Monday, February 20, 2017

After Visiting Roommate Haston Caulder's Probation Officer Billinger in His Office Today (having come to the end of MY ROPE with Haston and Joseph Faulk over Haston's DRUGS and VIOLENCE)!!!

Finding NO images of local Probation Department, I post THIS, my buddy Sheriff Ed McMahon, inviting ALL MY READERS to pull his finger.

NO TELLING what could happen, next, but knowing Ed, it will be FUN!!!

The BIGGEST surprise, was that when I told Mr. Billinger that Haston told me he FLUNKED his drug test this morning due to Kratom and some artificial marijuana he claimed to have sampled, recently, in some kind of vaporizer, Mr. Billinger said that NO, Haston had significant Kratom, Cocaine, and Methamphetamine in his system, today.

Haston had claimed to me that he ONLY got to slide on what has proved to be a TRIPLE-FAILED DRUG TEST -- because of his COMPLETE HONESTY, about the Kratom and artificial Marijuana.

Haston Caulder, comatose on my back porch last fall.

And THOSE were not the BIG PROBLEMS like the Cocaine and Methamphetamine

YOU figure out the honesty in that!!!

In the end, Officer Billinger said he totally understands if I kick Haston out of my apartment, but Probation's job is to try to re-educate and get them back into society. He said that this is a PROCESS, and he, too, DOUBTS Haston can stay out of jail for a month until Trial on shoplifting.

It makes NO SENSE that Haston would tell me these lies, and so my nerves are SHOT COMPLETELY for ever believing Haston again.

I explained that Haston had been up all of Saturday, through the night, all of Sunday, and then got four hours' sleep ONLY last night, and then told me a convoluted series of LIES I had to tell anyone about his having gone to work for his siding-installer boss, then got him to bring him home -- when he realized he had the Probation appointment.

The fact is, Haston was confused and speaking/moving erratically when he got up, and it took him over an hour to put on clothes and wash his face. He told me he was in a TOTAL PANIC and was certain he would have his Probation revoked today, and thanked me for helping him while I could.

Illustration only (not the guy)

I told Mr. Billinger how Haston had COLD COCKED his friend Rob in a fight over Heroin money just a few days ago, then stood over Rob and took photos of the guy knocked out with blood running from his ear, and Haston said it was to SHOW PEOPLE what he'd do to them if they cross him. But this from me is just hearsay, and Officers need LEGAL EVIDENCE, and Rob has NOT filed charges.

I also explained that the first thing Haston did when he got home was to borrow my phone to text his boss that he QUIT, and to drop off his tools at our apartment, but after he told me THAT, he then claimed he also told him he has to take today and tomorrow off -- and will DEFINITELY be working on Wednesday.

He then went to his room, got and took another of what he calls his "vitamins", an over-the-counter "ROCK HARD", that Haston claims keeps him pointing out straight for two days, a condom, and said that he will be jailed for a "very long time" when he gets to trial, so he intends to have as much sex as POSSIBLE until then. He claims he's had sex with a woman nearly every day since he first learned about "ROCK HARD".

The other thing he said he's doing today, is to take everything he has of Joseph Faulk's money and hire a LAWYER -- instead of using his assigned Public Defender. I estimate he has a little over $400.00 total -- NOT enough to hire a lawyer, I don't think.

Who KNOWS what he will claim when he gets back, tonight.

BOTTOM LINE: Officer Billinger must handle this with NORMAL PROTOCOLS (which leave the citizens of Wilmington in CONSIDERABLE DANGER), and he has NO CONFIDENCE that Haston will remain "free" for another month

He said he's seen a COUPLE of worse cases, but Haston has now USED UP ALL HIS "SLACK" and it is all well documented, and he will soon enough hang himself.

We'll see.


Haston's employer claims that Haston has been ERRATIC and NODDING OFF at work the last two weeks (unlike his first couple of weeks), argumentative and nearly IMPOSSIBLE to deal with.

And Haston has NOT responded to his calls to come work (not just the last two days when his "phone was stolen", but for longer). The guy has been working a HUGE job up the road for several days and has NEEDED Haston's help, badly.

I TOLD Joseph Faulk if he KEPT SPOILING HASTON with computer, furniture, clothing, pornography DVDs, food treats, PAYING HIS RENT + sending more money when he's making at least $300.00/week, that Haston COULD NOT TAKE IT and it would LEAD HIM BACK TO DRUG ABUSE.

Nice GOING, Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr.!!!

And ALL THIS UNNECESSARY DRAMA has kept me from finding a Personal Injury Lawyer, and getting back in touch with the Kenan Institute for Ethics.

I'll do that TOMORROW, if Haston hasn't COLD-COCKED me, too!!!


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