Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Heather Blackstone -- from her Facebook Page: 

Haston Caulder -- from my porch, last fall.

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Sandra Beckham
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“God is the only being who, in order to reign, need not even exist.”

― Charles Baudelaire

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Heather Blackstone Haston Caulder has been shacked up with me. 

He pays me (with Joseph Faulk's MONEY!!!), and I keep him high and suck his dick dry, I have even let him fuck me in the ass

You wont see him again he is staying with me. if you put this on your blog or mention his name again we will get a retraining order

So go crawl back in your hole and get a real job.

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Scott Kenan LOL!!! 

Your hole sounds a lot BIGGER -- if you don't mind my saying so

Glad to see you are a FUN PLAYER!!!

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Heather Blackstone, also from Facebook

I DARE SAY: "Heather Blackstone is GROWING on me!!!"

I just got an invite to a FILM SCREENING at the Kenan Institute for Ethics by one of the people I talked with LONGEST there, a few weeks ago.

They RECEIVED my donation check as well, but it hasn't cleared my bank account, yet.

"Live Life to the FULLEST!!!"


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