Wednesday, February 1, 2017

FOUND!!! Rare Photos of "Testosteroni's" Recluse-Digs in New York City (as my MOUTH heals in Wilmington)!!!

This "instagram" note pertains to a photo BELOW, but the CIA or other hackers messed with the FORMATTING of this posting.

ADDED LATER: NOW, that instagram note is NO LONGER SHOWING -- LOL!!!

>>> THIS JUST IN @ 12:03 PM: The CIA, NSA, or other hackers in conjunction with AOL.COM BLOCKED the email of this to EVERY AOL email address -- including mine:

" gave this error:

: AOL will not accept delivery of this message."

Our Government at Work to Keep America NAZI/CHRISTIAN!!!:

* * *

WHOOOOPS!!! This is actually "Old Roomie's" room in my apartment, but as you can SEE, it is looking more and more like Testosteroni's apartment with clothing and other items strewn everywhere, and as you can see, after being home four hours EACH of the last two evenings and mostly working on his computer, Roomie SAID he was going to unpack and set up his new Blu-Ray player, but he shelved it with the new DELUXE headphones Testo sent him yesterday (black box on top of Blu-Ray player -- NEITHER of them having their outer-wraps broken yet).

Roomie ALSO has not bothered even READING (let alone responding to), the several emails Testo sent him about all of this -- although he told me early yesterday evening that he would be CERTAIN to do that that night, but after about eight hours over two nights on his computer, he has NOT done it!!!

Roomie's work table with computer and Jesus's Praying Hands (hard to see, but just beyond the coiled cable in bag), as he left it this morning with dirty dishes, several lights on, and the heat in his room turned up to 76 degrees. The Family Dollar bag has been stuffed full of trash/garbage and tied closed for OVER a week now, and a new larger bag is about to overflow.

Jesus's Hands are the ONLY thing Roomie expressed true excitement to get, and they have REMAINED directly under his work light since Testo sent them a few days ago.

Otherwise, Roomie has STOPPED rinsing the dead skin scum from his bathtub, the bathroom floor is littered with leaf parts, and he's again leaving big dirty hand-marks on the refrigerator and other kitchen objects.

Two mornings ago, Old Roomie went to the Good Shepherd Center to the free doctor, and reported to me that he got ALL his meds, again. He had NOT been taking some of them, and others, he now tells he he had taken for some time in half or quarter doses, "to make them last". During this time he had seemed "straight" and keeping his room clean (except for the bags of trash), LEARNED how to use his new computer, etc.

Since then, he is slurring his words at night, and last night after going out about 9:30 to give someone his sleeping bag, he returned at 11:45, to say the guy was such a MESS he could not even set up his own tent -- but Roomie did that for him. I was already in bed, and listened as Old Roomie banged into a lot of things for another half hour -- like a badly drunk person, but nothing was harmed.

I have patience to deal with some of this for a short time, but it is EXACTLY like it got right before I ALMOST kicked him out two weeks ago -- and like it was right before I had him arrested for "Communicating Threats" last fall. I've learned enough that we will NOT get into a "Police Situation" over this, but it must QUICKLY change back to his behaviors otherwise.

>>> I'm only going to insist that my roommate -- living here this time since Christmas, or 5.5 weeks, now, behave like he's behaved without problems ALL but a FEW DAYS!!! Otherwise, he'll need to find other digs sooner than he had hoped. I discussed what is going on with Testosteroni this morning, and he only said he's OK if it takes Roomie a week or more to open/use the new electronics.

I am finding the Devil's Music -- played by Testo and Roomie -- more and more ENTERTAINING, but NOT at all SEDUCTIVE!!!

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Over 700k refugees have resettled in the United States since 9/11. During that time, not a single one has carried out an act of terror.
Video by Valerie Bischoff.

The Other 98%
Here's why Trump's Muslim ban makes literally NO sense: it bans people from countries whose citizens have never attacked the United States.


The Countries above whose citizens HAVE HARMED the USA are the countries Donald Trump DOES BUSINESS WITH!!!

Trump's BUSINESS PARTNERS are NOT banned.


1. I had a great talk with "Miss Lucy", downstairs, this morning, and NOTHING fazes her, since -- like Old Roomie -- she is a REDEEMED CHRISTIAN and is forgiven all sins and crimes BEFORE she commits them.

She, too, is concerned about Roomie's behaviors of late -- and is best friends with Roomie's employer's wife, and REALLY is who got Roomie the job, so of course she feels an obligation for things to work out well.

2. This morning, Norton AGAIN blocked me from ALL Wilmington Star News online news stories -- but NO OTHER sites at all. Perhaps it is a FALSE WARNING of CORRUPTION of their site and DANGER. I over-rode it, and had no problem once there. I find this very STRANGE to be continuing like this.

3. My oral surgeon removed my sutures from the extractions a week ago, yesterday, and said he was AMAZED that I've healed up FASTER than almost anyone he'd ever seen before (and my mother later confirmed that both Dad and I have ALWAYS had this wonderful trait of FAST HEALING), and we scheduled putting in the sockets for the posts that the lower denture will eventually snap onto, for six weeks from now, rather than at least two months later.

I ALSO learned from him that my regular dentist's father had died just over a week ago, so now it makes SENSE that that office had gotten a bit confused on denture delivery. In any case, nothing and no one was harmed.

4. The oral surgeon HAPPILY accepted my FULL PAYMENT (more than a few thousand dollars), for the work he will do in six weeks."Testosteroni" was CERTAIN that Mayor Saffo, D.A. Ben David, or Police Chief Evangelous would BRING CHARGES AGAINST ME and get all that money that was in my account -- PRONTO!!! -- if I did NOT virtually empty my bank account.

As I explained, "on the books", I still owe Jamie Lee Sutherland a HALF MILLION DOLLARS plus a few hundred "legal costs", and they would have to get in line behind Jamie et al, ANYWAY -- plus I can force nearly all the local judges to RECUSE themselves, so a LOT OF TROUBLE should they care to try that route!!!

But the dentist is a BUSINESSMAN and can put that money to work, while I was getting virtually NO INTEREST on it, and am happy to have the bill paid.
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They struck a deal with the devil, Donald Trump, that comes at too high a price.




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