Friday, February 17, 2017

Whilest Preparing to Get Medical Help after a Time/Warner Cable Truck Knocked Me 12 Feet from the Crosswalk, Monday (but my back is getting WORSE with time)!!!

Utah Couple Arrested Over ‘Peeping Tom’ Drone

Police say they tracked down the operator from a photo of the 

quadcopter’s license plate.

Bruce Scapier to The Kitsch Meow
Captions welcome

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Daugherty Darrell
Daugherty Darrell

North Carolina Court Records: Kenan Scott
Scott Kenan It shows "Dismissed", so NO CHARGE!!!
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Daugherty Darrell
Daugherty Darrell

SCOTT KENan, tennesee wiliams, the weather up here
Scott Kenan Thank you!!! More evidence of the crimes. I had been unaware of this site -- pretty funny!!!
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Daugherty Darrell
Daugherty Darrell of your crimes
Scott Kenan I just called Patrick Stansbury to warn him that I saved all of this INCLUDING comments you erased that are legally actionable threats. THANKS!!!
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Daugherty Darrell
Daugherty Darrell sorry but no threats on this. I can sue you for defamation on your blog but no body reads that blog. The people you email it to already are aware its lies and non-sense.
Scott Kenan What about her??? Restraining orders (hers false, due to the drug mafia living in her Kenan house), all expire after one year.
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Scott Kenan Thank you. All translated and saved for the Prosecutor!!!
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Kellsey Anderson Wayne Gibson gave me the low down,,,,,,big time,,,LOL
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Kellsey Anderson I dated Scott for 2 years. I know all his secrets.
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Scott Kenan So sue me -- LOL!!!
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Scott Kenan So there have been FIVE PEOPLE in four months who STOLE Wayne Gibson's Facebook Identity, and Wayne told me that HACKED HIM, too. WHICH of there criminals did you get the "Low Down" from???
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Kellsey Anderson if you call Mike Massicott or pentagon publishing again I will reveal your deep dark secrets. especially the ones from your childhood.
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Scott Kenan I did call them agan, so REVEAL!!!
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Scott Kenan Call Patrick Stansbury at Pentagon Publishing -- I just left him another VERY long message!!!
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Patrick Stansbury's most recent of several MUG SHOTS after arrest for sales or distribution of illegal drugs in Georgia.

And then this additional messaging:

Scott Kenan I did call them again, so REVEAL!!!
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Scott Kenan Call Patrick Stansbury at Pentagon Publishing -- I just left him another VERY long message!!!
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Kellsey Anderson what do you like his deep sexy voice message greeting?
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Kellsey Anderson done ever call ext.1262 again, EVER
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Scott Kenan I just left Mike Massicott a LONG message on ext. 1262, including how unfortunate that we never had sex since he told me how he LOVED being the center of a "Manwich" of anal activity

So YOUR move now -- LOL!!!
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Scott Kenan I just left Mike Massicott a LONG message on ext. 1262, including how unfortunate that we never had sex since he told me how he LOVED being the center of a "Manwich" of anal activity. So YOUR move now -- LOL!!!
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Kellsey Anderson I just left Benjamin David a very LONG message to call me. I have information on Matthew Andrews and Evan


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Scott Kenan Thanks, I think!!! I'm not sure who Matthew Andrews is/was, but COOL if you knew Evan Fish (I never had sex with Evan, either, but he offered to let me "oralize him". I did NOT, because I knew he just wasn't gay)!!! 

I cannot google up a definition for "BBWYL".
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1. Haston Caulder has also taken a second job so he can work most work hours in the week. He's been VERY helpful to and considerate of me.

He STILL doesn't get that it is his BELOVED CHRISTIANS who are all WHORES FOR JESUS (or at least for Pastor Philip Chryst of his The Anchor Church) -- or DRUG DEALERS (also for Jesus).

But Haston is sleeping better at night and not as "drunk-like" from his prescription drugs at night -- and last night he was on the computer Joseph Faulk bought him viewing PORN all evening, and when I went by it, was EDUCATIONAL for this homo, to see so many SPREAD EAGLE PUSSIES inviting the imagination in.

Imagination (for me), does NOT include any of that "fishy smell" that I hear about from straight guys (and what causes it -- LOL!!!).

Straight guys and Lesbians are WELCOME TO IT. I love women, but someone ELSE needs to handle their God-ordained sexual needs -- THAT's all.

2. While ALL the other pains from the accident have either disappeared or lessened to little, the pain in the base of my back has gotten worse, and it took half an hour to sit up before getting out of bed, so I will see a doctor. 

I already spoke with the Police Department on how to deal with this to be certain the bills all go to Time Warner Cable's insurance company.

I'd better get going . . . 


110 Nun Street, Wilmington, North Carolina, the house owned by Anna Berry's parents where Anna lives with DRUG MAFIA, and from where she CHASED Linda Lavin and Scott Bakunas OUT OF TOWN!!!

This is the William Rand Kenan, Sr. house, Mr. Kenan was the ONLY Confederate credited with taking a CLEAR SHOT at President Lincoln, and in 1898, was the actual LEADER of the Wilmington Insurrection of 1898 with his First Presbyterian Church, where he was an ELDER (like D.A. Ben David and Judge Lindsey Luther are Elders there, today).

The original 1967 edition is ONLINE

Former Pastor Ernest Trice Thompson BRAGGED TO ME about how he kept non-Whites OUT of joining the congregation.

Curtis Thompson of The Village Market (Dock and 2nd Streets), FIRST told me it was all Drug Mafia at Anna Berry's house -- he being their frequent guest.

My friend Kathleen, in 2011, lived briefly in Anna Berry's house and got so freaked she soon moved out.

She also worked at the candy store on Market Street near the river, that is now a tea, herb, and "Himalayan Salt" store. But now she lives in another state (although frequently visits Wilmington), is married to a FINE COASTIE, and has a CHARMING daughter!!!


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