Wednesday, February 8, 2017

A High-Ranking US Justice Dept. Official and Several Friends of Thomas S. Kenan III and Betty Kenan Were at the Lecture at Duke University, This Evening. ALL Knew the Kenans Are White Supremacists, HALF Knew They Narco-Traffic with Bushes, Cheney, and Clintons (the people I spoke with)!!!

Episcopalian sycophant, Betty (Price) Kenan in Chinese silk brocade with exotic puppy, and "ever-drinking" Thomas S. Kenan III

I walked from parking lot to lecture hall discussing things with a member of Durham City Council, the Justice Department representative sat in front of me, and MANY heavyweights of various kinds were there.

I got GOOD ADVICE on how to SUE the Mayor of Wilmington (if he doesn't promptly produce the Police report on the DEATH of Evan Fish -- actually by Wilmington Police, covered up with help of the Star News, and CONFIRMED by Sheriff's Deputies) -- some, tonight, having LOTS of experience in that.

Evan Fish on Wrightsville Beach, 2011

And I had my LONGEST discussions (over 45 minutes), with members of a family that is a MAJOR contributor to Duke University, even having their own offices in campus buildings -- and they want me to come spend a lot of time with them in discussion. They know a LOT about Duke's problems and corruptions of local governments, and as I left, it was FUN seeing their family name so many places there -- not just MY OWN!!!

They are NOT from the Duke or Kenan families.

I was ENTIRELY blown away by the fact that NO ONE knew anything nearly as much as I do about North Carolina Politics -- or National Politics, for that matter. I'm HUMBLED to see how many recognized me for MY UNCOMMON, SUPER-DEEP KNOWLEDGE -- but that might not be the ones you would imagine -- were I to NAME NAMES!!!

I'm on top of the WORLD!!! One person, after hearing much of my story, briefly outlined the first three books I should write -- ACCURATELY.

I am destined for a FAR GREATER POSITION than even Ben David, Mayor Saffo, or Police Chief Evangelous ever FEARED I could attain (and all three of them in 2011 and 12 tried repeatedly to kill, jail, or nut-house commit me, so I could not achieve). I may even have come under NEW PROTECTIONS of powerful people, but I'm NOT counting on that.

MOSTLY, I thank God for saving me from the worst advice, behaviors, and desires of Joseph Faulk and Haston Caulder -- previously known as "Testosteroni" and "Old Roomie". He called me repeatedly while I was there, asking permission for a woman to come into the house in my absence for him to FUCK her, and I told him REPEATEDLY, that he's an adult and is fully responsible for his friends behaviors here, so HE decides.

Since my GLOVES are now coming off (and I don't think she's still into International Narco-Trafficking -- or even doing it locally), Mayor Saffo's buddy from White Front Breakfast House (and living downstairs with her two loaded guns), is Denise Wood.

Haston could NOT handle taking responsibility for the "Christian Slut", as she was too trashy and he wanted ME to take the responsibility, so he did NOT let the slut in. He later texted me how horribly depressed he is, and I did not respond. I am not his mother or shrink and I NEVER let myself be depressed for more than five or maybe ten minutes -- ever since about 1992. Depression comes from LYING TO YOURSELF, and taking a pill to make you feel better, sets you up to be a GREATER LIAR.

So after I got home, Haston -- who is always in bed before 10:00 or 10:30 -- was out and came in at 12:45, but NOT slurring his words. I'm so TIRED of all his petty problems that he brings on himself, and told him that since the Bible and ALL Christian Churches I ever heard of say that SEX outside of current marriage is a MAJOR SIN, as long as he deliberately tries to have sex with ANYONE he is not married to, to NEVER, EVER, EVER claim to me he is Christian again.

I know that all fall into temptation, but to DELIBERATELY attempt to seduce someone outside marriage is to DISAVOW CHRISTIANITY (like I have, but for other reasons). I'm over ALL these trashy people and intend to increase my pressures on Haston and Joseph Faulk TEN TIMES (if they continue their shit with me), but Mayor Saffo and other local politicians, etc. even more so.

I have MORE GREAT CONTACTS, and have not only been recognized for my knowledge, but made contact with people who have HUGE EXPERIENCE suing cities, states, and the Federal Government in DEFENSE of THE CONSTITUTION.

For the record, I did NOT participate in the discussion after the lecture, but before -- and after at the reception. I KNEW if I started into my stuff, it would be TOO BIG to say just a little, and the lecture was NOT on "Scott Kenan's Story".

It's late, I'm tired, and will be more detailed about these things in the morning.



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