Monday, January 9, 2017

When the WORLD(S) Is on Yer STRING(S)!!!

To begin with, "Old Roomie", late yesterday, apologized for his behaviors the night before -- claiming he had had "five or six drinks" -- which I'm not sure I believe -- but he DID (once again), see that he JUST CAN'T DRINK.

Reminding him that he'd always ALSO claimed that he only lets guys "do him" when he's drinking, I expressed my disappointment that he had not at least OFFERED himself to me -- and then we had a good laugh over that.

He's in Court today, I assume to get a lawyer and go to trial in about three weeks, and he got ANOTHER plastic card in the mail today -- this one from the State of North Carolina -- so his wait for I.D.s is coming to an end -- just waiting to get a new Social Security card, now.

And "Testosteroni" is settled back down as well.


Meryl Streep when I knew her and her husband Don Gummer in 1981 - 82 .

The funny thing is that in 2010 -- and for another two years -- I thought my BEST claim to credibility was my one-time relationship with Ms. Streep, and while it WAS very special, I'm sure that many, many people have fond and strong memories of having interacted with her. 

And in my memoir of working for Tennessee Williams, I'd even properly RIDICULED Tennessee's old lover Robert Carroll, who while being taken into Police custody, kept exclaiming that "Lotte Lenya LOVED ME!!!" (she the widow of Kurt Weill -- look it up)

That story is in Chapter 2, and I will list links to first meeting Meryl at a Birthday Party, and then our interactions at the Kennedy Center Honors, late 2011 1981:

What was ODD during the recent Presidential Campaign, was that about ten days before Election Day, I got a Democratic Party PLUG for Hillary Clinton -- allegedly written and BROADCAST by Meryl Streep. I was ANGRY -- because although Trump is/was intolerable, Hillary and Bill Clinton have narco-trafficked with my Kenan Family for DECADES!!!

And HAVING KNOWN Meryl, that email was NOT written in her voice -- she just had to OK it, I suppose. Last night, it was obvious to me that she used HER words -- not anyone else's.

But NO ONE of Clinton supporters wants to believe the truth -- and I lost TONS of Progressive Facebook Friends over it. Only a FEW of those were likely INTENTIONALLY supporting CIA/Republican/Democratic Christian Narco-Trafficking -- but that was the EFFECT of what they did. I STILL think Sanders and Kasich were the two best candidates (in that order) -- but it DOESN'T MATTER NOW.

BOTH major Candidates were PURE TRASH -- and the SOONER we all can admit it was not so much Hillary vs. Trump, as it was BOTH OF THEM against ALL OF US, the SOONER we will begin to straighten all the wreckage of the Old USA Order out -- and RE-BUILD Our Society.

I wish President-Elect Trump the BEST in this -- he is our elected President (at least until proved otherwise), but suspect that I will be FIGHTING HIM ALL THE WAY!!!

And Senate Hearings on Kenan Executive Rex Tillerson of Exxon-Mobil begin this Wednesday.

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NO, I do not get a cut -- and given how rare my surname is, I'm SHOCKED that Kenan-logo-ed goods have been selling so WELL -- WORLDWIDE!!!

And for the moment (rest of this day???), I just have to go get dental impressions -- chief irritant will be stray gelled latex bits left in my mouth -- NOTHING!!!

But WHO KNOWS what tomorrow will bring . . . 



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