BOOK, for YOU, Reader, to make your OWN Judgement on!!!

So BEFORE the second (after four hours -- or was that TWO???), Hydrocodone kicks in, I'd better HURRY AND COMPLETE THIS:

I went to Oral Surgeon Shawn Conrad's office -- HOTTER than HOT, "under the collar", as described in the earlier posting, todayhttp://theweathercontinues.blogspot.com/2017/03/and-jesus-said-unto-them-give-them-this.html.

And although I briefly described the intensity of the pain I was in to the recept, I added that I would keep my mouth SHUT, except with Doc Conrad -- BUT could not stop myself from getting into it with a hapless old Christian man who claimed that HE had never heard of Christian Churches EVER narco-trafficking. And I replied that that is because Christians are PROFESSIONAL at lying to each other and others.

And the poor guy (about 80 years old), said, "Well, there is ALWAYS the HOLY TRINITY, you know" (meaning "who knows what"):

Or, perhaps THIS:

Anyway, I RE-SHUT-UP, since I'd ALSO not been smoking cigs (except bizarrely, only two per day -- and DITCHED the 21 mg. patches I'd worn through yesterday), so was in REAL NICOTINE WITHDRAWAL, and "a tetch-bit grumpy".

When I first was with the Doc, I told him not to worry -- because with him I knew I had a TRUE PROFESSIONAL, and he rather quickly diagnosed that the left anchor (and he showed it clearly on the panoramic X-ray just taken), rests atop a NERVE, and WHY I get "electric-shock" sensations there -- including if eating warm or cool/cold things. He said it SHOULD heal up OK -- but within a week, we'll know that one way or another.

If it is NOT healing, he will re-KNOCK ME OUT and move it FORWARD enough to have to be off the nerve -- and of course at no additional cost to me.

It is the MEASURE of his ETHICS (call it "Morality", if you prefer), that he was so easily up-front and honest about everything with me, and I told him that given my regular dentist's "piled-on personal problems" during this time, I ACCEPTED Conrad's complete re-lining my lower denture today, and appreciated that his comments on the lining that was there matched MINE (and I'm no dentist).

And he also put me on a short course of an antibiotic, that has the ADDITIONAL EFFECT of an anti-inflammatory -- due to the infection of my saliva glands under my tongue (with at least one swollen lymph gland right under it).

So, since all the INTENSE PAIN of the last several days is only MEMORY, now, I see no reason to upset my regular dentist's "apple-cart" over it all. (Can always change if unknown circumstances become known, and significantly change the picture/X-ray.) 

After ALL, we are ALL only HUMAN!!!

And now I have to go, as that second Hydrocodone is kicking in . . .

 . . . BUT WAIT!!! I forgot to mention that landlady Gold Walker called an hour ago to say that:

1. She had seen HASTON LAVERN CAULDER II PANHANDLING with a sign at Third and Dawson Streets this afternoon.

2. She got a call from "Ms. Ibbs" (legally "Gibbs"), telling Gold that the Heroin in her apartment that Wilmington Police had FOUND -- when they rescued the young girl who was on the MISSING-PERSONS LIST, but despite KNOWING that Prostitution and Heroin-Selling goes on in THAT apartment, ARRESTED NO ONE -- but let the CHRISTIAN BITCH CONTINUE her CHRISTIAN WORK.

Anyway, what she told Gold will KEEP GOLD FROM EVICTING HER in Court this coming Monday, is that the bags of Heroin that they found (and apparently did NOT even confiscate), do NOT have the names "Ibbs" or "Gibbs" PRINTED on the BAGS -- LOL!!!

So, as I said a minute ago:

Perhaps I shall be CONSCIOUS -- once again -- TOMORROW!!!


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