Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Joseph Faulk Finally SHUTS UP / "Old Roomie's" Job Deteriorates Further / Sister Julie TEXTS Me, Finally / My Mother's Steve Bannon Totally IN with the Vatican Hardliners (usually called NAZIS) / and Jill STILL "On the Lam"!!!

Although the historic record shows that White Christian Terrorists have killed more Americans than Muslim ones, and "COMMON SENSE" dictates that we should LOCK UP ALL CHRISTIANS, I do NOT support this (unless they are tried and convicted, first).

The FIRST news item I saw this morning:

Scott Kenan commented on an article.

44 mins
I'm a grammar NAZI too (and being a North Carolina Kenan, we additionally had REAL Swastikas on the dinner plates and daily beatings), but while I continue feuding with my Steve Bannon/Donald Trump-loving Catholic and Episcopalian -- primarily -- family, I FELL ON THE FLOOR laughing as I completed reading this obit. 

I hope when I go it is with the wonderful, playful attitude of this obit!!!

On Saturday, Feb. 4, 2017, the world lost one of its true treasures. In Alices’ short 38 year’s she touched more peoples lifes then many due in a entire lifetime.


The first STAT I saw this morning, showed that my Readers ran with last night's posting so hard, it DIDN'T set a new record, but was in the top ten new posts ever, but then I looked at my book's stats and saw that while a fair number read the Customer Reviews from Amazon, THIRTY-ONE times as many read the Professional Reviews!!!

This was probably a higher number than the number of people who BOUGHT my book while Amazon sold it!!! And the numbers are only the hits of "regular people", since Law Enforcement, Politicians, the Press, and "Privacy Buffs" use software NOT to leave tracks, and their hits never show (why I usually report numbers RELATIVELY rather than ABSOLUTELY).

I have had no further "problem" (just a bit of a scare by creative hackers), since I began searching for info on how to deal with the Zeus virus, searched twice but it wasn't on my computer, etc. And I had this exchange with Mr. No-Balls Joseph Faulk. But first let me say that since Joseph has been so insistent that he's always right without ever finding out the situation first, he HAS to be proud of his actions and communications -- unless he's a DELIBERATE JERK. 

So while I might refer to him from time to time as "Testosteroni" or "Old Testo", due to his living for the penile advantages of taking Testosterone shots that NO DOCTOR ever recommended he needs, but he found a doctor who takes no insurance and prescribes it with Daily Cialis, Joseph, himself, buys the "poppers" and porno, elsewhere.

Re: Zeus virus 

FromJoseph Faulk hide details
ToScott Kenan 



On Tue, Feb 7, 2017 at 6:25 PM, Scott Kenan wrote:

After following Microsoft's instructions to down load a search tool, it did NOT find infected files, but I downloaded Malwarebytes (the next recommended action -- which MS says does NOT interfere with Windows Defender of any other Antivirus), ran it and no results either -- but then I transferred my MB licence to this computer.



The biggest recent problem is that Old Roomie's employer has not been working much -- probably due to his heavy nightly drinking, and this guy could be locked up at any time for Failure to Pay Child Support. Worse, is that he frequently LIES to Roomie and tells him to meet him at the Burger King in ten minutes and frequently lets him wait more than two hours with no further communication.

Today, he claimed they could not work until it stops raining, and while it did rain last night and the streets were wet, I have been up since before dawn and it hasn't rained at all since then.

So until he hears that the FANTASY RAIN stops, Roomie is searching for another job, today.

And for reasons of appreciation of Roomie's handling all this with a POSITIVE ATTITUDE and a view toward finding a BETTER JOB (where he is appreciated), I've absorbed a lot of Joseph's peculiar ideas, actions, and beliefs -- rather than destabilize this guy who IS trying, if sometimes falling short.

In the last week, Joseph has had delivered here two - four boxes of goodies PER DAY, including a TV that he thought had a DIGITAL audio jack for headphones that are analog (actually, this one arrives tomorrow), an EXCELLENT workshop cart to put the TV on -- then yesterday said he sent ANOTHER piece of furniture for the TV.

And just this moment, I accepted delivery of a TWIN BED, when Roomie likes his current bed so much he nixed using the memory foam mattress atop it, as Joseph had suggested (and Roomie previously liked). I promised to assemble it -- and I will -- but Joseph has totally exhausted me with his concerns over imagined threats. 

Long-time Readers will recall that he fought with me for THREE DAYS, INSISTING that Mexico has BIRDS OF PREY, and the hawks, eagles (and maybe pelicans, too), would SNATCH my cats and carry them off to eat them, but of course my cats stayed mostly outside and had no such problems at all.

I probably need a week to rest up before I assemble it, or Roomie can take a stab at it. He DID hang Joseph's long photo of a sunset with the bottom at about seven feet high -- but REFUSED to put it where Joseph had insisted to me it had to be hung.

So on top of deciding I was Joseph's package receiving guy (and assembler), Joseph has ALSO taken to CALLING ME (previously he emailed me), as soon as the delivery service posted a package delivered, to get me to get it before the BIRDS OF PREY of Wilmington snatch the packages off the porch (which they have never done).

I'm a WRITER, not an actor in Joseph's HIGH DRAMA over imagined threats!!!

My sister Julie DID finally (last night), answer my voicemail from on her birthday -- with a text -- saying she'll call me tonight, but I return texted her that I'll be at a Kenan lecture at Duke University, tonight, so any other time.

And I learned from checking the local JAIL DATABASE that Jill was NOT there, then while I was accepting the packages, "Miss Lucy" arrived home, looking like "NOBODY BETTER CROSS THIS 6' 3" HEAVY-SET BABE!!!" She said that Jill had been allowed to work this morning, but Lucy has hired a professional negotiator to come to this house this afternoon, and will deal with all of this here and then, so I ASSUME the charge has been dropped, and Lucy sounds like she HOPES it does NOT go well so she can simply CUT Jill out of her life, entirely.

Scott Kenan shared a memory.

2 hrs
And overnight, Steve Bannon is reported to be IN WITH THE CATHOLIC INNER CIRCLES!!! 

Loved by the Hard Right Catholics who love the SWASTIKA -- like my Kenan relatives (I was raised with Swastikas on the dinner plates and daily beatings).
AS usual, the Roman Catholic Church speaks out of more than one mouth -- Pope Francis using subordinates to make his REAL points. After all, recent Popes Pius XII, Paul VI, John Paul II, Benedict XVI were ALL very supportive of if not Adolph Hitler, NAZISM -- and my mother worked for each and every one of them and HATED Pope John XXIII and John-Paul I.

But those who do arrive in the country should be treated humanely, says Cardinal…


Scott Kenan shared a link.
19 hrs

Popular vote loser Donald Trump can’t leave his bunker without being reminded how much people hate him, and he doesn’t even have a family to lean on—because they hate him too. Usually around 6:30 p.m., or sometimes later, Mr. Trump retires...


So now it's time to HIT THE ROAD to the Kenan Institute for Ethics, in Durham. I want to walk around the campus (which I've never visited before), a bit before the lecture.

Don't be surprised if I'm KILLED in a FREAK HIGHWAY ACCIDENT. I'm COOL with that, but ONLY if it is my mother's car I collide with and it kills the bitch, too!!!



The Bitch, 2008


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